This bite-sized essay is a deep dive into the Astor Foundation, one of the major Jewish charitable foundations which promotes the anti-white agenda within New Zealand. We will limit our scope to the Astor Foundation, its officers and its operations with what documentation is available. The analysis will first analyse the offices of the organization, followed by financial statements and alongside any news or web publications we can find to piece together what this secret organization does and why it shrouds itself in mystery.

The Astor Foundation was founded by David Levene, with two other officers directing the organization until David’s death in 2021. It is now directed by David William Tibby, Juliet Moses and Michael Friedlander. It is managed by Gael Keren, either full time or part time basis.

David Levene

David Levene (Red Sea Pedestrian) was a paint magnate who took over his father’s small paint shop on K Road at the age of 23 in 1952, turning it into a large paint manufacturer, selling his products at numerous stores across New Zealand. After selling the business in 1994 to Skellerup Group, the firm employed 1,000 people, had 52 stores and turnover of $150 million. Using the proceeds of the sale, he established Lewis Holding Group, a property investment and management firm, focused on commercial real estate. He also invests in biotech (pharmaceuticals, because these tend to have huge payoff if they succeed) and software startups (same story). He seems to have become a philanthropist later in life, funding various causes, including anti-white NGOs. He died in 2021 aged 91/92. He was a financial backer of the Astor Foundation primarily.

He produced ads promoting miscegenation in the early 90s, pursuing strategies of undermining ethnic solidarity of the majority.

His obituary, written by Juliet Moses, gives the following description of David – “Like many Jewish leaders and thinkers, Sir David was not by any stretch a religious man, but he was proudly Jewish. He was devoted to his tribe, felt a strong sense of peoplehood, fervently supported Israel as the Jewish people’s homeland, was acutely aware of the injustices that the Jewish people have suffered over millennia and continue to suffer, and whether he did so consciously or not, as with many secular Jews, he embodied many Jewish values in the way he lived his life.” – Of note here is the use of secular language to imply an ethnic attribute to Judaism. We do not use Secular Christian to describe white post-Christian individuals.

David was extremely concerned about growing antisemitism around the world. I believe this was driven by his personal experience – he told me last year about the antisemitism he experienced as a school boy […] In 2015 that concern, encompassed and interwoven with a love and vision for his beloved country, inspired him to create the Astor Foundation, a charity that promotes social cohesion in New Zealand, in respect of which he then brought on Sir Michael Friedlander, and I was honoured to be a trustee of alongside them both.”

David William Tibby

David Tibby (profession unknown, presumed toadstool merchant) was a lieutenant of David Levene, having taken over in directing Lewis Holdings. He is very likely related, either through blood or through marriage to David’s daughters. Either way, he now seems to be the managing director for a number of property management and ownership shell companies underneath Lewis Holdings. These are in turn owned through two trusts, Julia Trustees Limited and ROIE Trustees Limited. These trusts appear to primarily be tax dodging vehicles for transferring wealth upon the death of David Levene.

Michael Friedlander

Michael Friedlander (the Platonic form of the counter-Semitic caricature) is a commercial lawyer and property magnate based in Auckland. He owns Samson Corporation, a commercial real estate corporation. He was formerly a partner in Keegan Alexander Law. He is also a director of the Friedlander Foundation. It appears Samson Corporation is a multigenerational family company which his two sons now direct. He seems to be a financial backer of the Astor Foundation primarily.

Juliet Moses

Juliet Moses (note Jewish physiognomy) is a Jewish ethnic activist and commercial lawyer in Auckland. Originally a spoilt Saint Cuthbert’s girl (1978 to 1990), she graduated with a B.Com/LBB in 1996 from the University of Auckland. Her endless twitter tirades about opponents of Jewish privilege are incredible, as are her pieces for various newspapers and publications.

She seems to be the leading board member for this organisation, providing legal advice, acting as the spokeswoman and one of the organisers. Analysis of material she has published suggests her husband or partner is Mark Jennings. I deduce this from the articles in Zionist publications and websites – the body language in photos together suggests a level of comfort typical of couples rather than acquaintances.

I highly recommend any readers take the time to read through her various essays on various Jewish news sites which reveals she is concerned with absolutely no-one other than her own ethnic group.

Here are some snippets of her commentary. She only cares about and shows interest in Jewish issues and sees other groups as mere enemies or tools for her use.

Goldberg first noted, in replying to Joy Behar’s statement that ‘they don’t like history that makes white people look bad’ that ‘Well, this is white people doing it to white people’. She then claimed that the Holocaust was ‘not about race’, repeating this over the objections of her co-hosts. She declared that it was simply about ‘man’s inhumanity to man’” – Comments on Whoopi Goldberg, who is not Jewish by descent, talking about the Shoah as an ethnic event for her people.

The joke is that most Jewish festivals can be summed up as, ‘They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.’ Actually, it does exemplify much of what it is to be Jewish: the almost overpowering weight of history and persecution that is embedded in our shared consciousness; our miraculous survival as an ancient people through to the modern era” – Discussing her strong sense of Jewish identity.

The genesis of the Jews as a people is in the Levant, where Israel is today, in the second millennium BC. Around the first millennium BC, they founded a sovereign state there. Under successive occupations, they were forced into exile throughout the diaspora, but continued their practices, preserved their heritage and coalescence as a people” – On preserving their heritage and separateness from their host nations.

That’s what it is to be Jewish, to feel connected to people and events unconnected to you in time and/or place, an unbroken line between the liberation of slaves in ancient Egypt.” – On the ethnoreligious nature of Judaism.

While white supremacists chant “Jews will not replace us”, anti-Zionists chant “free Palestine from the river to the sea”. Despite how Marc Lamont Hill may try to spin it, that is an unambiguous battle-cry to violently replace Jewish self-determination and Jewish life in our homeland.”” – On Jewish ethnic nationalism, which Moses clearly believes in for her own ethnic group.

To equate Zionism with Nazism is antisemitism. To falsely accuse Israel, the one Jewish nation state, of human rights violations while ignoring or excusing others’ real human rights violations, is antisemitism.” – Defending Zionist terror of Palestinians.

To deny Jews as a collective people the same rights as are given to any other people – the right to self-determination, the right to self-defence, is antisemitism. To deny the indigeneity and history of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland is antisemitism.” – Hypocritically advocating for ethnic nationalism for her own people, while she leads an organisation which advocates for the suppression of the majority ethnicity of New Zealand.

What of those 700,000-odd Jews in Arab and Muslim states who, after the establishment of the modern state of Israel, had their property confiscated and fled for their lives to the nascent Jewish homeland?” – Remembering a racial suffering which Jews suffered collectively, no individualist treatment of Muslims here. When whites are ethnically cleansed from their neighbourhoods by racial aliens who ruin their communities, no tears are shed by Moses.

Antisemitism is, as Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks has said, not about the Jew; it’s about people who cannot accept responsibility for their own failures and have instead to blame someone else.” – Promoting individualist failure for gentiles, collective grievance for Jews in the same article.

Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings is a media overlord, currently the founder and Managing Director of Newsroom. From 1995 till February 2016, Jennings was TV3’s Head of News and Current Affairs. Finding information on him has been difficult, but his position explains how Marc Daalder and Elliot Weir found employment with Newsroom. He is supposedly the husband of Juliet Moses, which explains the positions taken by Newsroom on Zionist and Jewish issues as well as why so many anti-whites work for Newsroom.

In order from left to right: New Zealand Jewish Council representative Juliet Moses, Jewish Federation of New Zealand President Rob Berg, Former Labour Leader Andrew Little, Labour’s former Hamilton East candidate and former Labour Party candidate Sehai Orgad (formerly involved with the Israeli disinfo intelligence organisation, Middle Eastern Media Research Institute, MEMRI, who originate the MEMRI TV memes) and Astor Foundation CEO Gael Keren.

Gael Keren (CEO of the Astor Foundation)

Gael Keren is a highly involved activist Jew, daughter of Arnold Triester, former milliner, capitalist and hatmaker. She seems to be a highly active full-time Jewish activist acting as the executive trustee for the Astor Foundation. She seems to be a back-end work horse figure who is paid to do the footwork of fighting opponents of world Jewry. In 2015, she filed complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority about conflict in Jewish occupation in Palestine.

Year-by-Year Breakdown of Revenues, Expenditure and Operations

We will break down the year-by-year revenue, expenditure and operations of the Astor Foundation. The aim is to explore what they were or are doing with these funds.


An analysis of the revenue stream suggests serious donations to this organization by some private donor. Regular annual contributions summarized to over 175K every year. We can consider this in relation to their expenses below.


We account here for the balance of accounts to roughly estimate how much money the Astor Foundation is turning over and what it spends that money on.

The Jews’ initial actions when this institution was first founded are relatively innocuous-seeming. However, we will break down what is worth noting about these.

Dr. Gill Hicks is the Founding Director of “M.A.D. For Peace”, an essentially Jewish organisation, formed after the 7/7 bombings in London. She seems to be heavily involved as a liberal face for the counter-jihad scene.

The refugee engagement programme run here is driven by two influences. Firstly, there is a soft diplomatic engagement and relationship-building aspect to this, enabling these Jewish organisations to build co-operation for their own interests with other minoritarian groups. Secondly, it provides a means to subvert the majority population which might otherwise notice them. The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies runs programmes of the same name and purpose in Australia.


Serious money for a charity without a website to receive in its first year. There are no contact details outside the Charity Register. It is therefore likely that the initial donations are primarily by the wealthy Jews who are directors on the Board. These donors also receive an equivalent tax break for donations to charities under tax law. As such, these funds are used for culture distortion rather than the public good of the State.


Operations were significantly expanded during this time period. Let’s break these down:

Simon Henderson is an energy policy expert in the retinue of the Bernstein Program on Gulf and Energy Policy at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. This is plainly a Jewish think tank focused on Palestinian Occupation Forces’ interests in the region, primarily providing academically-flavoured propaganda for advancing Jewish money power against Iranian interests in the region.

Interfaith dialogue is another community engagement and consensus building programme. There is one instance of this programme I could find, a Zoom meeting focused on anti-racism during the Black Lives Matters riots of summer 2020. What is interesting is who shows up here. The Jewish Religious Studies Professor at VUW Paul Morris, Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon, Juliet Moses of the Astor Foundation and NZ Jewish Council, and Anjum Rahman of the Inclusive Aotearoa Collective and the Islamic Womens Council. The focus of the conversation is how to focus government policy on proportional engagement and recognition of all ethnic minorities and how to prevent the ethnic majority crushing them. Evidently, this fits into the minoritarian coalition building strategies pursued by the Astor Foundation.

The Secondary School Teachers’ professional development seems to be a part of the effort by the Astor Foundation and other Jewish organizations to enforce a Shoah week to ensure we never forget about the swimming pools, theatre and orchestra at Auschwitz. It is primarily part of their immune-response-suppression psychological conditioning that makes goyim feel wrong for questioning or opposing Jews.

Targeting Year 12s with this sort of ‘leadership’ programme seems to be part of the “#JustOneWeek” campaign to include the Shoah in political indoctrination of children.


The interesting factor here is the decrease in donations. I couldn’t find a clear answer as to why, but I suspect the backers of this subversive Jewish organisation were dissatisfied with its results.


“Facilitators to execute on programmes” seems to be a baseline salary plus cost of any employed help.

The cost of Alan Dershowitz (major defender of Harvey Weinstein and devoted his entire legal career to Judeo-Right and Zionist efforts) seems to be a speaking fee. Flights plus accommodation from the US for a short stint (say a week) would not be that high. I’d ball park guess at 12K NZD for the speech.

Left: Shabbos Goy Douglas Murray. Right: Alan Dershowitz.

The Public Discourse Freedom of Speech strategy pursued by Jews in New Zealand reflects an understanding of their dominance of mainstream social media platforms overseas. By acting as the ‘vanguard’ of free speech, Jews provide a false outlet for free speech advocates since they use their institutions like the Free Speech Union to primarily prosecute minor government institutions like universities and councils. An example is the refusal to speak out and defend Vince McLeod for selling ‘It’s Okay to be White’ apparel on Trade Me when the Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt and the Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon were using media to attack him.

But it deflects from the obvious use of Jewish power on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere while ensuring free speech advocates here are channeled down a kosher path. This is easy to observe with the active censorship on Kiwiblog (owned by the Jewish David Farrar) regarding Jewish occupation matters. We will dig further into this in future.

The “Centenary Commemorations” effort will be a part of the larger effort to include Shoah content in national memory and to increase the sacredness of the Greatest Lie of the 20th Century.

Both of these reflect how Jewish subversion works. Forming institutions and controlling them enables you to direct energy and public sentiment in directions away from yourself and into matters that support you.

In the case of the Free Speech Union, it is about preventing pro-Palestinian activists shutting down Jewish events on campus and preventing any counter-Semitic feeling developing in response to Jewish-enforced censorship.

By contrast, digging deep roots inside our national memory efforts allows you to advocate for the grafting of alien Shoah material onto the meristems and branches of our Western cultural memory.

Both methods are subversion in different forms, one is direct control and the other is indirect influence.



What matters here is the efforts to rearrange the budget. The donations to the Shoah Centre of NZ seems to be for keeping the Shoah Temple afloat while the ‘Christchurch Terror’ donation is related to the March 15 event. These were part of a larger donation by numerous Jewish organisations to build community solidarity with Muslims in the Occident.

The effort is to build a minoritarian coalition which they can depend on against the white majority. This is a classic subversion play. When faced with a majority which overwhelms them, Jews always ally with other minorities to subvert that majority using the other minority groups as a bludgeon and a shield for themselves. This classic strategy is known as Bioleninism and is explored in detail here.

These entries mostly relate to continuity of previous programmes. However, they have expanded to facilitating a Shoah Memorial Day for the date of the Auschwitz liberation (27th January 1945). This shows continued subversion and manufacturing of opinion using money power to worship the Great Lie of the Shoah.

The speaker this year is another Jewish activist dedicated to fighting the enemies of the Zionist Occupation Force in Palestine. The citizenships he wears are notable. Dr. Johnathan Spyer is from a Russian family, born in the United Kingdom and made aliyah, as a permanent citizen of the Jewish Occupation in Palestine, in 1991, and yet is able to ride British taxpayer funds on a media tour. He is also an endless promoter of the Syrian gassing conspiracy theories to justify intervention by Western forces under Zionist direction.

Operations slowed down in this year due to the donations sapping funds from operational activities.



The public event made of the Shoah Memorial Day is a continuity of the efforts to sanctify the pseudo-religious status of the Shoah to gentiles – a continuity of the same education and influence efforts, refugee engagement efforts and continual press engagement as previous years, all of which are purposefully focused on grafting the Greatest Lie onto our past.

The speaker, Behnam Ben Taleblu, is a Jewish activist from another NGO, the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies, a neoconservative institute which lobbies for endless overseas warfare by United States on the enemies of Israel.

The Shared Table Project is an innocent-sounding community engagement effort. What is contradictory here is that this same organisation funds speaking tours by counter-jihad and national security-related neoconservatives from the U.K. and U.S. This shows a dual engagement approach of attempting to raise the profile of these national security organisations which advance the Zionist cause’s hard edge while engaging in soft diplomatic relations with local Muslim groups for minoritarian coalition building.

The study group seems to have been a paid vacation for Mark Jennings and Juliet Moses, as well as a few other journalists, to learn about the Zionist Occupation in Palestine. It was likely to improve their views and to influence subsequent reporting in favour of that Occupation.

The most noteworthy portion here is the relationship building with Meng Foon. He seems to be deeply tied in with Jewish organizations for mutual purposes given that the Human Rights Commission advances the same anti-white agenda.



Continuity of the same subversion policies as previously, however this time they have changed the refugee focus slightly for more minoritarian engagement with the ‘Refugee Student Graduation Ceremony’ and the ‘Refugee Mentoring Programme’. These are fundamentally about bringing alien races into New Zealand to subvert and undermine the majority.

The manufacturing of the Shoah myth onto the national memory through this public event is part of how the subversion works.

It conditions you to think of the Shoah as a sacred, pseudo-religious event which irrationally invokes emotions of sacredness when questioned. If you feel irrational emotional responses to these events, or to certain words, it is due to conditioning of these ideas. It is subversion and should be stopped.

It seems the ‘#JUSTONEWEEK’ initiative is the next step in this education influencing campaign. It is about ensuring every child receives his yearly Holocaust indoctrination, to once again always remember that Jews are sacred and beyond any criticism because they had to be imprisoned for a few years once. For context, roughly 234,000 Jews died, primarily of starvation and disease, after the vicious strategic bombing campaigns of the American and British Governments reduced food production to starvation levels for almost all of Continental Europe. By contrast, 67,000 Frenchmen died as a result of strategic bombing by the “Allies” of the French, significantly more than the British total of 40,000 during the Blitz. Moreover, roughly 3,000,000 Bengalis died of an intentionally exacerbated famine due to policy decisions made by the British Government at the time. The exaggeration and hyper-focus on this event is only possible because of the subversive influence of Jewish money power enforcing and creating these ridiculous tales.

From the eulogy of David Levene by Juliet Moses,

Race Unity Commission twenty years ago, to give high school students a voice in the national conversation about race relations in Aotearoa, and JUSTONEWEEK of Holocaust Education launched last year, 375 teachers from 262 secondary schools have signed up for this new secondary school teaching resource developed by the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand.”

Unclear what the various small programmes are exactly, but they seem to cost quite a lot without any real signification of what they are. These alone justify an audit by the Charities Register.

What should we conclude about the Astor Foundation?

The Astor Foundation started as merely a pro-Jewish imperialist organisation run quietly and covertly by a small cabal of wealthy Jews. It has emerged with its tentacles spread with strategic intent across our society to push its agenda on the education of our children, on our media institutions which we depend upon to perceive the world and to support the importation of alien races into our home. It presents no public face with any websites, contact details or news articles outside Jewish news websites. This is what subversion through NGOs looks like. The Astor Foundation aims to subvert our society, promotes an anti-white agenda on us and it must be stopped.

What should be done with the Astor Foundation?

The Astor Foundation must be treated by the New Zealand Government as a foreign agent organisation working on behalf of Israel, attempting to subvert and influence our politics on behalf of a tiny minority of the population, who consistently agitate for their homeland along ethnonationalist lines while undermining the majority ethnic interests here in New Zealand. Further investigation by appropriate authorities will reveal more than has been publicly gathered here.

Additional investigations into the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, Humanity Matters (run by Deborah Hart, Board Chair of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand) as well as Meng Foon and Anjum Rahman will be done in future to investigate this conspiracy to subvert our nation.


David LeveneBiographic piece


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  4. Interesing they claim to be for “social cohesion” and “race unity” and “national conservation” and yet promote immigrant alien minorities and undermining of our majority nation/ethnicity/race/culture.

    I agree with much of what you say but a few points:

    Most common people are not going to read thousands of words. Most people are not readers nor intellectuals.

    No denying that these people are alien (renegade Jew) enemies promoting undermining/subverting & distortion our nation and culture and are more concerned with their own peoples’ interests, but I don’t think or I am not so sure that the Jews/Zionists are the only biggest enemy/enemies. I have collected just as much and more evidences that the Vatican and its agents and followers are behind much of this globalist regime (eg Gates, Macron, T May, A Merkel, Pence, Biden, etc etc etc are all either Catholic or have close ties/links with Catholic/Roman/Latin, or are “christians” who have been tricked into believing the pope has Peter’s keys/authority). (Note the mentioned St Cuthbert’s in this article?) And/or most people I have seen doing the most major evils/wrongs are renegade globalist “white” Europeans. So I just call the common enemy as globalist elite rather than Jews. But if I am wrong I am open to learning, not closed like many are.

    I don’t think it is wrong for Jews to want a nation and homeland and culture of their own just like we do. They just going about it the wrong way. They don’t all move to Israel but most keep staying in the West. It thus seems a difficult tension between “anti-semitism” and anti-white (much like being homo-phile is being anti-heterosexual). The Palestine problem is a difficult one and not sure it is right to be all pro-Palestinian, though I do agree Israelis have done wrongs to Palestinians.

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