Our Predicament: The struggle against total enslavement is here – for freedom we fight.

To the person reading this, please pay close attention to what you read here:

https://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/126525280/timaru-council-votes-to-leave-local-gover nment-new-zealand

https://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/126512468/timaru-district-council-opposes-three-wat ers-reform


Though this was some time ago, it really is a great thing that Timaru managed to get itself out of the 3 waters reform.

However, LGNZ, which is like the nexus point or command base for all the various councils in New Zealand, is still very much in existence and pushing for the implementation of the 3 waters reform elsewhere in New Zealand, as well as other extreme and draconian measures comparable in political strategy pushed by the Chinese Communist Party.


We cannot allow these tyrannical, Red China style reforms to take place in our free land. Reforms and actions like this for example;

https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/plans-projects-policies-reports-bylaws/our-plans-strategies/topic-based-plans-strategies/environmental-plans-strategies/aucklands-climate-plan/reducing/P ages/climate-actions-targets.aspx

Yes, this is very real and this is happening right now.

Thankfully, Timaru has led the cause for New Zealand independence. They have shown that these power hungry elites are beatable.

Unfortunately, the Waikato region has succumbed to these measures and Jacinda Ardern has been braying with delight, saying that the Waikato is leading by example for the rest of New Zealand.


It must be recognised as concerned, patriotic citizens of New Zealand that our battlefield is at the local level of politics. Everyone must get involved with this at the local level.

Further draconian measures being foisted upon New Zealand are also afoot:


https://dailytelegraph.co.nz/news/global-medical-tyranny-who-want-complete-control-over-future -pandemics/


First Open Letter on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty

I think it is very likely Foreign Relations Minister Nanaia Mahuta who will be sent to Geneva, Switzerland to discuss this global pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord from the 22nd of May to the 28th.

We have some very sleazy politicians in our government who have allowed this to go largely uncontested in parliament.

Looking at all this information, we can see they are ruthlessly trying to rip the rights and sovereignty of New Zealanders away and hand them over to faceless corporations.

The Solution: Wake up the members of our nation – a rally call for freedom. I know it is our duty as New Zealanders to contest this tyranny.

These maniacs are doing everything they can to literally sell us all into slavery. How do we stop them?

The path to victory, as the upstanding people of Timaru have shown us, is through engagement with local politics.

That is why you, the person reading this, needs to send the details of this message to your friends, family and wider community immediately. Do not wait, do not hesitate, we don’t have a lot of time.

With your help, as everyone in New Zealand awakens to the corruption, we can use the engagement of communities all over New Zealand to lobby and de-fund LGNZ. As a result, we will be able to eliminate the entity that is providing councils the directives for this Agenda 21 rollout, and safeguard our rights and independence.

So please, it is crucial that you email the details of this message to everyone you know. By doing this you will help to rally the nation to lobby and de-fund LGNZ, similar to what we did with the TPP. If Timaru can do it, all regions of New Zealand can. So let’s do it folks, let’s put the pressure back on these corporate hacks. Copy and paste this whole article if you must, I don’t mind.

If you would like a more detailed, in-depth discussion of this subject, both of these women explain our current situation better than I can. I encourage you to look at this commentary and also share it with your friends and family;

My friends, we’re all counting on you. The time is here; let us all play a part in turning back the tides of evil. Whatever you choose, see you on the other side.

8 thoughts on “The struggle against total enslavement”

  1. We are already largely enslaved, just that it is all subtle and under false psychological appearance of “freedom, peace, democracy, rule of law”. Try bucking the system and see. Get in trouble with mental health act and see. Look how they shut down the protest at parliament. People should have risen long ago, too many acts have been passed etc now. People don’t care until things get really bad and experience it effecting their personal selfish rights/freedoms/interests. Though it is not too late if we have the will and able leaders/fighters.

    Everyone goes on about 3 waters but no one says anything about fluoridation?

    What can I do? I tried to join AZ, tried to donate, but everything is blocked because of excessive security because of NZ government & left attacking NZ nationalists. Get a bank account and I’ll donate at least.

    Some of us are not able to be constantly making submissions and writing letters/articles. If it wasn’t for my bad situation and studies I’d try holding meetings and doing activism myself.

    Most of my “friends” would just cut me off if I sent them it because they a deluded into thinking nationalists are evil “nazis, racists, totalitarianism” etc. Esp christian friends.

    1. Trends in history can go on for decades and then suddenly, in a matter of weeks or even days there is a complete 180 degree turn around. I’m glad you agree that it is not too late.

      In terms of relaying this message to your normie/NPC friends, try to relay it in a way that agreeable to their sensibilities. Translate this message in a way that is politically neutral, leave the so called “White Nationalist”, “Far Right”, “Conspiracy Theorist” triggers for leftists out of it when you’re talking to them. I don’t see why you’d need to include anything remotely akin to far right political affiliations/sentiments when it comes to the subject matter at hand though. The point is to get THIS articles message out.

      Honestly, I’ve made it very easy to share this message with normies. You’re worried about judgement from your friends? Share the links provided instead of the entire article. They’re not big readers? Share the VOF video I provided in this article.

      Don’t give yourself excuses, just do it.

      If you’re having difficulties, contact our team.

      1. Alright I’ll ask a friend if he can print it and I’ll post in in letter boxes in my street if you give me authorisation. Just the article verbatium with Action Zealandia and website address.

        But I think we need more like regular meetings and speakers (not boring ones) and mass media and publicity stunts and regular activism etc. If we are going to get anywhere we need to up the amp.

        1. Thank you brother. Personally, I’d leave the AZ identification out of it, especially if you live in a liberal-progressive city like Wellington or Auckland. However, somewhere like Christchurch or Nelson may be okay.
          My reason being is that people in NZ (mainly liberals of which there are many) are so brainwashed that even mentioning the name of something remotely right-wing or nationalistic completely nullifies the message trying to be conveyed. But I’ll leave that decision up to you.

          Feel absolutely free to distribute it verbatim, make sure to email people those links as well or copy and pasting the whole article in a word doc and upload it to them.

  2. sorry just a PS:
    Need more brilliant & provocative & psychological tactics like that posting goggle eyes on campaign posters in Australia. That was brilliant except that it might verge on “breaking the law”. But maybe could post goggle eyes on web/net photos?

    And psychology. Knowing what the peoples feeling is. Knowing people are all selfish.

  3. It truly started about 30 years ago those public opinion feel good governments, and this has been quicken by no longer needing to get the feel-good opinion from the bars and clubs with social media.
    New Zealand is on a rapid decline and no long family values rigid, especially with it lack of balls from the fundamentalist in society.
    It’s to late now especially after fags allowed to thought as decent normal freedom of choice

  4. The new hate speech laws want me even to call what’s scientifically black, yellow.
    I be done for hate speech if I say European new Zealand seem to be most likely employable above the other colours simply because their not on drugs, which is social studies.
    I’ll be called a white supremacists and done for hate speech, if I have the evidence

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