“There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money – and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.” Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West.

The men of this era live in one of the strangest times in history. We live at the Zenith of the intellectual inheritance of European Civilisation, while we also live in an age where intellectuals (yet idiots) are unable to think of a reason to continue our Civilisation. Instead, we are faced with an ever-growing mandarin bureaucrat caste who are more ‘educated’ than ever but produce nothing worthy of remembering. This essay is dedicated to a particularly pathetic mandarin who has devoted his entire life to destroying his own people for his personal benefit.

In the second installment in this series, we will be discussing Paul Spoonley. Who is Paul Spoonley?

We will tackle this differently from the way in which we did when exposing Grima Wyrmtounge, by talking about his academic background as a stereotype of the leftist gentile professor. We will examine his academic work at a meta-analysis level; followed by examining his students and finally his patrons. This work is to enable the reader to draw their own conclusions about Spoonley and how one can approach critiquing him. Here is a timeline I have established of him and his works. This is primarily derived from his Curriculum Vitae (1), which provides the best source. He was born on the 26th of August 1951 to Liverpudlian migrants.

A quick scan of the credentialing and professorial record for Spoonley suggests he has a professional anti-white and socially New Left inspired position. He entered tertiary education during the revolutionary period of the 65-75 left-wing cultural zeitgeist and seems to have never recovered – only to have given up on economic improvement for a position in the retinue of neoliberal oligarchy.

Further analysis of his courses which he taught or coordinated:

What is interesting here is that he sells critical race theory and sociological theory to students as his primary lecturing role. He essentially teaches “cultural Marxism” as it may have been called once, however in actuality, it is cultural liberalism, as we will see by analyzing his papers.

The Frankfurt School Seeds Bear Neoliberal Fruit

This section will break down the subcategories of Spoonley’s work. The focus here is what does he talk about and why does he talk about it? As a professional sophist, he writes for his target audience which is primarily government department policy wonks and fellow academics. The works themselves are largely focused on human geography and the sociological implications of demographics on society in a variety of economic, social, and cultural ways.

The CV itself is absolutely enormous – in fact, this investigation took time to prepare as it required reading Talmudic tomes of Spoonley’s work. I will not be critiquing the content of the studies themselves, rather the metanarrative constructed by these studies.

I have broken down his research grants into a number of categories. Academics beg for money perpetually, so it is easier to understand who the sophistry is for by looking at the research grant funding. These are taken from Spoonley’s CV and his current Massey profile. We can use this to learn something about the man.

For the layman reading this, Grant funding is denoted for the whole project. Other people were certainly involved in almost all of these Grants and these funds were used to produce academic literature.

• Studies of the effectiveness of demographically or geographically targeted policies

This is another area of neoliberal reinforcement. These studies are largely focused on the efficiency of current government policy in a subset area.

• Labour force participation by some demographic or geographic category.

These are usually focused on how to improve the economic policies for a region, in an effort to match some demographic to a geography and/or industry of work.

These research grants are pure neoliberalism. It is clear when read by anyone with training in economics, that each study is focused on how to maximise workforce participation, ‘productivity’ and employment. They are not negative purely in and of themselves, however, they are not “enhancing” any left-wing cause.

• Impact of demographic and social change.

Spoonley seems to have cut his teeth as a ‘fellow white’ fighting for anti-white causes with this original study in Palmerston North circa 1980.

He later transitions to studies of migratory labour, primarily on behalf of government institutions. I suspect he transitioned into this because the government wanted to justify the importation of cheap labour or to demonstrate that it was viable, and were willing to pay academics to understand how to lower the racial immune response of the host population.

• Various research pushes on behalf of Jewish groups

After the Palmerston North study, Spoonley seems to have been noticed as a useful tool for Jewish influence. He was funded for a number of studies by Jews, most likely because he is a frontman for whatever output these interests wanted. He seems to have had an unusual privilege reserved for the best of goyim, which is to research the ‘Culture Distorters’ themselves without being cancelled. Only Niall Ferguson comes to mind as having such privilege. This position is accommodated purely because he is a Shabbos goy for their interests.

• Peace and Security studies subjects.

Not much commentary to be made here, I was unable to find the first survey. It seems to be derived from the usual liberal immaturity on the subject of violence.

• Economic Analysis

These are very odd grants for this sort of professor to receive. I suspect that the grants are better suited to economists, econometrists, and so on. Despite not being qualified for these, it is possible he was brought in as a demographer or some sort of geographic analyst.

• Miscellaneous works

The Miscellaneous category is filled with odd bits and bobs, one-off studies, or grants. The family intervention study was likely the academic work regarding family violence and demography, which led to the family violence reforms of the mid-90s. In essence, his entire buffet of work can be summarised as “filling in the bibliography of a policy paper” or “academic study to support media spin”.

The Career of a Janaissary

An analysis of his literary productions after 2005 gives insights into the later thoughts of Spoonley, which are primarily neoliberal. His modus operandi is demographic/economic growth as demonstrated by his presentations to government departments. Giving up on producing irrelevant barely veiled Marxist literature during the 80s such as ‘Race and Ethnicity: Critical Issues in New Zealand Society’ (P. Spoonley, 1988), (3) he moved towards producing demographic analysis for neoliberal economic purposes.

In a presentation made to Treasury in 2013, the slide show used applies a pure consumer-producer analysis of importing new demographics from the rest of the planet (4). This explicitly implies economic growth and the continued functioning of the neoliberal system depends on the consistent importation of new units of worker biomass.

Contrast this with the public articles produced for The Spinoff (5); talking about the need for endless biomass importation due to declining birthrates. He even has little gems, which he doesn’t expand on such as “The reasons are not difficult to find: the economic uncertainty and especially the impacts on employment for many of those in the age groups who are thinking about having children”. The obvious factor of lower wages due to imported labour allowing capitalists to circumvent paying higher wages is completely ignored.

Another glowing nugget, “Our immigration rates (the 2013-2020 period saw a very large net gain to our population from the immigration of more than 400,000 people) have tended to detract from paying much attention to fertility. Canada expects to get 100% of its population growth from immigration by 2034. Will the declining fertility rates of New Zealand now become more apparent and a matter of public and policy interest given the very major drop in immigration?” is soothed down with warnings to the budding liberals who read Spinoff that “Perhaps a good starting point would be to pay more attention to our fertility trends. Elsewhere, there has been talk of a “fertility implosion”, a “baby slump” or a “demographic disaster”. This is rather extravagant language that tends towards the apocalyptic. But there are implications. Everything from population growth – or decline – rates through to tax generation and transfers to the implications for our future workforce”.

It is truly amazing how he can spin taboo talking points for the lotus-eaters. The genuine solution to the problem of declining birth rates is the government providing financial support for women to have children, to improve their neighbourhoods, and strengthen their organic communities. So not forcing their children into care, while they wage slave in misery for some Capitalist Boss.

Most literature by Spoonley since 2005 has focused on how to placate the capitalist class’ need for endless imported labour while balancing the damage these policies inflict on social cohesion. To demonstrate his mindset and how he advises the government on policy to reinforce neoliberal biomass importation, we will deconstruct a recent work by Spoonley.

In “Social Cohesion and Cohesive Ties: Responses to Diversity”, he lays out the dynamic of state-enforced ‘social cohesion’ (6). Noting racial and cultural difference, he outlines effective government policy, which I will dissect in an effort to explain the current policy of the NZ government towards enforcing diversity. The article is a hilarious exercise in academic masturbation where Peace and Spoonley constantly reference prior papers produced by themselves to justify the current literature.

“The politicisation of immigrants and immigration in the 1970s and again in the 1990s had been very disruptive and had undermined interethnic community trust and respect. The numbers and the diversity of new settler groups always had the potential to spark backlash from influential sections of existing communities. […] As the new century emerged, and under the auspices of a Labour-led government, key government agencies, led by the Ministry of Social Development, were interested in exploring the notion of social cohesion in relation to increasing ethnic diversity”.

Here, he inadvertently outlines the economic bribery of local elites, to prevent the opposition from forming against the importation of worker biomass. This constantly placates sections of the community to ensure all the different demographic groups are kept in line.

“The Minister of Immigration, the Hon. Lianne Dalziel, oversaw a number of policy shifts in the early 2000s (33 in total). These were to emphasise the alignment of migrant supply with local demand, to stress the economic dimensions of migration and the attractiveness of those migrants who could add to New Zealand’s economy, and to provide a range of visa categories that met these needs. While the notion that economic benefits followed from bringing in (skilled) migrants had existed through the 1990s, there was a clearer sense that if an economic dividend was to be achieved through immigration, then policy settings needed to be refined after 2000. Very quickly, the source countries shifted again – and now China and India began to dominate many visa categories. Government departments were instructed to pay more attention to settlement outcomes, and this emphasis was signalled by the emergence of a number of regional approaches and a national policy statement National Immigration Settlement Strategy, 2003 (New Zealand Immigration Service, 2004)”.

The economic value of biomass importation, which provides pernicious GDP growth of some marginal percentage in exchange for growing the population in equal proportion is the object of these immigration policies. The end result is ultimately lower or stagnant wages and a lower quality of life for the native peoples of New Zealand, to the benefit of a small proportion of local capitalists.

The premise that the growth from migration is even proportional to the importation of people is extremely questionable. There is an exponential infrastructure cost growth with increased population from immigration in a short period of time. This lowers the quality of services to citizens, lowers the quality of life and massively increases the cost to the government for expanding infrastructure for that population (7).

Later in the essay, he outlines the MSD driven policy ethnic component.

“While ethnicity was never specified as the foundation for the policy, it was always assumed to be the core driver of the state’s need to manage ‘difference’. These were not the only contributions to the newly emerged interest in social cohesion and they reflected a broader and growing interest in social capital (Ministry 107 Peace & Spoonley of Social Development, 2004) and social outcomes (Ministry of Social Development, 2003). Almost immediately, there was attention paid to network development as a contribution to social capital enhancement


The National Immigration Settlement Strategy (New Zealand Immigration Service, 2004) was focused on the development of networks that were intended to be supportive of immigrants and to build what was referred to as “sustainable community identity”. A key ambition was to make immigrants feel safe, especially in expressing their ethnic identity, and to be accepted by the wider community. In turn, it was also critical that they were able to – and did – participate in civic community and social activities. Six goals were identified:

• Obtain employment appropriate to their qualifications and skills.

• Be confident using English in a New Zealand setting or can access appropriate language support to bridge the gap.

• Access appropriate information and responsive services …

• Form supportive social networks and establish a sustainable community identity.

• Feel safe expressing their ethnic identity and are accepted by, and are part of, the wider host community.

• Participate in civic, community and social activities.

This explains why the government so heavily funds anti-racism while pushing cultural identity reinforcement for various non-white ethnic groups. The false belief that these peoples should be assimilated and denied their own cultural inheritance to become more efficient worker biomass is not explored. In effect, it actively attempts to limit the White population who are not allowed to promote our own European derived culture or act for any of our own interests. It decreases our quality of life and ignores our voices, which is a continuous injustice to Whites in New Zealand.

Finally, they outline a policy of ‘social cohesion’:

Inside this policy definition (8), you can see why there is the endless promotion of Maori culture in the current year, the phony promotion of Te Reo, the attempt to force “inclusion” of everyone by ensuring all professions of power and influence match the statistical distributions of populations. Inclusion is another way of saying you are not allowed to leave or escape, that the neoliberal cancer will consume everyone and everything in this great machine without exception. This also explains the attempts to artificially produce a national culture in the face of globalism. It is driven by an artificial design of ‘social cohesion’ to enable the neoliberal cancer to continue growing.

What does this policy framework really mean? In the face of the alienation and lack of cultural cohesion between races, the government has recognised a need for the integration of alien labour forces so they can have their cake (cheap labour for capitalists, voting blocs for politicians) and eat it too (avoid the negative consequences of importing alien groups).

Social cohesion is merely tempering down the ethnic and religious differences enough to enable various groups to cooperate in production and consumption. This is a very limited and small-hearted view of human potential, which signifies a shallow materialist derived worldview. The same shallow materialism of the capitalist who sees all the world in terms of material transformation potential lies at the heart of this Marxist turned Neoliberal worldview.

Since this policy was published by Spoonley and co circa 2005, this policy position seems to have been adopted by all arms of government. The core of the idea is, if different ethnic groups are represented at all levels of government, they will feel integrated and therefore will work better within the system. It is based on the false assumption that by matching statistical distributions of elites will match statistical distributions of populations.

It also explains the extraordinary efforts towards indoctrination for diversity in the public school system, noting that “schools are relatively age-homogenous, gender, ethnic, sexual and religious diversity thrive within them and would seem to be an ideal space in which to more openly discuss and engage with strategies for meeting the other. Thinking about hospitality as both a philosophy (Bell, 2010) and as an underpinning motive for new architectural forms in cities (Drechsler, 2017) is also an important frame for engaging with others”.

This is why every children’s book, show and so on is packed with reinforcing the narrative and why so much of the education of Children in New Zealand is focused on diversity. Ultimately, Spoonley promotes policies supporting neoliberalism at the expense of the host population. He gains, his people lose. He is utterly reprehensible and selfish.

Screwtape’s Wormwood

Spoonley not only produces utter garbage literature as a sophist for whoever pays him, but the man also has a Cop Killer as a PhD student. According to his Teaching and Supervision page, Spoonley is the supervisor of Cop Killer Dan Luff.

The murder of Detective Constable Duncan Taylor

5 July 2002 began like most other days for Detective Constable Duncan Taylor. Saying a quick goodbye to his wife and their 11-month-old son, Campbell, he dashed out the door and was gone. Later that day while enforcing a protection order at a Rongotea farmhouse, he was shot in the head and chest and died instantly.

Detective Constable Duncan Taylor and Jeanette Park were following a young local resident by the name of Daniel Luff, to the Taipo Rd farmhouse. When Luff lept out of his vehicle with a stolen, high-powered rifle, Detective Taylor tried to stop the young man.

Meanwhile, the owners of the farmhouse, Robert & Christine Cocker were at home with one of their daughters, Stephanie. Stephanie and Daniel Luff had dated for several months previously and the young man had not taken it well when Stephanie had tried to finish the relationship. The protection order had been taken out only two weeks before when again Luff had arrived at the farm with a firearm and had threatened to kill himself.

When Stephanie saw her ex-boyfriend arrive she hid, then escaped out the window and took refuge at a neighbour’s house. Her parents then barricaded themselves into a part of the house where the young gunman couldn’t reach them.

Detective Taylor got out of the police car and confronted the youth. Daniel Luff then shot the Detective in the head and the chest at point-blank range. As he lifted the firearm to shoot at Taylor’s partner, Jeanette Park he smirked and fired 3 times. While trying to flee the scene Detective Park received a shot to the thigh and felt one narrowly miss her head, leaving her to drag herself 700m to call for help. Meantime Luff broke into the house and refused to come out.

When the call came into the armed offenders, Detective Sam Hansen was one of the first on the scene. As he and the dog handler pulled up alongside the ambulance he had no idea that the officer being treated was his wife, Jeanette. They carried on towards the Taipo Rd farmhouse where Duncan’s body still lay. A few moments later Hansen was called back to accompany Jeanette to the hospital.

The siege carried on for the next 4 hours, with Daniel Luff refusing to come out or to let anyone check the condition of the Duncan Taylor. There were more shots fired but eventually, the youth was gassed out of the house and police arrested him with the help of a police dog.

Although the siege was over, the man known as a gentle giant lay dead at the scene for almost 24 hours before his body was returned to his wife and son.

Daniel Luff, the 17-year-old that took the life of Duncan Taylor and attempted to take the life of Jeanette Page appeared in court on 6 July 2002. He walked with a limp from a bite he received from a police dog during his arrest. He was remanded in custody until July 15.

15 July 2002 during his brief appearance, Luff entered no plea and was again remanded in custody.

On 18 September 2002, Daniel Luff was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum parole period of 17 years for the murder of Duncan Taylor, 10 years for the attempted murder of Jeanette Park, 5 years for firing at Detective Constable Tony Heathcote, 7 years for kidnapping Robert and Christine Cocker, 5 years for aggravated burglary and 2 years for burglary. All of which is to be served concurrently.

Detective Constable Jeanette Park returned to light duties soon after (10).

What sort of man has the chutzpah to lecture White New Zealanders about their discontent with their racial displacement? His student, Dan Luff, writes his Thesis on the subject of the experience of prisoners inside Prison through the perspective of the prisoners.

The straightforward answer to his thesis is: Why were you not executed by the state for killing a policeman, who was the father and husband to a young boy and wife? Teaching such a reprehensible person raises serious questions of the integrity of Spoonley. I suspect this is for PhD Farming.

In postgraduate study, Academic Supervisors can choose which students they wish to supervise and usually use PhD students to produce academic literature for the Supervisor to put their name on the works and claiming fame on them. It raises questions as to whether he farms out research subjects to PhD students then claims credit on them as a high-ranking professor. He shows the tell-tale sign of a PhD cattle farmer, letting his students raise his profile using their work, by supervising a production line of PhDs to stamp his name to the products of those students rather than conducting research himself.

An innocent young policeman being killed and forgotten while this ‘distinguished professor’ supports his murderer is a total injustice to the White society which Spoonley shows utter disdain and contempt for.

Shabbos Goy

Not much needs to be said here. Spoonley produces academic work on behalf of Jews when he is paid. He received a prestigious shabbos goy award according to his CV.

Now, in case you thought this was innocent and he was merely studying demographics, we can dive into the latest Census of the New Zealand Jewish Community. In “SHIFTING JEWRY 2019 (GEN19) A SURVEY OF THE NEW ZEALAND JEWISH COMMUNITY” which he co-wrote, it seems he is very much in favour of positive identity and preserving ethnic community solidarity (12).

In the Forward to the Census, written by Paul Morris of Victoria University, “Smaller centres continue to radically decline institutionally, as well as by numbers, due to low birth rates (often shared with the surrounding non-Jewish population), the rate of out-marriage, an aging population, and emigration. Rapidly growing numbers of Jewish communities are stagnating and some will likely disappear in the coming decades as they fall below the “critical mass” thresholds of communal sustainability (JPPI/Jewish People Policy Institute, Jerusalem, 2018)”.

In this essay, there seems to be a lot of concern about race-mixing or dating outside Judaism as well as the decline of the Jewish Community. I wonder whether White people are allowed such legitimised feelings of victimhood.

To follow on, “New Zealand Jews report increased experiences of antisemitism and this issue is becoming a major communal concern. But incidents are discussed publicly, and responses are often positive and timely, such as when comments made by community leaders about Israel and Jewish business involvement in the Christchurch massacre were withdrawn and those responsible censured. There continue to be issues about the experience of Jewish students on university campuses where issues of (counter)-semitism and anti-Zionism are often blurred and conflated in intersectional identifications of privilege and its victims. Generally, the Jewish community has excellent interfaith relationships with other religious communities. While the Jewish community strongly identifies with Israel and many have friends and family there, there is also a perception that a series of New Zealand governments have been less than supportive of Israel, such as the New Zealand co-sponsorship of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 in 2017”.

Some great (and particularly indicative) screenshots from this survey:

Jews view themselves as an ethnic group first rather than a religious group. Imagine if White people did this. As we know, the expression of white identity is taboo. New Conservatives must be crying into their Israeli Flags over this.

Jews strongly associate with their ethnoreligious identity.

The Holocaust is a core tenet of the Ethno-religion.

Graph for sample size and focus of concern:

Unfortunately, the Goyim increasingly know.

Of course, they are very interested in the fate of Israel. All this “Jews for Palestine” stuff is disingenuous, given what these tongue-eating louse espouse privately.

In the Conclusion, commenting on his Census of the Jewish community; “The question of Jewish identity was a combination of ethnic and cultural identity, rather than any strong religious identity. Over 80% were Jewish by birth over the years and with the proportion of non-Jewish friends increasing significantly over the 37 years, there were indications that New Zealand Jews were well integrated into the general community. Support for Israel wavered over the years but there was strong concern felt if Israel was under threat. However, this did not translate to any desire for the current New Zealand Jewish population to live in Israel. Those who were keen on living in Israel had gone on Aliyah in the 1960s and 1970s when the idealism of living in Israel was high. Subsequently, with the issues surrounding Gaza and the occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank, and the influence of Orthodoxy on the State of Israel, there was less enthusiasm for living in Israel. New Zealand Jews who come from a very secular country now identify strongly as New Zealand citizens, and demonstrate and affirm their Jewish identity through Jewish ethnic, ethical and cultural values, and background”.

So despite his work constantly attacking white identity activists in Press, Spoonley wrote a positive conclusion to an ethnocentric census of the Jewish community in New Zealand. The political leadership of these Jews funded his studies of White Identity Activists during the 80s and used him to slander pro-white groups ever since. Nothing demonstrates his sophist nature more than the neutral analysis of Jewish ethnocentrism and the funded academic slander of White ethnocentrism.

Frontman of CCP Lobbying

If it wasn’t bad enough, Spoonley is on the board of trustees of New Zealand Chinese Language Week Charitable Trust. Some investigation into this ‘charity’ reveals that it is effectively a front for the People’s Republic of China. You can follow these details.

You can reproduce these results by investigating the Charity via the Charities Register website.

Paul Spoonley is on the board of Trustees for this trust.

The charity is ostensibly about spreading awareness of the Chinese Language according to their website (13). This is also implicitly stated on their financial returns for 2020 (14).

However, analysis of their Financial Returns suggests it is a front for Chinese money from the Confucius Institute to Lobby the New Zealand government via Consultancy firms.

They received 91800 NZD in the financial year 2020 from the Confucius Institute.

The rest of their funding was “sponsorship”, explored further in this essay.

So, what is this consultancy which consists of over 80% of the spending?

The lobbying firm Silvereye Communications Limited, owned by Jo Coughlan. Coughlan is also a member of the board of trustees for the Chinese Language Week Charitable Trust.

Her Husband is Conor English, the Brother of Former Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill English. Connor English is listed as a director of the Company on their website (15).

Judging by her employees, I suspect there is a heavy Chinese lobbying focus for her firm. This appears to have been going on for a long time.

The consulting firm which received these funds may not be Silvereye communications; however, given the length of Jo Coughlan’s service on this Trust, we can assume this has been a source of income for her company since at least 2015 (16).

The Chinese influencer inside the Labour Party, Raymond Huo, was the co-chair for this front organization. He left Parliament after 2020 but clearly orchestrated the lobbying efforts within Labour on behalf of Chinese interests.

Additionally, they were largely funded by Chinese owned or run institutions (ICBC – Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). Otherwise, it seems to receive funds from Airports (Chinese airline traffic presumably motivated this) or Tourism entities. The Asia New Zealand Foundation and the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence are both Chinese government business network fronts as far as I can tell. So why does Spoonley act as a trustee of this ‘charitable trust’? It is clearly just a front of lobbying on behalf of Chinese business interests, which a relatively brief investigation would turn up. I would suggest it is a mutually beneficial relationship for a Chinese influence front to support this academic antihistamine. The man clearly didn’t bother researching what they really were prior to working for their trust.

Lex Maiestatis – Guilty

So what is the final judgement on Spoonley? He is a traitor to his people in favour of his own interests.

While Spoonley, and indeed other academics and journalists to lesser degrees, posture as a humanitarian world improver, it becomes evident that this is a facade behind which stands the stark reality of profit for the economic treadmill, for the benefit of an increasingly tiny global oligarchy and to the detriment of all peoples and cultures.

From his obvious Marxist origins, he has transformed into a neoliberal demographic change soothsayer, selling academic tonics to governmental doldrums over the economy and acting as the white rainmaker for policies that harm the native Maori and White populations of New Zealand. His academic output and policy research is entirely neoliberal, providing policy guidance to the Bureaucracy, which has far more effect on policy than most ministers ever will. His pernicious self-aggrandizing academic literature seems to have been PhD farmed during the 21st century to feed his prestigious academic career as a two-faced neoliberalism salesman. His supervision of a cop killer is morally reprehensible as is his mercenary attitude to supporting alien peoples to subvert and repress New Zealanders, whether they are culture distorter schemes or CCP business lobbying groups. He is and remains a morally reprehensible, narcissistic fool blinded by his own prestige to the ruin of his own people.


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  1. Excellent work. It’s really great that these anti-white liberals are being exposed. I can’t imagine the amount of work that was put into this. Spoonley is an absolute peice of work.

  2. All this “Jews for Palestine” stuff is disingenuous, given what these tongue-eating louse espouse privately.
    Every ethnic group has an understandable position in defending it’s rights to exist. “Jewry” represent a group with higher than average IQs (Ashkenazi jews). It is understandable they have a distrust of those around them and their over representation might present a pattern that appears as some sort of deceit. Jordan Peterson discussed that. jews were over represented in the Frankfurt School but now they are over represented in fields that acknowledge human nature in evolutionary psychology and that places us all on an even footing. Eric Kaufmann has Jewish ancestry as do Jon Haidt, Steven Pinker and Gad Saad. When Paul Spoonley says “they’ve got new arguments and refers to Camus (great replacement) he is being disingenuous. When they dismiss Camus they are implying that “oh well, there’s is no GR because you aren’t an ethnic group and this new society is a new ethnic model based on diversity (post-ethnic cosmopolitanism). Eric Kafmann and Jon Haidt have the best counter arguments. They (Spoonley’s crowd) would love to see “tongue eating louse” – they want accreditation to remove voices indiscriminately.

  3. The head of the School Strike 4 Climate and Extinction Rebellion has been showing her true colours recently:


    We are told in the media that the first group disbanded because its leaders were racist:


    The media reported this as a either a self–own, or assuming that the racists were non-Jewish Europeans. At the same time, they published this:


    The truth is that many of these pressure groups are run by Zionist Jews who protect and supply Mossad agents and whose main goal appears to be the destruction of European culture and society, using NGO groups and indigenous people whenever they can.

    Spoonley is one of their main ringleaders. There are many others embedded across NGOs and government organisations. Most have spent significant time in China.

    Showing Spooney’s links to Jewish Council is very helpful because the right and the left wing racist Jews pretend to not know one another when in fact they all belong to the same racist Jewish supremacist organisations with goals that would put any non-Jewish European or European organisation under watch or even in jail.

    Look up what the rainbow really means to these people. They always speak with forked tongues and make references to their intentions that are well-understood at the in-group level.

  4. NZ = Antiwhitism Island.
    Ethnicity has closed in on Christianity.
    Govt is connected to WEF = unelected secret mafia of Lucifers technology.
    War on White people.
    They hate white people.
    Jesus Christ is coming.
    No body who is anti-White will enter Heaven.

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