In this article, I want to discuss and express my thoughts on racial inter-class unity, which is one of the things the establishment fears. We have seen in the past what can happen when this is done, which is when we look past each other as a certain class but rather as a whole, a European identity.

This is a collective whose sole goal transcends the conflict between the class structures that have been set for us. I am not here to talk about the particular classes that usually come to mind, such as the working class, middle class, or upper class for example. But more the fact of class as a label we give to each other in society. Class is not only about social status, wealth, influence, power, and standing, as contemporary society would have you believe. Class, or perhaps better described as type or stripe, represents the kind of person that someone is, their values, and how they contribute to their community. It can mean many things to some people and nothing to others simply because most parts of life in the present context are so individualised. The goal of this article is not to condemn the class structure and remove it as communists have previously attempted to do but to come to an understanding that to succeed we need to unify on a racial level between classes. As we all know, the world will forever be unequal and every society throughout history has had a class system and structure. One step we must take is to solidify ourselves as a European race and view ourselves as nationalists first and foremost; above class, beyond material wealth, greater than the innumerable trivialities, and all with our own roles in the collective.

Every single nationalistic European has individual skills that when combined as a collective would surpass anything the establishment’s present dogma could throw at us. But one of the obstacles I see with this is the class barrier some people see. It is mostly due to fear of losing what they have acquired in their bourgeois lives. I myself have been guilty in the past of this, because of someone’s job or where they lived I would automatically think of myself as superior. That mindset is toxic and destructive, it is not good for our cause as I have learned. What matters is what they believe and the journey and the vision they see ahead. I could honestly look at anyone of our comrades today and not see anything but a brother fighting for the same goal as I am.

One of the strategies that the neoliberal establishment uses is breaking individuals down into consumer units in the hopes of destroying the national collective and its traditions. This has been a strategy used for a while now, and it is a slow grinding process. This is one of the main reasons we have a divide in European culture currently as we stop seeing each other as a people, but as competing consumer units. As I said, it takes us away from our customs and traditions, then replaces them with habits that equate to nothing more than rampant consumerism. They disguise this as the free market and capitalism, but in reality, all it eventually leads to is a blob of dumbed-down, miscegenated consumers that are akin to a classless mass; no one has a personality, and their new traditions relate purely to the products they are encouraged to consume by mega-corporations that control -ever-increasingly more of the global market’s domain. The only freedom they have is the freedom to consume a variety of different products that are merely differentiated by their brand name. Myopic sycophants who exist to consume the next big product are, after all, far easier to control than those people and groups who seek meaningful existences that exist beyond materiality. This dystopia won’t be our future. We write these articles to help our brothers overcome such adversity.

We do not give ourselves enough credit for the power we actually have. Europeans make up the backbone of the majority of a nation’s workforce. We also provide the largest amount of tax. We would do well to begin forming our own internal economies, if not created already, and making small changes in our day-to-day lives. This can be as simple as only using a local fellow European small business, such as those on Our Support Local page, even if it costs more. Additionally, attempting to avoid multinational businesses and corporations when at all possible. Only hiring Europeans if you do in fact own a business, which is pretty much a reverse diversity hiring, a practice that is common in the Western world. In New Zealand, Indians are particularly prolific for their blatant nepotism in hiring their own kind. I have heard horror stories with companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, where the Indian population grows to such an extent that they essentially take over sections of businesses. If you are currently hired by a soulless corporation, form a union with your fellow Europeans at every level of the company if you can. When the time arises it doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a cleaner, we want the same thing ultimately and they can have more ideologically in common than most. Currently, the alphabet people unionise well, so why can’t we? Hunt, gather and farm; not only does this take profit away from supermarkets and reduce your cost of living, but we can trade it with other nationalists which starts an internal economy. I could preach about these things endlessly, but it is more to provide inspiration. As time passes and nationalistic actors become more and more widespread, we can seek to expand our horizons in this regard.

The minority races have collectivised successfully to some degree and now force through things we don’t like. At the time, we were in a state of shock and disbelief that these things were happening. But now that a lot of the smoke has settled we see what they have done and how they did it, and we have taken note of their actions. They formed a big collective, everyone had a specific job and worked together to achieve their goals. It is an all too common thing for Europeans not to want to cause a fuss or a disturbance, but because we have this mindset it means these other groups can cause such a performance that our establishment cucks to them and their interests. We need to break this mindset that we have been affected with and show people that this is the case. I am finally starting to see this and people are waking up to this, but we have a long way to go and a lot of battles yet to fight. We need to demand more from the state to serve our people and represent us, the founders of our countries. What we eventually want to see, for example, as racial minorities have in recent years, is white-only scholarships, jobs, and schools.

In the aftermath of January 6th, the storming of the Capitol Building, I sat and pondered the events that transpired on that day. The establishment was pushed to the absolute limit. This was the closest America has recently got to a multi-class white revolution. No matter what people say about this day it rattled the establishment to the core, if a leader was present who could have harnessed this energy we would be having a different conversation. As it would have affected the world on a global scale. It shows, in the aftermath of this day, with things that have been said and done by the establishment, which is unprecedented when you think about it. The only thing that lacked that day was, Our Julius Caesar to cross Rubicon. Trump was not that man. But the biggest white pill of that day is when we saw what can happen when racial inter-class European unity is present. We can push the system to the absolute limit. Because without us, they are nothing but a managerial elite that relies on us obeying their orders. It is, after all, one of the primary reasons why degeneracy and hedonism and pushed so rampantly in the social sphere. It is to try to break down any class unity we had and go back to infighting between these classes. Remember the hardest war we fight is against the lowest part of our nature. So never concede or surrender, we have many battles ahead and we are just getting started.

2 thoughts on “What They Fear is Racial Inter-class Nationalist Unity”

  1. Excellent stuff. A great contribution towards Rightist sociology, and the delineation between what is truly Right and what is neoliberal.

  2. This is an interesting piece. The idea of a bloc of the producers (which is your point) is quite correct. Struggling for the ‘class interest’ of producers against the traitor class of exploiters and parasites, offers a way forward. I know NZ has a history which demonstrates, in different ways, that point.

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