In this episode of Voice of Zealandia, Fred, Joe and Zane go over the latest news.

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7 thoughts on “Voice of Zealandia – Episode 38: Current Affairs”

  1. I’m disappointed to hear you lads have fell into cringe Protestantism. The only reason England fell so easily to the Anglican heresy was because of the Jewish fifth column that had infiltrated the clergy. It should also be asked, who let the Jews back into England? None other than Cromwell, a staunch Protestant that was also a KJV-onlyist. Also, if the KJV is the only acceptable bible, did God really leave Christians without a Bible for 1550 years? No, of course not. They always had the Latin Vulgate and the Holy Roman Catholic Church which was founded by Our Lord to guide the faithful.

    Aufente gentem perfidam credentium de finibus, Expel the faithless race from the Christian lands. We have that printed in every traditional Catholic missal. Are there any fundamental protestants with such a deeply engrained tradition of Anti-Judaism? Doubt it. Get to your local Latin Mass, there are plenty in New Zealand. If you are in Auckland the SSPX are more based and trad than the FSSP. Also if you are interested in the history of the Church’s holy fight against Jewry, read the Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay.

    God bless,

    John Capistran

    1. The Church’s social doctrine, particularly as explained in Rerum Novarum, provides a foundation for Rightist social doctrine that I do not believe has been excelled. Many lessons there for the Right: the principle of ‘subsidiary’ organization, property as a social function and its wide distribution; the organic character of society; the meaning of guilds and craft….

      1. Well you need to teach your protestant members that the Protestant revolution was the beginning of the downfall of Christendom into the modern pits of hell we find our european civilisation. Protestants are traitors to God and the white race. His Excellency Bishop Williamson sums up the downfall of Europe well in this video.

        Prots are cringe and blue-pilled. There is also many links between original protestant theologians and jewry which you will find in the Plot Against the Church. These links could never be found with Catholic theologians, protestants can only point to modernist heretics in the New Church since Vatican II which means nothing. Please do your research diligently before jumping into Protestant heresy after a couple Steve Anderson videos.

        In Jesu et Maria,

        John Capistran

          1. Mike, that’s something a secular crypto-Jew would say. The most important thing for the world and the white race is the salvation of souls, after all, the reason we are on the earth is to get to heaven. So combatting heresy that’s sends countless souls to hell is extremely important, more important in fact than combatting things such as multiculturalism, which is a secondary effect of heresy. Also, calling Catholics vs Protestants “infighting” is false. We have two different religions, you are promoting the error of ecumenism which was espoused at (((Vatican II))). Protestants are not Christians, objectively speaking. A man that eats a steak every night can tell you he’s a vegan all he wants, but in objective reality he isn’t. In the same respect a heretic that rejects Christ’s Church and his doctrines given to the apostles can tell you he’s a Christian all he wants, but he isn’t.

            God bless,

            John Capistran

          2. I must certainly be a secular crypto-Jew in that case. Your children’s hell will be on earth in this time of decline. Good luck.

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