Existential Doomerism is another colloquial term for the Blackpill, or Blackpills, of the era. The term can refer to people who obsess over perceived slights and occurrences against them in the current system. One arena of this phenomenon is what is referred to as fear porn. Fear porn, for the uninitiated, is something that is produced by the mainstream media or social media outlets that deliberately and enticingly plays on people’s fears about current, past, or future events. This could be a news story showing unfair treatment of a nationalist by the government officials and the courts, a violent crime on video that is ignored by mainstream media, or a blatant outright lie that is peddled as truth. These are a few examples I think are very relevant today. As the phrase suggests, fear porn can have addictive and destructive qualities on the mind.

I have noticed a trend in nationalist circles in recent times. This is posting fear porn and becoming doomier and doomier about it. A lot of this is done as clickbait to show how bad things really are or to become. It creates fear, anger, and confusion in the nationalist community. We focus our time, effort, and attention on these things which could be better spent on improvement in other areas. As Evola said of the Existentialists, they are too comfortable in wealth and security, suggesting that these people are deracinated from their roots, tradition, and struggle, and therefore lack vitality in their philosophical underpinnings. Those who fail to mobilise; those who have lost cultural vitality; those are the people who will fail. However, we can prepare to counter these things. Fear porn can be used as an effective recruitment tool. It can drive our side into action. Because they see no other course of action but getting off the internet and into the fray. (And that is something that is absolutely necessary). But we need to know when to use this for recruitment and motivation. We also need to know who we should target it on. A hardened nationalist knows what’s going on, so we also need to be knowledgeable when it is not appropriate to share content in our cycles. Some people thrive off the steady flow of destructive happenings throughout the world, others do not. Realistically, a constant stream of blackpills is never good. Our enemies know this as well. so they will be using it to their advantage to demoralise us by sharing it around in nationalist circles they have infiltrated.

With those things being said, a lot of the issues we see crop up in fear porn we see are in faraway lands. This is the inevitable result of our enemy’s emplacement of neoliberalism in these areas. A lot of these incidents with the exception of a few are directed at liberals who wanted all this “diversity”, “culture”, “inclusion” and “consumers”. As we always say, what the heck did they think was going to happen? Invite this in and you get what you deserve. In some of these exceptions, we see other nationalists suffering and this plays on our emotions. As a nationalist, I want peace and good wellbeing. I am not saying that I do not care about these events, but we need to be realistic about it we can not do much about it from our own countries, but we do show solidarity and support from a distance. We can not let it affect us on a personal and a collective level. We need our minds clear and ready for the fight ahead. For example, the plight of France is an important one, and we want it to remain French, but we need to secure our own neighborhoods first before we can focus our attention on this. Take a look outside your window. Do we see roving bands of feral immigrants destroying our neighborhoods yet? If the answer is no, do you want to keep it that way? Then you must focus your attention on your community first before branching out.

We were all shocked at the utter carnage caused by BLM in the united states last year. We watched in horror as the system condoned these things and our own elites took the knee. For the more blackpilled among us, to see this happening in our own neighborhoods was horrible. They see this as the future for our children. What I am telling you now we will not let this happen. If you give in to the fear it will be a constant uphill battle in the mind and have a hugely toxic effect on the soul. That is not an option for us. As I have mentioned previously, our primary goal is to collectivise and organise. We must be ready as a cohesive unit for the future. If our comrade has a weakness in a skill set, we can make up for this ourselves. Our collective is the most important thing, for there is no individual without the collective, and once this collective is ready we can start implementing real change around us.

The existential crises that can come from one’s fateful interactions with the likes of fear porn can make or break the person. To take from Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus, “The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” That is to say that the struggle that each of us faces in this era is not dissimilar to the struggle of another one entirely. The perpetual struggle is born of the human condition. Where Sisyphus faces a boulder enchanted by Zeus, we face a future in which the existence of our people, culture, and traditions is uncertain. It is most important to embrace our struggle; overcoming oneself and one’s materially-bound existence, and moving toward something much greater than the individualistic mindset that plagues socially and economically liberal systems, is paramount in the fight to overcome the existential doomerism associated with the fear porn industry of modern media and modern culture. It is a future in which our people thrive in good wellbeing and health that brings happiness to us; and to ensure this, we will continue to push Our boulder to greater heights.

To conclude simply, fear porn can be a useful and destructive tool in nationalist circles. It takes the clearest of minds and cleanest of souls to fully understand then apply it. My advice is to use it wisely; as an effective tool in specific situations, such as sharing it with those around at pertinent moments. We need to be smarter than our enemies.

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Existential Doomerism”

  1. That’s just struggle-cucking and not providing any actual path to permanent victory. If a victory isn’t permanent and perfect, it’s worthless. We cannot collectivize in any way, otherwise we get Waco’d.

    Go ahead. Try it and prove me wrong.

    Watch What Happens

    Ashes and Echoes

    1. And, certainly, nihilistic thinking such as this is the way to victory! Hah! Being so certain of your defeatist attitude is a certain way of never achieving anything substantive.
      The existence of our group and others like it is proof to the contrary. Regardless of your fear-mongering, the point remains that one must overcome individual struggles in order to better themselves for their communities. If not, perhaps you could do as Camus couldn’t and look yourself in the face, sincerely, before ending your life in a malaise of existential crises.

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