Reading the news lately I found my anger rising, as is so often a consequence of perusing the L├╝genpresse, the article in question was simple onanism over the success of Pharmac’s plans to fund new, effective diabetes treatments only for Islander and Maori citizens, the first policy of its kind!

Instinctually, the praise of anti-European medical policies brought emotions to the fore, anger mostly, but I caught myself and thought “there is no surprise here, this is the expected behaviour of a state that positions itself against us”, because that is what we face, make no mistake about it. While every white European man or woman who is not ashamed of their race, culture, traditions and lineage is branded as someone who has turned against the state apparatus and is seen as a traitor to the vapid contemporary whims that now pass as established culture, the opposite is true; we remain rooted as men have for millennia, we hold perennial values. As we choose established, steadfast ideals our governments have been hijacked and serve simply as vessels for corrupt and spiritually decayed forces to attack us.

But a rabid dog is expected to bite, so too should we expect to see offenses levelled at us by our governments, to lament this fact is to invite a state of perpetual despair and anger, none of which helps us, our families, our people or our nation. If we allow our emotions to rule, we allow ourselves to be distracted and dejected by every action that the state takes against us, in doing so we lose sight of bigger and more important things. Health, spirituality, family, these remain, as they always have, the best ways to reject the decadence of modernity, embrace them and you further our causes more than you know.

Too often those aligned with our ideals are branded as edgy, mopey, down-trodden and dejected, because this is often true, this is simply characteristic of the first steps taken by many when they awaken to the emptiness of modern lies, but they are kept here by endless repetitions of emotional patterns of outrage and the easy dopamine hit of “fighting the good fight” on message boards or social media. Liberation from this state is essential for the development of true spirit and realisation of what our duties truly are to our people; your anger serves nothing, your bickering serves nothing, but health, vigour and contentedness driving a passionate existence stands as an example to others.

Election season approaches, that godforsaken time when we must endure the major parties vying for supremacy in competition for who has the better anti-white policies, who serves multinational corporations better by inviting unskilled migrants to apply downward pressure on wages or who will do a better job at pasting a Te Reo veneer over fundamentally European institutions? It is tiring, it is draining, but it does not need to be. The elections matter because they affect us and our nation, yes, but what we will see is only what we should have come to expect, no more, no less.
When the intricacies of a failing democratic system start to wear on us, we should simply declare:


As they attack us and our values we walk headstrong, for the hate they hold for us is trivial compared to the love we have for our own people.

We remain and we continue as we must.

Hail Zealandia!

One thought on “I Don’t Give a Damn”

  1. Most of the world a chimps nowadays.
    Many European no longer know how to privately take care of their own health.
    Everyone claims it to their genetics, in reality it’s only 1% Gene’s and 99% epigenetics with diet choice
    It’s a far cry from the nappy government they didn’t want to be for schools tuck shops, now have to support the failure that dismissed idea was

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