The imagery and premise of this article is in part a parody/critique on the recent publication of a North and South magazine, detailing the Zionist Federation of New Zealand’s lobbying of a ski field Mount Hutt, for having a commemorative plaque, ski trail, and restaurant named after one of its early founders, Willi Huber, a veteran of the Waffen SS.

The removal of a man’s name for his contributions to a much-loved pass time is not justified, simply because he served with honour on the losing side of an egregious and unneeded conflict. The Zionists have no proof of any wrongdoing by the late Mr Huber, all they have is blind rage, and of course money power. It is no concern to them that they drag his name through the muck for simply once being a soldier fighting for his homeland and beliefs. A man awarded the Iron Cross, is now misconstrued as some sort of ego-driven liar. The secrecy of his past was hidden, not because he wasn’t proud, (even the article illustrates his immense pride in his wartime service) but because he knew that he’d be attacked, like he is now, even beyond the grave.

This leads us to the tactics and history of our own national movement. We must act in a cloak and dagger fashion, not because we are not proud, but because it is practical for us to conduct irregular and clandestine actions for our cause. As a result, we must keep our values and ideals, those things that reflect what Action Zealandia espouses, just out of arms reach of the average person because of the personal risk involved.

Operational Security

Action Zealandia places a premium on Operational Security. We are secure only to the extent that we protect our guys and we protect our guys by following strict rules. Strict rules protect our guys from negative consequences. We employ a range of cybersecurity, information security and physical security techniques to make sure our guys are safe.

We need to stick to our strengths and not to our weaknesses while applying pressure to critical points. Discretion is the better part of Valour in almost all cases. We know ourselves and our enemies, for strengths and for weaknesses; as such, always plan your operations with your team in advance.

Customs and Culture

Early on we looked to our history as a nation for inspiration. We wanted to have a group that was focused on the revival of our culture, and a forward-facing youth movement. We didn’t want to live in the past, nor did we want to throw away our history in favour of some new model entirely foreign to our people. With this in mind, we also looked at other groups to see what worked.

Because of the practicality of appearances, they were decided upon at the outset. We were less interested in uniforms per se, as we did not intend to be some sort of paramilitary unit, and more street activists/sports club. The idea of a strict dress code when doing activism was not made a definitive rule until much later on, although the appearance and style were planned well in advance. Black polos with the AZ symbol imprinted were issued to some of the earlier members with this in mind.

Taking a page out of the most modern nationalist groups at the time, Patriot Front, we saw the need for masks and uniformity to reflect unity, discipline and anonymity. Having communicated to them, we found they had a similar idea of representation of the past. Their activists dress code representing the blue uniforms of the patriots during the American Revolutionary War.

In terms of style, we wanted to have a reflection of our colonial ancestry, looking at the colour scheme we went for black blue and white as our primary colours. Representing the New Zealand Land Wars settler militias government-mandated dark blue colour, we originally aimed to have blue jackets as well. However, due to the similarity to Patriot Front, (not wanting to be poor copies of the eternal Yankee) and with much more uniformity of colour shades, we instead opted for black. This is, after all, a recognised national colour in New Zealand, especially in sport. It is also fairly inconspicuous. As of now we have just introduced badges of the AZ flag to the right arm of jackets for those members deemed fit to wear them, at the discretion of regional chapter leaders. These are awarded to members who have proven a commitment to our ideals and conducted numerous activist actions on behalf of the group.


Our main symbol is the Southern Cross. We initially drafted many different ideas of what our logo would be, all submissions contained our flags constellation. We had finalised a design that was a red St Georges cross on a shield shape, with the stars on each corner. This was scrapped due to consensus being made that it appeared to be more like something found on nationalists 100 years prior, or resembled something closer to that of an old college shield, rugby club, or coat of arms.

A more modern design was created, this represented sleek design that encapsulates our connection to nature through the mountain peak and stars. It wasn’t until around 2020 that the movement had its official flag. After a few variations were suggested we settled on a simple two coloured flag. The Blue represents our sea-going ancestors and maritime history, the White representing our commitment as a people to purity.

Our emblem is also accompanied by wreaths of ferns. The fern is long associated as a national icon. There is no special meaning behind this, it’s just to flesh out the emblem in places. Funnily enough, it’s probably one of the most redundant national icons in the world, ferns grow in Australia too.


This Anthem is one of the first-ever recordings of one of New Zealand’s first National songs. The vocals to this rendition were done by musician and artist St Friendship.

Origin and Overview

A little before June 2019, our group came into being. A few men from various parts of the country had briefly met under an older group called the Dominion Movement, an identitarian styled group with much of the same activist outlook, however, lacked a clear vision for the future, and contained a centralised and weak leadership. When the events of March 15 2019 happened, the group disbanded. This left only a handful of relatively new guys, who had quickly formed a bond, to fill the void of ethnonationalism in New Zealand three months later, with the formal creation of Action Zealandia. We are still the only nationalist group in New Zealand to this day.

Zealandia, the symbol of our nation

Our name comes from Lady Zealandia, the personification of New Zealand in its origins. Zealandia, the daughter of Britannia, is an icon of where we as a nation and country are derived. She still resides in New Zealand’s Coat of Arms as well as in commemorative form in a statue erected for fallen soldiers. The Action in our name connotes the inaction of modern conservatives (along with a modest reference to Action Française) in their failure to conserve the traditions and values of Our Nation.

Our first actions were that of the most positive nature, we had get-togethers, barbeques, and the like. We made sure to clean up various parks, beaches, and removed tags from buildings. Our men began publishing articles, about political corruption, media censorship, including Our Raison D’etre.

In late 2019, the structure of our organisation began to go from theory to reality within months, members were beginning to conduct gym/fitness sessions, hikes, pack marches, camping, and cleanups in their local communities. Later that year more and more propaganda efforts were made, stickers, and posters are formalised and used up and down the country. More men are recruited, some new regional chapters are added, not without some early recruits being booted for inappropriate actions and lack of consistent ideological values along the way. Our organisation has always held a commitment to quality over quantity in regards to membership, which is why our ideals will always be rather elitist. Around this time, we deliberately released one of our security manuals to authorities as a psyop. The media predictably took the bait.

By this time, the new members of the group are beginning to have numbers larger than any previous group. Members begin doing MMA and sparring recreationally. In January 2020, Action Zealandia activists have sent a message directly to the traitors in parliament. The office of National MP and known Chinese Communist Spy, Jian Yang, was postered by our Auckland Members.

Internally all chapters are issued an Action Zealandia flag, our general style is slowly taking shape, video reports are introduced. In February, a countrywide postering campaign takes place. Notably, members from Nelson postered the office of former MP Nick Smith, of the traitorous national party.

On February 15th, fifteen members of Action Zealandia from across New Zealand travelled to Mt Ruapehu with the objective of conquering the mountain. After camping in the shade of the mountain, all members began the ascent. This was regarded by the membership who attended as the most rewarding action taken since the group’s inception.

Stickering of various universities sparked much interest and backlash from academics. After we stickered Auckland University, there was a protest and calls for the resignation of an academic who floated the idea of allowing freedom of speech to exist at an institution of supposed learning.

When Coronavirus hit, we were the only group in New Zealand that made much noise about the abortion bill being sneakily passed by the political class, no mention was made in the media, they were too busy telling the public to bang pots and pans in their driveways to notice people might be interested to know that they legalized abortion up till 9 months of pregnancy. Action Zealandia members from the Auckland branch postered Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s electoral office, this time sending a message to the highest level to the traitors in parliament. The message of our posters focused on topics such as the coronavirus and honouring our country’s European heritage.

Due to the onset of lockdown, our activism was being cut short and carried potential higher penalties if caught on the streets. If nothing else the best thing to come out of covid was our podcast “Voice of Zealandia”. Our number eight wire mentality has lead to the creation of a low budget show that is, nevertheless, loved by many nationalists at home and abroad; albeit modest viewership. We have had such guests as our very own Kerry Bolton, and, Chris McCabe, as well as international guests Mark Collett, Eric Striker, Robert Rundo, and Denis Nikitin to name a few.

In April/May of 2020 lockdown was lifted, and our activists sprung once more into action with a “Boycott China” campaign. Action Zealandia members hit targets that promote putting Chinese money before the health of our country and people. Targets include offices of traitorous politicians, media outlets that bend the knee to the CCP and the offices of the Chinese state in New Zealand. This would also include the groups first banner drops.

The following few months we launched a white lives matter campaign preceding the British Patriotic Alternative’s White Lives Matter day taking place on indigenous peoples day, of which we would also take part in solidarity with our Anglo-Saxon brothers and sisters. In September, we did a banner drop for the freeing of Kyle Rittenhouse as well as some stickers for Free RAM. We then joined the International Conservative Community, later taking part in their Boer Lives Matter campaign.

With all the press coverage and attention, we were getting many applicants and letters of support. We decided to create a supporters network, for those who wanted to help our vanguard of young men in any way they could.

Some fan art from a supporter

Members in the South begin to replant trees in a few neglected areas for ecological restoration. Seed collection is done for future revegetation initiatives. February 2021, with an ongoing campaign of Boycott China banner drops taking place, the idea of supporting local was further emphasised. We then endeavoured to and created Support Local, a project that seeks to help people purchase New Zealand made products as opposed to their inferior, imported counterparts. The index makes supporting local manufacturers an easier task, as we have and continue to compile companies and link users to their wares.

Our first memorial services took place this February also. Whilst the country was celebrating our national day, our activists have instead been commemorating the New Zealand land wars and our forgotten dead. In Marlborough we had some members from the South Island come together for a weekend of camping, finishing off with a morning prayer and memorial service. We paid our respects to the militiamen tragically killed during the Wairau massacre. In the North Island, Action Zealandia had members come together for a memorial service at the monument to the colonial troops that served in the New Zealand Wars on Marsland Hill. This was followed by an afternoon of bushwalks in the Egmont National Park.

We continue to conduct global actions alongside the International Conservative Community and other national groups who stand for our shared values and ideals.

Currently, we are consolidating our membership, creating bonds and networks that will last the test of time. Getting the word out is not our only goal; we must create a community for our people. Going forward we are striving to make our communities and country stronger, more resilient, and healthier.

4 thoughts on “The Nationalists Against the State”

  1. Excellent, informative article. It should be placed as a stand-alone feature under a separate header alongside the other headings at the top of the page, as a quick, cogent explanation on the aims and activities of AZ.

    There is however a sentence I find perplexing and open to multiple interpretations, and I would appreciate an elaboration, as it implies a hidden agenda:

    ‘We must keep our true allegiance and ideals just out of arms reach to the average person’. – ???

    1. Hi Kerry.
      Thanks for the response. As implied, this could have been worded better. The author was referring to the clandestine nature of the group in the current sociopolitical climate. Because we are forced to act as chameleons in the public space in order to avoid social disruption and ostracisation, we cannot speak explicitly about ourselves and our values.
      An article recently written by one Brendan Hillary briefly discusses such points.
      As you know, we seek to build a positive and healthy community for our people.

  2. Thank you very much for the work you guys are doing, it’s surely showing that all nationalist are not a bunch of thug’s

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