PRIDE has been an ever-devolving monster of a mess; to the point where marches for civil rights have been carelessly morphed into public displays of sexual deviancy on the very same streets of which the everyman may stroll their daily commute. For a whole month of a year, the LGBT community gets to celebrate…

What, exactly?

Their hedonistic and dangerous lifestyle? Their increasing camaraderie with the very same corporate entities who drive their workers into suicide nets?

This article will go into all of the lovely achievements and memorable breakthroughs that had spawned since 1969 when a bunch of unruly gender-confused teenagers started a riot at the Stonewall Inn.

To start, their most defining and rambunctious feat will be their courageous strive for diversity and representation. Not in the workplace, not in the media, nor the movies – but in their very own flesh and bone. Indistinguishable from their glorious flag, the LGBT community represents all the colours of sexually transmitted diseases. But such a thing should be no surprise! Because, and this is a very important reason, gay culture is sex culture. The objectivity of it is that they are attracted to the same sex, and seek to build romantic and intimate relationships with those of the same sex. And though the media loves to pursue this cherished notion that gay love, lesbianic love, is on the same plain as straight love, hardly any are interested in monogamy, marriage, children or childbearing, and the cases that do are paraded everywhere as if they are the norm. When in actuality, the norm is what you see in droves with their cock-carousel caravans and BDSM gear in the heat, or for us in New Zealand, the Wintry bite of June. The norm is what you see on Tindr and Grindr; sexual escapades further enhanced by an increasingly normalised casual hook-up culture that increases the risk of passing on the aforementioned vicious infections.

The LGBT community is over-represented in the factions of HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, and a myriad of others due to the addictive practice of anonymous fast-paced sexual interactions coupled with high-partner-count – a dangerous concoction of which has taken the lives of many. And to add further insult to injury? Of the LGBT, the ‘B’ is the most represented in numbers. Of which they practically act as a gateway to spreading to the L, to the G, and to the rest of whatever crazed symbols they’ve added to their increasingly alien alphabet.

Another wondrous achievement for the homosexual lifestyle is possibly being the world’s most effective depressant. Many attribute this towards homophobic bigotry, being a target of personalised attacks, but even as LGBT acceptance has been on the rise, these statistics hardly faltered. It’s as if they couldn’t possibly believe the cause for all this mental baggage is due to their unfulfilling sexual endeavours, their high risk of catching their death, or better yet, because they are attracted to the same-sex and such a thing will never, ever be completely normal. Even if all the companies of the world gather under the stain on the fabric of human evolution that is the LGBT flag, their support is two-faced and half-hearted. This ties in finely with their next accomplishment, which really puts the ‘Placate’ in ‘Pride’:

Their Symbiotic Relationship with Consumer Culture.

The modern LGBT movement is a shallow glimpse of the ideal human in a late-stage, capitalist dystopia. Are they not the quintessential consumer? One so easily appeased by one specific colour palette, several patterns, several slogans, of which they would flock to like a colony of gulls scrapping over chips on the seaside? There’s no longer language, only recognition. There’s no longer a country, only corporate colours. They see a rainbow. They identify with it. They buy it. And with seven billion people instantly enlightened – Everyone’s rebranded, and all the conflict, the rampant homophobia has been slain! Organic identities have been replaced with the superficial, the whimsical. The male, the female, replaced by an array of inward-looking genders with no basis or foundations in biology – or what we like to call, ‘reality’. The fruits of sexual reproduction have been taken out of the equation, and what they are instead left with is hedonistic, futile, gyrations that electrify their pleasure receptors to the point of which they are forever in search of another hit.

Their reliance on the system is also painfully evident. For instance, what is a trans person without their precious cocktail of hormone pills and cosmetic surgeries? (Something again of which I have to say, has no guarantee of positive effects). A life that is punctuated by a series of unavailing surgical interventions, all designed to chisel away at their already perfect form and body to create the vague figure of a feminine or masculine body. What is a lesbian without her array of phallic toys and vessels, a gay man without their hook-up hangouts? The bars, the clubs, the saunas that encourage them to pay in cash to ‘free themselves’ of their traditional roles and responsibilities, and mingle with those who share their lack of moral integrity?

This is the end of the biological narrative concerning what is – and to them, what was – the two sexes. Now that midwives are criticised for remarking that child-birthers are women and mothers, or that the common populace is scrutinised for referring to a trans person as anything less than what they are attempting to achieve, or dear god, say the word ‘fireman’ instead of ‘fireperson; civil society was once a space that wasn’t littered with eggshells. Now instead, it serves as a nursery, cradle, and asylum to a new potential demographic that by all means needs to be milked by any entity unconcerned with humanity’s progress, and who are far more intrigued by cash and coin. It is due to them that a gay man or woman’s choices, lifestyle, and politics are heavily commodified to the point where any member of the LGBT possess magical individuality tokens gifted through a string of purchases that casts their particular array of colours.

Truly, the perfect consumer.

Another activity that gays are prevalent in is forever confusing their own community. The use of the rainbow flag has been a staple for them since 1978; however, it was revised, adding some funky colours due to its lack of “inclusivity”. Which, even from an outsider’s perspective, is quite ridiculous. The whole point of adopting the rainbow in the first place was that somewhere within the spectrum, all colours are represented. Regardless, in order to prove their BIPOC (For those who don’t speak mentally-ill, it means ‘Black, Indigenous, People of colour’) solidarity, the colours black and brown were added to the rainbow. Afterwards, pink, light blue, and white were added. These represent the trans community gobbling up a corner of the flag alongside its BIPOC peers. There have been discussions in regard to adding more objects to the flag, such as the ‘intersex’ symbol, and other things to force their community to become progressively intricate cattle that can adapt to this ground-breaking newspeak and new narrative in order to stay woke and in vogue – even if it contradicts their former values. And in some cases, split factions apart. Whatever supporters that may have kept up with their nonsense in the past may very well be long lost now with the forever switching rhetorics akin to a bisexual teen who cannot for the life of them choose which way to swing.

To conclude this long-winded article that displays most of the LGBT community’s outstanding handiwork, we shall end on what will affect the next generation of youth: The teaching of LGBT rights and history in schools.

What is the purpose?

For biological studies, students learn about sexual reproduction. But why expose students to something inherently self-destructive? The simple answer is because children are where it starts. Gays aren’t born, they are created. Influenced. Mass-produced. Ideas of normality are easier to deconstruct in the minds of children who soak up information like a sponge can collect water. The slippery slope is said to be a delusional theory cooked up in the minds of paranoid schizophrenics… and yet we live in a world that cherishes delusion, therefore –

Are We the Mad Ones?

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