Why do you hide your faces?

Unfortunately, when you speak out against the current establishment, or have dissenting views in any way, the government and other politically motivated groups may seek to do us and our families harm. This measure is to protect the safety of our members, their families and their employment.

What location are you based?

We have members all over New Zealand. Get in touch.

Does membership cost anything?

There are no mandatory monetary membership fees. We do, however, expect all members to adhere to our ideals and be active within the movement.

Why can’t women join?

Action Zealandia is a fraternity and membership isn’t open to women. Women can partake in some social events if their boyfriend or husband is a member, however they can’t be members on their own accord.

We are open to potential networking and support in the future if the need arises. Contact us and we’ll let you know if there’s any way we can help or if anything comes up that you may be interested in.

Why can’t libertarians join?

Believing in individual freedom is fine – however, if you can’t see the connection between indiscriminate free-market liberal capitalism and the demographic replacement of European New Zealanders, you are not intelligent enough to be a member of Action Zealandia.

I’m a drug addict, obese, dead-beat but adhere to your views. Why can’t I join?

Self improvement is the first ideal of our movement. If you are a degenerate in any way you will not be allowed to take part in membership. We are not free personal trainers or life coaches. Get yourself free from drugs and your body in a decent shape first before considering applying. We will then be more than ready to welcome you into our organisation when you sort yourself out first.