Housing, MIQ Mayhem, Unemployment, Luxon | Ep. 53

­čö╣00:00:35 Intro­čö╣00:01:14 Housing prices and Auction failures­čö╣00:15:14 Employment, Wages and the workforce­čö╣00:27:53 Unemployment Insurance and lack of government ambition­čö╣00:40:00 Firearms legislation­čö╣00:44:09 Music Break: Vulgar – The March­čö╣00:47:20 Charlotte Bellis and MIQ mishaps­čö╣01:02:43 Maori crime rates and youth courts­čö╣01:14:18 Christopher Luxon as the new leader of the National Party­čö╣01:32:45 Outro­čö╣01:33:12 All Hail Zealandia

Conversation with Grant of the ANA | Ep 51

The long awaited episode 51 of Voice of Zealandia. A discussion with Grant from the Australian Natives’ Association. ­čö╣┬á00:00:35┬áIntro­čö╣┬á00:01:44┬áGrant and his relation to the ANA­čö╣┬á00:02:57┬áThe history and role of the original ANA­čö╣┬á00:10:39┬áThe historical difference of the Sterling and the Currency­čö╣┬á00:14:51┬áHow the Australian ethnic identity and Australian state was formed­čö╣┬á00:24:14┬áThe erosion Continue Reading

Vaxx Mandates, Migrant Amnesty, Espionage | Ep 47

Zane and Mike discuss the New Zealand vaccine mandates, the migrant amnesty, the recent espionage case and more. ­čö╣ 00:00 Intro­čö╣ 01:12 Migrant Amnesty­čö╣ 16:40 Vaccine Mandates­čö╣ 23:01 Music Break: Auckland to the Bluff­čö╣ 27:02 Counter Terrorism Legislation­čö╣ 38:07 State Legitimacy­čö╣ 44:25 Espionage Case­čö╣ 59:30 Outro Join Action Zealandia today Continue Reading