/tranzˈdʒɛndə,transˈdʒɛndə/ [adjective]

Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

The transgender identity is on the rise among the youth of Western nations. There are currently 1.4 million who identify as Transgender in the United States, and the teachings of Transgender and LGB+ concepts are accepted in most schools in the sexual education curriculum – Thus, normalising the existence of the ‘transgender’ to the young minds of today. This article will go into why such a thing is a problem in dire need of discussion, in regards to male-to-female transitioners from the perspective of a nationalistic and traditionalist woman.

The first major issue is that the basis for their entire existence is an act of denial. To be ‘trans’ is to be in a continuous ‘transitioning’ phase from one sex to the opposite sex. That is the foundation of their existence – to be stuck in the cocoon; forever yearning to become the butterfly. Then at best, they’ll hatch into a moth. Moths are gorgeous in their own right, but a moth can never be equated to a butterfly. Same as how a man can never be a woman, and a woman can never be a man. I don’t say this out of spite, dear reader, as these words contain harsh truths that need to be spoken – for some, aloud:

The human biological form and its functions will forever differ when it comes to the differences between the male and female sex. Place a man next to a woman, and what do you see?

The difference in the size of the skull, with the man carrying a denser bone structure. A man’s torso is more often than not double the size of a woman’s. The distribution of fat on a woman’s body, fitted for the purpose of giving birth – whilst men are more apt to store excess fat in the upper body – giving them superior strength in that area. The height difference is something to remark but is plainly obvious, men are more often than not taller than women. Masculine profiles tend to be more angular, longer, while a feminine profile is flatter, wider. Women have clear cheeks, men have sideburns. All of this is contrasted by the belligerent assertion that man and woman are one and the same, even when such a claim is so brilliantly juxtaposed; why the contrast could be described as divine. And yet, a transition between the two is considered a rite of passage for the Transgender. The destination is to pass as the opposite sex when many barriers, barriers decided by our core biology block the path! It’s sorely impossible. The average man could attempt to touch the sun, but will find his attempts blinded by hubris and will ultimately lead to his own demise.

Onwards to demise, to the ‘Transgender Ideology’s’ downfall. Have you ever wondered why the suicide rates for transitioners are incredibly high? 41% of 6,450 trans respondents to a survey said they had attempted suicide at some point in their lives. A particularly high number that draws concern, especially when such an ideology is becoming normalised in schools. Their game of pretend does not only seek to harm themselves, unfortunately, as discussed in the next section.

Their roleplaying is dangerous to society; and women in particular. And such a phrase should be capitalised. Most of these trans “women” invade female spaces such as locker rooms, bathrooms – private areas that can leave women exposed or vulnerable. Some also take it a step further; they invade gender-segregated sports or competitions that were segregated for obvious reasons – the aforementioned reason being the different distributions of strength and weight in female and male bodies. People will say that the debate on the trans-sports issue is multifaceted and nuanced… I properly disagree. Men who have fully developed their muscles, their bone structure, their body as a male simply cannot go on hormones and expect it to be enough for them to switch the playing field. Same as how a rapist cannot change their pronouns and suddenly get sent to an all-female prison.

The unfortunate reality is that both of these hypotheticals have already occurred.

What’s worse is that their roleplaying is nothing more than shallow, sickening, and demeaning misogyny. And one should never use that word lightly! All transgender surgeries are cosmetic; it is a mere mimicry. A risky mimicry, that can involve terrible infections bestowed to the transitioner. And there is never any guarantee that such a surgery will go smoothly despite its life-changing effects, the most glaring of which is sterilisation. So the fact that such topics are being shared and embraced in our schools, in our media, in our society… Why, it’s simply ghastly.

Their obsession to ‘become’ a woman is also quite insulting. We are not an “experience” or a “lifestyle choice”. Unlike transitioners, what is nature is nature. It takes no effort for us to ‘pass’ as we’ve already ‘passed’ from birth. A difference of one chromosome should be enough to discourage such odd behaviour, and the lack of any treatment other than appeasement of their pathetic LARP, instead of treating a man who lacks testosterone with testosterone is disastrous. If one with body dysmorphia hates their body and wants to make drastic changes, would you appease their every wish? For them to binge, to starve, to mutilate, to pierce, to change themselves in ways of which will bring them harm?

No. They’re given therapy and some medication. Because it’s a mental illness. So how is gender dysphoria a different beast to tackle? Doctors nurture the umbrage rather than dig out the root. It is clear that their medical practice – especially when it comes to younger men and women wanting to transition – is inadequate. The World Health Organization may have declassified Transgenderism/Gender Dysphoria as a mental illness to disregard their blatant mishandling of such matters… Regardless, the proof is in the numbers. Transgender students reported significantly more psychosocial burdens on all measures compared to their binary, and even non-binary counterparts. (The second is something I will not go into – that’s a roleplay of another kind).

Moving on, another pressing issue is their haughty online presence on mainstream media. They often hide behind cute profile pictures of Japanese anime girls, or some other animated figure slapped in front of their precious pink-white-and-blue flag. One could sit and wonder why, but the answer is obvious – They can’t stand how they look in real life. It could easily trigger their dysphoria, and if I may be unsavoury; if I had to look at homunculi being stuck in a purgatory of he and her, it would be a prime indicator of why trans-suicide statistics were so high. The long strands of hair juxtaposed by the balding spots above them, the meek posture to imitate that of a woman’s immediately put to shame by their bulging Adam’s apple – And the most intriguing thing is that it is not just a straight versus trans issue. There is a leftist-extremist collective of women, also known as TERFS [Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists] who reject transitioners outright.

There are also plenty of gay men who are uninterested in transgender partners, for the simple reason that transmen don’t have a wrench in the toolbox. In a highly entertaining bout of infighting, there was a sizable group known as LGBDropTheT – that grew so large in support that Reddit had to shut it down. Still, it’s easy to understand their frustration – a transgender’s mental baggage shouldn’t be anyone’s burden to carry, nor should others be intimidated to appease them. They want to police society’s language to suit their emotional needs, with their obsession with pronoun correction, it’s plain to see… To the point where all the colours of the rainbow despise it. In fact, I’d personally go the extra mile to refer to transitioners by their birth sex, their first name bestowed to them by their parents, just to remind them that they can never replicate what God has decided.

And that when they die, that’s how they will be remembered. Born male. Born female. Reassigned won’t mean anything in the future; and when the archaeologists of future times dust off some grave, causing their bones to resurface? The person with the clipboard will say “Approx. 700 years old. From looking at the thickness of the femur, it’s a male.”

Happy Pride month!

2 thoughts on “Transparency on Male-to-Female Transgenderism”

  1. If transitioning was the salvation of trans-identified folk, we would see a huge improvement in post transition mental health markers.
    However, the 41% self reporting figure is much the same post-transition. Which begs the question: what exactly is transition treating?
    Because gender dysphoria is no longer required, and we are fast approaching self-identification which permits individuals the right to declare themselves male/female/both/neither without any medical “gate keeping”. I suppose gender critical folk, and trans opponents alike will need to open their arms to future de-transitioners.

    I think the trans industry is permitted such leeway (increasing trans surgeries on the public fine, for example) because it dovetails nicely into transhumanism, and the biotech of our anti-nature and anti-human enemies. A smorgasbord of surgical and hormonal identities is just an extension of cosmetic surgery, and another step towards eliminating the natural human.

    1. Great points, Rose. The way I see it is that the normalisation and propagation (as being positive) of mental illnesses such as these is further proof that there is nothing sacred in the current system. Everything is subject to individual whim. Morality, tradition, even humanity, all these things have become relative. If everything is relative there is no beauty or substance, because every element of life becomes subjective. Truly a hell on earth.

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