The majority of newcomers to nationalist circles have arrived here by consuming a lot of (mostly internet) content, which led them to a certain spectrum of views and events that changed their world view. Some ofthe creators of this content are ‘gateways’ to ethno-nationalism, while others are ‘gatekeepers’ whose role is to channel energy away from positive nationalism and into other subverted movements that do nothing to help the average European man or woman. On the contrary, they help the system of ruling Neo liberal, managerial elites maintain their power and control. Some content creators serve both gateways and gatekeepers, which in the past nationalists have been slow to identify early on. We need to develop ways to do so, to take action against them, and to use these phenomena to the advantage and health of our people

Gateways are typically people or organisations who introduce alternative perspectives in ways that are approachable and easy to understand for newcomers. A well known example is Jordan Peterson, who has made many videos about how taking personal responsibility for one’s actions will result in becoming a better and more well-rounded man; encouraging such simple disciplines as making one’s bed and tidying one’s room. He encourages the listener to “Adopt responsibility for your own well-being, try to put your family together, try to serve your community, try to seek for eternal truth…that’s the sort of thing that can ground you …so that you can withstand the difficulties of life.” While such suggestions are glaringly obvious to most of us, to many young men these ideas are new and rather radical since for years the Left have been telling us that masculinity is wrong while installing their own feminised ideas of what a male should be (we all remember that condescending Gillette commercial depicting masculinity as toxic). Peterson- by simply stating what used to be the basic truth only 10 years ago- is now considered taboo and morally reprehensible to the system, which is why the neo-liberals have been working hard to remove people like him from the picture (Toronto University now has policies that prohibit white men from getting research grants, causing Peterson to resign from his professorship). They sense correctly that ideas such as taking personal responsibility for one’s actions, having a good moral character, a clean-living lifestyle and sense of duty to others can be a gateway to further positive ideas such as European nationalism; a gateway that must be firmly slammed shut and kept under lock and key. This is certainly not to advocate for all that Peterson says and does, as he has said many things to criticise and reject; such as his views on religion, god, and nationalism. However Peterson and figures like him can and have been effective gateways to positive nationalistic-orientated ideas, as they offer something different to what popular culture tells men to like.

Gatekeepers on the other hand act as barriers to ideas that are seen by the system as a genuine threat. I see this as one of the biggest, if not the biggest issue the nationalist community has faced in our modern times. We have a large array of terrible gatekeepers we can talk about, the largest being the centre-right parties that occupy government and stand for nothing and do nothing but deflect any positive radical ideas that could actually improve life for our people. We simply just need to look at how mass migration is negatively affecting most Western countries by lowering the standard of living for the European natives and introducing social issues that can never be solved without a hard-line. nationalistic approach. The ruling establishment know full well that their biggest threat is well-organised European nationalism, for which the mainstream Right is there to gatekeep against. To use an international example of the so called “Conservative Tory party” in the United kingdom. What have they actually conserved since hold the majority of the power. They won an overwhelming majority last election and have failed to undo any of the damaged caused by Tony Blair. He promised his voters vast immigration reform and an end to the insanity in the English Channel. What they got was a green new deal and more Internet censorship laws targeting any one who speaks out about this government. A recent study came out which suggested that tory politicians were much further left socially than their voters, which shows the problem of the disconnect. Maybe this is why our right wing parties are controlled opposition, because they are infact left wing themselves.

A good example of ineffective gatekeeping is the recent direction of the Tolkien Estate. One of the eldest living relatives of JRR Tolkien was his son Christopher, who was director of the estate and responsible for what happened with the Lord of the Rings lore. His goal was to keep the Lord of the Rings as close to the original as what Tolkien wrote and envisioned in his books. He resigned from his position in 2017, leaving the future of the estate in the hands of the rest of his family who promptly sold the Lord of the Rings television rights, leading to it now being subverted by modern leftists and their progressive ideology. In the new Amazon series they have moved away from the story’s European lore by injecting LGBT propaganda and diversifying the cast. We will always have the Peter Jackson versions, as well as Tolkien’s books and writings, but this new Amazon series distorts the spirit of the original. What should have happened is that Christopher Tolkien should have been securing his next-in-line to take the reins of the estate, so as to continue the legacy in its original spirit. The Tolkien Society could still be taken back, but it makes the job so much harder once it has been subverted and infected. What happened to the Tolkien Society is what happens when we do not gate keep sufficiently.

Certain people or organisations can act simultaneously as both gateways and gatekeepers. Jordan Peterson could be used again here, and Ben Shapiro is another well known example. More recently however, Jack Posobiec has risen to prominence as a US conservative/libertarian figure on the so called Right, currently with a large social media following. He posts a lot of very agreeable content to his accounts, but when it comes to really pushing the boundaries with a pro-european narrative he reverts back to the kosher Right talking points we are all too familiar with. Take his coverage of the recent Waukesha Christmas parade massacre for example. Posobiec and others like him condemn the individual who committed this atrocity, but then tip toe around the question of race and anything to do with it as being a motive for the killer. The elephant in the room never gets spoken out loud, which is that the killer Darrell Brooks was an African American terrorist who was radicalized by the neo-liberal propaganda that plagues the current discourse of the Western world. His social media shows an absolute disdain for white people, referencing top Black Lives Matter officials and using all of their talking points, as well as advocating for violence against white people in his rap lyrics. The mainstream media literally ignored this attack for these reasons. Link, which is exactly what the kosher establishment right does to gatekeep any true pro white solutions from being discussed. Figures like Posobiec will provide a gateway so as to channel anger and frustration, and then simply grift off of it and gatekeep against any discussion of the real underlying issues, their causes and solutions.

We need it to be easier for our side to identify subversive influencers early in order to allow the right kind of messaging to get through to our people. One way to do this is to identify certain NGOs, media, and charities that fund these influencers. One such example is a mega billionaire neocon, Paul Singer. He donates large amounts of money to the GOP(republican party) in the United States. A quick search online shows he is not all that conservative. He likes the idea of preserving Israel as a place and as a people. But when it comes to European folk, he is as anti-white as they come. Everyone assumes the GOP are the good guys, but backers like Paul Singer show they are not link .The next part is paying attention to what these influencers are advocating for, are they speaking in the interest of your nation’s people, or are they advocating for some other nation’s peoples? We need not look no further than Ben Shapiro. He advocates for Jews in Israel as a people, while denying that race exists in the United States of America. Furthermore, Is what they’re saying in any way immoral or degenerate, or instead based on tried and tested Western religious texts that have helped lead our nation’s people through the toughest of times during our long history (and will help to do it again).

After identifying gateways and gatekeepers, the next step is getting ‘our guys’ into meaningful positions so that we can become our own versions. We should not be opposed to these positions in principle, as they are needed to maintain our traditions, culture, ideas, and beliefs. Leftists gained their current influence and power over many years by subverting and weakening our gatekeepers, and we must be ready to do the same in the long-run by building up our communities and networks. Before you can influence those around you, you must gatekeep yourself first by taking steps to ensure you are moving in the right direction in your life and then doing the same with your family. The strength of a nation is the family, and we must keep away as much degeneracy and subversion as possible. Bring in positive literature and ideas to help the flow of positive nationalism to family and friends around you. You can do this subtly at the start, (because we all know what happens if you drop too much truth at once), and slowly build up the rhetoric to where it needs to be. In turn they will influence their circles, and we will get the hardened ideology we need for the future. You can also hire non-liberal Europeans to our businesses or as work mates if you are a manager. You then can create a pressure cooker of ideas at work and keep like-minded and loyal people around you. If you are employed in an office in a large organisation, you will find you can wield a lot of power if you manage to take over a department. This can be a gateway to new ideas to those around you. This can then progress to the local school board that your kids attend, then the local council in your area. These institutions can be anything that influences power in your area, we do not all have to aspire to be politicians. The idea is that we start with ourselves and then build our way up through different institutions.

To conclude, I truly believe we can excel at gatekeeping and provide the correct gateways for our nation’s people. We need to identify potential gateways early and use them to our advantage, because as we know our younger generations (and even our older ones to some extent) are morally lost and searching for some form of meaning to their nihilistic and consumerist existence. The secular, statist-imposed religion on the masses of not just New Zealand but all western countries are in collapse and our ruling managerial class know it. The amount of meaningless and materialistic distractions that spike the dopamine levels of the basic consumer is wearing pretty thin, and the people need the kind of spiritual meaning that Christianity once held en masse in Western society. As a result of this some are drawn to people like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and Jack Posobiec, who offer something different to what “popular culture” tells them to like. These figures act as gateways that can lead to European nationalism, but also as gatekeepers against it. We can instead use these mechanisms to our advantage, because once we take over an institution or a community we can set up our own versions so the right idea’s flow easier to the people. Neo-liberalism will eventually catch up to you in the modern world, and it will bulldoze those individuals that do not fall into line. We need to build these collectives in the coming future to not only oppose this cancerous Neo-liberal ideology, but to eventually push back and win. To do this we need to create the gateways to our ideas and then gate keep them effectively. We can not sit idly by and trust the plan. We can do something meaningful such as building the foundations for the future and offering people the next gateway to European Nationalism.

6 thoughts on “Nationalism: Gateways and Gatekeepers”

  1. I have personally found by running around in the nationalist community for the the last 20 years, that essentially most of nationalists are essentially trouble for the superior white man simply by their angry out look disposition,
    There are peas and pods to the nationalist community, peas are many but differ from pods

  2. In this article you cherry pick far too many examples to fit your cause and it weakens your argument. You claim you are a nationalist organisation yet you refrain from giving examples and reasoning that relate to this country.

  3. Further to that, you contradict yourself many times:

    You claim you are an organization for European New Zealanders, however you stereotype and discriminate against females in this article. Would you amend your organizations values to say that you are advocating soley for Male European New Zealanders?

    You first use a left/right pretense, but later seem to reject this by saying “so called Right”. Do you believe in left/right politics or no?

    1. You’re right traditional nationalist communities have long discriminated against the females in society, in this male bent agenda world view,

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