Dealing With the Police

“Nationalists have known this for years. If an individual got caught putting up a “White Lives Matter” poster, distributing flyers critical of mass migration, buying “naughty” books online, or discussing our demographic replacement on social media; they would soon earn an intimidation visit (or worse) by the New Zealand police. Now in recent months, large swaths of the general public are on the receiving end of the same repression that Nationalists have faced for decades, and we hope to impart some knowledge and experience onto the somewhat burgeoning but naïve group of anti-lockdown and anti-government protesters.”

Splintered Realities: How NZ Media and Government Lost its Way

Our rebuttal to infamous liberal with strong ties to the United States federal government, Mark Daalder’s article ‘‘Splintered realities’: How NZ convoy lost its way’.

Kerre Mcivor Needs to go Home

New Zealand Day Commemerations


Auckland based Action Zealandia members paid respects to the soldiers of the New Zealand wars, by giving flowers and prayers at the Zealandia statue.

“Through war they won the peace we know.”


On our national day Action Zealandia members from Wellington paid respects to our colonial ancestors, and the greatest prime minister of New Zealand, sir Richard Seddon.


Wellington Protests

Media Interview

Round Table Discussion

Action Zealandia members Mike and Blake discuss the ongoing protests in wellington and Action Zealandia Supposed involvement.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials placed in Henderson, Auckland.

Promotional materials placed in New Lynn, Auckland.


Action Zealandia members distributed flyers in Devonport, Auckland.

Social Activities

Some members from Waikato had a BBQ this afternoon.
We regularly try to host various social events throughout NZ, within our local chapters.

Action Zealandia had a wander up karangahake Gorge. Our land is beautiful, let us keep it that way.

Interview with III Droga

Action Zealandia was interviewed by the Polish Nationalist organization III Droga.

Full interview below.

Voice Of Zealandia

Conversation with Grant of the ANA | Ep 51

Academic Freedom, BreadTube & More | Ep. 52

Housing, MIQ Mayhem, Unemployment, Luxon | Ep. 53

Russo-Ukrainian War & Current Affairs, ft. Dr. Kerry Bolton | Ep. 54

*Nationalism never sleeps, however due to the holiday period of December and January we have compiled the actions taken until April. Some things may be missing from this report. Stay up to date by following our social media.

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