In our philosophy, the creation and maintained support of the nation and its society is essential in sustaining the vitality of the culture. A culture, if healthy and existing in harmony with nature, presupposes its own existence going into the future; cultivating, building, and supporting New Zealand-made products and the companies that produce them is something each and every one of us can do to help our people to prosper. This is what we want for our people and our country. There is strength in unity. Helping your community and nation as you would your immediate family creates a support structure around you. Every person plays a role in group cohesion and by supporting local manufacturers and businesses you help to create the structure that is essential to group success. Support your brothers and sisters and you will help yourself.

New Zealand’s clothing and footwear manufacturing has largely moved offshore since the 1980s. Liberalisation of global trade, with its removal of tariffs, Labour’s 2008 Free Trade Agreement with China, and demand for ever cheaper clothing and footwear has left the remnants of New Zealand’s fashion industry to focus more on design and business operation than on manufacturing. Featured below is an ever-growing list of brands that are perhaps most beneficial to support, where possible, to help ensure you consume products and services from New Zealand. As can be expected in a country like New Zealand, where a reasonable price is paid to those people who produce fair work, the price of products and services is, by extension, going to increase in order to compete with foreign manufacturers who pay their workers minimally in comparison to what our people are paid. To combat this rivalry, every person must support local — reducing demand for imported products — in order to alienate foreign manufacturers whose products are imported into New Zealand. This will encourage a thriving and self-reliant manufacturing industry here in our home. Additionally, if our society was able to reduce its reliance on the importation of goods, we would not only have the opportunity to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere but curtail noise as well as visual pollutants as they relate to the transport of imported products.

Although we at Action Zealandia have no explicit connection with any of the brands, companies, and organisations that will be posted here, it is our hope that by recommending products and services that are localised to New Zealand we can help to contribute to the growing and restoration of a greater manufacturing economy and, in turn, making New Zealand a stronger and more self-reliant as well as a more self-assertive country. We would also like to note that, where possible, buying second-hand goods from opportunity shops and recycled goods stores often proves to be a better option than buying new, reducing the need for vast manufacturing industries and contributing to less consumeristic and decadent consumer habits.


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Smart Merino

This company is owned and operated by a New Zealand couple, both of whom have experience in large corporations but have chosen to build a family-based company with a nationally oriented support network. Locally sourcing all their wool, Smart Merino‘s manufacturing process occurs in and for the benefit of those New Zealanders involved as merino farmers along with the knitters and sowers who are employed in New Zealand, supporting the local economy. Their products are sold, it appears, entirely on an online basis which would allow them to reduce costs and afford them the opportunity to compete with inferior companies that import foreign-made products that have been produced in sweatshops in places like China and Vietnam, where working conditions and compensation for work differ hugely when compared to their counterparts in New Zealand.

Aside from the obvious benefits of buying naturally occurring products rather than what synthetic ones offer consumers, I can say nothing else other than provide a personal attestation to the fact that the products, as I continually use them myself, are as comfy and exceptionally useful as one would anticipate in warding off the cold even when one gets rained on for a couple of days in the backcountry.

Cactus Outdoor

Cactus Outdoor, based in Christchurch, makes some of the hardiest clothing (and other gear) I have come across. All of their products with the Cactus label are made right here in New Zealand and were designed as well as influenced by people who need strong, practical gear. Having acquired Albion Clothing in 2019, Cactus now have the largest clothing manufacturing capability in New Zealand, and in their factory, they produce items that are built to last. Although the company’s politics leave much to be desired, their ethos surrounding the practicality and hardiness of their products flies in the face of unsustainable contemporary attitudes in regard to the globalised and individualised consumption habits of the majority of others. Supporting companies and organisations that aim to – or are having – a positive effect in and on New Zealand, whether that be because they are producing quality products and helping the local economy or otherwise, is the ideal from our perspective. As most of us know, New Zealand used to produce most of its own materials that were milled or went through a process of fulling and were crafted domestically by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders. Supporting producers like Cactus Outdoor, but more importantly encouraging others to make amendments to their consumption habits in order to support community and national wellbeing, is crucial to forging a stronger country and vital culture within it.

Earth Sea Sky

As is perhaps most important, this company manufactures all of its products in New Zealand. With 4 factories spanning both the North and South Islands, Earth Sea Sky produce a range of outdoor clothing to suit New Zealand’s more temperate climates to those more temperamental ones. Their products are representative of their family’s background in mountaineering and a general outdoorsy attitude toward life. As is true of most companies, Earth Sea Sky is often forced to source their fabrics from overseas due to New Zealand not maintaining the appropriate infrastructure and vitality to sustain itself in this regard. Owning and having tested some of their gear, I can corroborate their quality and standard of production. This standard of production is made possible by local knowledge and through national production that exists to cater to and support New Zealanders in their daily pursuits, extreme or otherwise.

Circle M

Circle M manufactures a great range of quality outdoor clothes as well as a few other garments and accessories. Predominantly catering for outdoor work gear, their clothing includes hi-vis work gear as well as saddlecoats. Located in Otorohanga, if you’re in the market for good quality gear to get through the rainy days, have a look at Circle M.

Kaiwaka Clothing

As the name suggests, Kaiwaka Clothing is based in Kaiwaka, North of Auckland. This company is largely dedicated to the production of wet weather gear such as jackets, bibs, trousers, and vests. Although many of their products are designed, manufactured, and sold in New Zealand, some of them are not. Their production factory is located just off SH1 and has attached to it an outlet shop where they sell their wares, however, most of their stock appears to be sold online and used widely in New Zealand farming communities. Potential buyers should keep an eye on what is and what is not made in NZ within their stocks. It appears to me that their cheaper and less durable gear is manufactured in Asia. With that being said, having used some of their NZ Made garments for work in the past, I have found that their products to be of high quality and can be relied upon to keep you warm and dry during our all so frequent wintery showers. Given the extensiveness of their range, catering to chemical, fire and a multiplicity of farming-related jobs, Kaiwaka Clothing has a lot of options for the more discerning, respectable as well as practical user.


Norsewear is a knitwear company based in Norsewood, central Hawke’s Bay. They’ve been going for nearly 60 years and produce a number of items which they sell in a multiplicity of places. Socks, gloves, hats, and scarves are all made in New Zealand. However, their other garments are not. Those are, unfortunately, made in China. With that being said, the quality of their woolen socks and hats, in my experience, has been great.

Otago Knitwear

Otago Knitwear has been designing and manufacturing knitwear out of Dunedin since its establishment in 1999. They have a medium-sized team that produces machined knitwear with nationally-sourced materials. The company produces garments under various labels, all of which correspond to a particular market, including school clothes or women’s fashion.

Fanny Adams Underwear

Named after the owner’s dad’s navy nickname, this company keeps it simple. They produce a few different styles of underwear to cater to New Zealand men and women. Their garments are manufactured in Rotorua.


Thunderpants focus on underwear but produces a variety of products, most of which cater to women. This company expresses that it is distinctly aware of the declining textile production industry here in New Zealand and hopes to reverse that trend by choosing locally sourced materials and manufacturers where possible. They manufacture their products in Christchurch.

Glowing Sky

Founded on Stewart Island and headquartered in Invercargill, Glowing Sky is a merino wool clothing manufacturer. All their products are made in New Zealand with wool produced by ZQ. Their line caters predominantly to women, with a range of items from base layers to ponchos along with a few things for men. Glowing Sky focuses on quality, sustainability and community wellbeing, putting out decent products made right here in New Zealand by New Zealanders.

The Wool Company

The Wool Company is an online-based retailer that sells an amalgamation of New Zealand-made woolen products. They do have their own brand which is manufactured here, but their site overwhelmingly sells other manufacturers’ products. “It is important to us that our garments and yarn are made right here in New Zealand. Our Merino is farmed in the beautiful Awatere Valley. We partner with New Zealand clothing manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the process is fully NZ made, working conditions for all staff are ethical, and local charities and communities are supported through our business.”

NZ Natural Clothing Shop

This company is an Online retailer of New Zealand owned and made clothing and accessory brands. Please note not all of their featured brands’ products are manufactured in New Zealand – for example, Swanndri used to be manufactured in New Zealand – however, they now manufacture off-shore, although they are still New Zealand owned. Hosted on the website is the site’s own brand by the same name, which boasts a range of garments for both men and women, including underwear, socks, tops, trousers, and more.

Manawatu Knitting Mills (MKM)

MKM is a company that produces two clothing brands, MKM Originals, and Native World. Their knitwear brands are designed and manufactured in Manawatu, NZ. “Our Head Office, Factory, Distribution Warehouse, and Outlet Store all based on site.” “We use locally sourced fibres, including Possum Merino, New Zealand Wool, and our exclusive fibre; ‘Eco Blend’- which consists of collected and re-spun fibres to create an entirely new yarn with exceptional properties.

Tussock Ridge Merino

“Handcrafted in Auckland premises.” Founded in Auckland, New Zealand, Tussock Ridge Merino is part of Seabreeze Apparel Ltd – a long-established family-owned New Zealand clothing company. Along with our 23 staff, we are a down-to-earth, caring bunch that is passionate about our clothing products and about forming long-lasting relationships with our customers. We love New Zealand outdoors and wearing Merino clothing.” “All of our merino t-shirts have unique tonal ‘New Zealand’ prints, created by New Zealand artists. Whether it’s New Zealand’s culture, our outdoors, or our fauna and flora, each print contains a unique feature of New Zealand that you can take with you wherever you go!”

Untouched World

Untouched World was, according to their site, “The first fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability…” “Untouched World is the home of New Zealand ethical luxury fashion for men and women.” Their products are made in Christchurch and offer men’s, women’s, and kid’s ranges.


Based in Gisbourne “Columbine Industries Ltd is a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of high-quality hosiery and socks for men, women, and children since 1951.” “Columbine is the only remaining New Zealand-based hosiery manufacturer producing the full hosiery range of socks, pantihose, kneehighs, stockings, and tights and we take enormous pride in our ‘New Zealand Made’ products.” “Brands produced at our factory are Columbine hosiery and socks, Secrets hosiery and socks, Harlequin men’s socks. We also produce stock for a number of private labels.”


Shjark is a New Zealand women’s fashion company. Their studio, along with the majority of their manufacturing, is situated in Auckland. Their website indicates that their knitwear is MADE IN CHINA – however, the rest appears to be manufactured in their Auckland premises. Shjark produces an extensive range, accommodating timelessness throughout the seasons.

Ruby & Rain

Ruby & Rain is a Blenheim-based women’s clothing manufacturer that caters to plus-sized women. They produce a range of garments, including outerwear, dresses, and trousers.


IVYBLU is a New Zealand women’s fashion company. Their products are exclusively designed and manufactured in New Zealand. They are based in Christchurch and offer a range of quality garments for all seasons, including footwear.

Mild Red

Mild Red is a women’s fashion label based in Dunedin. They’ve been producing quality garments since 1995 and have done so while maintaining their manufacturing right here in New Zealand.

NZ Sock Co

This brand is sold in New Zealand-owned Farmers and Smith & Caugheys as well as being an online retailer. “116 years of sock-making history stands behind us here in Ashburton with nearly 40 years across 3 generations of the Sparrow family. Through those generations, the passion and commitment for the business have been passed down and grown, driving the company forward as one of the world’s foremost innovators of sock technology. The New Zealand Sock Company started off its life as Phaups Hosiery in 1901 with John Phaup. In 1980 Cip Sparrow and his son Euan bought the factory and began the process of creating The New Zealand Sock Company that we know and love. After 37 years Euan still sits at the helm of the company as CEO today along with the 3rd generation of the Sparrow family – Euan’s daughter Gabrielle as our International Sales Manager and his son Paul as our Operations Manager. Under Euan and our board’s direction, the company has expanded exponentially, moving into a purpose-built factory. New plant and Machinery are purchased on a regular basis with 54 machines currently running on-site for an average of 24 hours a day.”

Although most of their socks are manufactured in New Zealand, some of the supplementary ones aren’t. As they stipulate on their website, “we do clearly mark our imported product with their place of manufacture so if you would like to solely support New Zealand Made products you can do so with ease.”

Mountain Country

Mountain Country manufacture knitwear such as jackets, jumpers and shawls for men and women. They use a blend of merino wool and possum fur to create quality smart and casualwear. Their wares are “designed, knitted and manufactured on site in Auckland”.

Hills Hats

Established in Wellington all the way back in 1875! Having stood the test of time, 145 years later Hills Hats are still being made in New Zealand. Their website offers a wide variety of quality New Zealand designed and made hats for men, women as well as work uniforms.

The Sheepskin Factory

The Sheepskin factory, based in Auckland, is a New Zealand business that started off making sheepskin baby shoes for craft markets and now uses both sheepskin and possum to manufacture a range of items including footwear, knitwear, rugs, homewares, and a range of therapeutic items.

Baby Products


A West Coast mother of 14 children started making and embroidering clothes for her babies in 1990, which went on to become Dimples, a thriving family business. Dimples baby clothes are still made and hand embroidered in New Zealand. See more about Dimples story here. Dimples offer a range of quality baby clothing and accessories in natural materials like NZ merino and certified organic cotton.


“NZ Designed and NZ Made Wool Blend Nappies” Ecobubs website goes into detail regarding which aspects of their products (down to the raw materials) are made in New Zealand.

EarthSmart Aquawipes

EarthSmart Aquawipes are proudly made in New Zealand with Pure New Zealand Water and 100% biodegradable Bamboo fibre. With no plastic, harmful chemicals, or nasties, our wipes are hypoallergenic and kind on your baby’s sensitive skin and the environment.” Most baby wipes are made of plastic, EarthSmart is made of bamboo fibre, thus biodegradable and better for our environment. Fragrance-free is what is best for your baby’s skin and the environment.

Food & Drink

Whittaker’s Chocolate

Established in 1896, Whittaker’s Chocolate has been a family-owned-and-operated business since its inception. Although the company used to be based in Christchurch, it currently resides in Porirua. Vitally, all of its products are manufactured in its Porirua factory, the largest of its kind in the country. In addition to this, the company refrains from using palm oil in its products, making it a less environmentally-detrimental chocolate producer, and a far better choice than other brands commonly sold in New Zealand. As we can all attest, its products taste far better than the imported ones from other companies.

Pic’s Peanut Butter

Established in 2007, Pic’s Peanut Butter is manufactured in Nelson, producing a range of peanut butter and other related products in their factory. They also offer free tours of their factory for people to get a greater depth of understanding of their production processes.


There is a range of breweries in New Zealand. However, household names like Speights and Tui, despite still being brewed in New Zealand, are no longer New Zealand owned. Lion, who owns –among others – Speights, for example, is headquartered in Australia. With that being said, being that they are still manufactured in New Zealand and support local employment and contribute to local and national economies, it is still worth supporting these brands over explicitly foreign ones. It is worth mentioning breweries such as  Garage Project (Wellington), 8 Wired (Warkworth), Liberty (Helensville), Mcleod’s (Waipu), and Urbanaut (Auckland) which are all New Zealand owned and operated breweries, and worth supporting, if one is inclined, rather than buying imported brands.

Good Buzz

Good Buzz is based out of their factory in Tauranga. Their product, kombucha, is a low-sugar, glass (not plastic!) packaged, delicious drink believed to be a healthier alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks. Good Buzz appears to be 75% Kiwi owned and 25% owned by Lion – Beer, Spirits & Wine NZ. A great alternative to the pre-packaged drinks typically sold throughout NZ, which are mostly owned by foreign corporations. Although Lion is no longer New Zealand-owned, because they do not own the entire company and the products are manufactured here, they’re on our list.

Foxton Fizz

Foxton Fizz, established in 1918, produces its now-renowned drinks in the same factory the company started in over a century ago. Although ownership has changed hands, New Zealand’s Foxton still hosts their fizzy manufacturer – and they craft a variety of alternatives to big, international corporations.

Eagle Brewing

Founded in 2010, Eagle Brewing is a brewery and pub in North Canterbury, on the river Cam. They’ve got a classic range of beers to suit all punters.

Coupland’s Bakery

Founded in Christchurch in 1971, Coupland’s bakery is a family-owned and operated business that has bakeries throughout the country, although they are located predominantly in the South Island. Coupland’s produces your staples such as bread and rolls, but also a range of other things such as slices and cakes. The vast majority of other producers in the industry and owned by offshore multinationals, and are sometimes imported into the country. Coupland’s, however, employs New Zealanders and sells solely to New Zealanders.

Homegrown Juice Company

Started in 2002 as a family company, Homegrown is the child company to Brownlie’s larger New Zealand limited company. Based in Hastings, Homegrown has some of the largest orchards in the country, operating to produce New Zealand sourced and made juices for the national market.

Radix Nutrition

Established in 2013 by former professional athletes, Radix produces packaged meals for athletes with a short time preference, including trampers. The company aims to create a product that provides its customers with the nutritional requirements to sustain themselves in a healthier manner than other contemporary companies in a similar industry. Manufactured in their purpose-built factory in Hamilton, Radix creates products from high-quality ingredients that are made up of essential nutrients that are necessary for performance and recovery.

Local Dehy

Based in Hawea, Local Dehy makes dehydrated, vegetarian meals for trampers and other outdoorsmen. Each batch is prepared by hand in the dedicated facility at their home address. They manufacture a range of both breakfast and dinner meals, focusing on portion size and nutritional value, to suit a variety of tastes.

Back Country Cuisine

“Fast, nourishing freeze dried food for adventurers – it’s what we do.” Back Country Cuisine, located in Invercargill, produces a wide range of meals, including breakfasts, soups, and dinners.


First opening its doors to Auckland in 1995, Burgerfuel was established by Chris Mason with its first shop located in Ponsonby. The company has since established restaurants in the Middle East, Australia, and America, although most of their establishments (55 of them) reside in New Zealand. Burgerfuel offers a New Zealand alternative to other much larger fast-food restaurants if one is inclined to eat there.

Carousel Confectionery

Beginning in humble origins, the Palmerston North-based confectionery family business with family values began in 1955, and it wasn’t until 1978 that they had moved to a full-scale factory operation. Their products include Spaceman Candy Sticks, Fruit Sticks, Licorice Allsorts, Tangy Apple/Grape/Raspberry/Lemon/Passionfruit, and Juicy Chews, and make a great alternative to the innumerable imported brands that supermarkets and dairies often sell.

RJ’s Licorice

Based in Levin, RJ’s Licorice produce a delicious New Zealand-made range of licorice, lollies, toffees, mints, and bites of choc. Their New Zealand brands include RJ’s, Black Knight, Mackintosh, Oddfellows Mints, and Heards.

Fix & Fogg

Fix & Fogg, a (nut) butter-making company, was established in 2014 in Wellington. They make a wide range of butter, including peanut, almond, and cashew, along with a host of other eclectic flavours and mixtures. As indicated on their website, all their New Zealand products are made in their factory in Wellington. Despite their relative youth, the company has been successful enough to open shops in the United States, Australia, and Singapore, however, all their kinds of butter are still manufactured in New Zealand.

Kea Cookies

Kea Cookies is a family business based in St Johns, Auckland. They offer a delicious range of batch-baked premium gluten, wheat, dairy, and egg-free cookies. Available at many supermarkets, Bin Inns, and health food stores.

OCHO – Otago Chocolate Company

OCHO started in 2013. Their cacao is grown in the Pacific, but their chocolate is made in Dunedin. They offer ‘delicious bean-to-bar craft chocolate that is created through fair pay for produce and for fair work.

Harraway & Sons Ltd

Harraways produce a wide variety of deliciously affordable oat products using local South Island grown oats. Best Kiwi breakfast around! Harraways was established in 1887 and still based in Dunedin, New Zealand. They use as little packing as possible on their oat products – their delicious Scotch Oats (a breakfast staple) come packaged free of any plastics and once you’re finished with the oats you can simply put the empty paper packaging in the recycling = zero waste. Harraways oats are also high in protein for a cereal grain with their Scotch Oats being 14% protein – a great way to start your day.

Kiwi Quinoa

Kiwi Quinoa was the New Zealand Food Awards Winner 2019 for good reason! This GMO-free, spray-free quinoa is grown in New Zealand’s Central North Island. Kiwi Quinoa is grown in the rich volcanic soils of Central North Island using sustainable farming practices. It has not been processed or polished as it does not contain the bitter saponins found in other quinoa. The end result is a whole, unadulterated grain that has a mild, nutty flavour. Kiwi Quinoa is a nutrient-packed option for any meal.”


Frenz produces a trustworthy genuine free-range egg brand sustainably operated in Pukekohe, Auckland. FRENZ eggs are produced on Family Farms throughout New Zealand’s North Island, notably in North Waikato and Northland. FRENZ have high standards for their chicks: Hens have a modern shed for protection when they want to be inside, but they are never locked in the shed and never caged, so they are free to roam on open pastures 24/7 all year. Free to grow naturally in small flocks, not in overcrowded wire cages stacked on top of each other. Free to forage in acres of spray-free green pasture with clean air and water.

Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs

Otaika Valley is a family-run trustworthy free-range egg business with farms in Otaika Valley and Kaharoa. Their hens are free to roam, scratch, perch, dust bathe and forage during the day, and then rest at night in spacious, safe barns. Independently audited, Otaika Valley is a sustainable environmentally friendly free-range egg producer that has “planted hundreds of trees that have made a positive impact on our carbon footprint”. Check out video footage of their chicks enjoying the beautiful Kiwi farmland.

Dreamview Milk

Dreamview provides milk made in Raglan and delivers to Raglan and Hamilton City. They offer a milk run like it used to be known here in New Zealand. First, you purchase a 1L Reusable Glass Bottle for $4 each, then select the type of A2 Milk you would like at $3/L. Then purchase the milk online and leave your rinsed empty Dreamview milk bottles out on your delivery day to be replaced with new full A2 milk bottles.

As far as we can tell, the vast majority of milk products in New Zealand come from within our borders (this may seem obvious given the expansiveness of Fonterra, Tatua, et cetera), however, Dreamview’s service and product hark back to simpler times which many people feel nostalgia for.

HumpBridge Milk

Humpbridge produces A2 milk for sale every day of the year and are situated in Te Awamutu, Waikato.

Buttercup Dairies

Buttercup is another A2 milk farm based in Turua on the Hauraki Plains.


Heartland manufactures the best chips in the country! They proudly proclaim to be “100% KIWI OWNED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG” – just how things should be. “Our potato chips are made from potatoes grown by a New Zealand farmer, in a New Zealand paddock and processed in a New Zealand-owned factory. It’s fair to say that a potato chip doesn’t get more Kiwi-made than that.” Heartland chips are a delicious alternative to the foreign mega-corporations that offer a range of other, imported products in New Zealand.

The Village Press

The Village Press is best known for its high-quality New Zealand grown and produced extra virgin olive oils. They also offer avocado oils. “The Village Press has a passionate collection of growers with the majority based in Hawke’s Bay. The largest grove of 30,000 trees is located just north of Napier with the remaining fruit grown in Wairarapa and the Kapiti Coast.”

The Good Oil

The Good Oil produces sunflower and rapeseed oils in their oilseed crush plant located in Rolleston, Canterbury. They focus on keeping their product pure, free from additive chemicals and treatments. On their website, you can find further information about their growing and production process as well as nutritional information and recommended usage.

Health Discovery

New Zealand-owned and Hamilton-made family business, Health Discovery, offer a range of healthy crackers and superfood bars. Their Nutrient Crackers include Paleo Four Seeds, Keto, and Hemp cracker flavours. Recommend their gluten-free, low carb, vegan Paleo Four Seeds Nutrient Crackers, as the name would suggest the main ingredients are four seeds; flax seeds (12%), pumpkin seeds (12%), sunflower seeds (12%), and sesame seeds (12%). At around 20.1% protein and 3.6% sugar their Paleo Four Seeds crackers are a healthy filling alternative to regular, processed wheat crackers. “Nature and our planet provide for us – natural foods with inherent benefits to our health. We should treasure that and keep it safe.”


Donovans’ products are made in Waikato. They manufacture a range of confectionery items, including chocolate popcorn, fudge, and various bites as well as blocks of chocolate.


“Employing more than 30,000 people nationwide, Foodstuffs is proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated.” Parent company to New World, PAK’nSAVE, and FourSquare. The first Foodstuffs company was founded in 1922. Although many of the products sold in Foodstuffs’ shops are imported, we feel as though making the proactive decision to seek out New Zealand-made products in their shops, rather than in the shops of foreign-owned businesses, is a good choice. Spending the time seeking out New Zealand-made versions of many of the products in their shops will encourage an increased supply given the increased demand. This, in turn, will help reduce the amount of imported stock on their shelves because the demand for the imported stock has been replaced by the demand for New Zealand-made stock.

Bin Inn

Bin Inn is “nationwide with local presence; our 40 stores are all locally owned and operated.” “Bin Inn’s extensive range of wholefoods and specialty groceries include fresh ground peanut butter, allergy, and gluten-free foods, organic products, home brewing ingredients, herbs and spices, pet and bird food products, superfoods, environmental products, dried fruit and nuts, baking and bread ingredients, breakfast cereals and mueslis, confectionery and snack foods, flours and sugars, beans and lentils, seeds and grains, health and wellness, chilled and frozen foods.” Bring your own clean reusable containers to fill up at Bin Inn! Once Bin Inn’s staff weigh your reusable containers you can then filling them up with Bin Inn’s quality products, and they will subtract the weight of your containers when weighing your goods at checkout. You also receive a 5% discount on any products filled in your own reusable containers – a great way they are rewarding people for caring for our natural environment. Many Bin Inns have a peanut grinding machine allowing you to make your own fresh peanut butter free from any nasty additives. You can select if you want your peanut butter smooth or crunchy, and refill your own clean container from home to save waste. Bin Inn’s peanuts appear to be sourced from Argentina, so see if there are New Zealand-made alternatives to any produces in-store. Check out your local Bin Inn to see what they have on offer (range varies between each store).

Blackball Salami Co

Blackball Salami produces smallgoods made from New Zealand pork, venison, and beef. Their range includes an extensive variety of sausages including continental and flavoured snags, as well as salami, patties, and black pudding. Blackball’s salami is naturally cured and wood smoked, likewise, their bacon is naturally smoked. As the name suggests, the company is located in Blackball, on the South Island’s West Coast.


Organic and free-range New Zealand meat delivered nationwide. Large orders are freight-free. The meat is clean tasting and fresh and requires minimal seasoning. They have an extensive range of meat, including gluten-free and nitrate-free options. Chicken carcasses and beef bones available for soups and broths. Suppliers include the Bostock Brothers free-range chicken and Freedom Farms free-range pork. They are based in Palmerston North.

Phoenix Organics

Based in Parnell, Auckland, Phoenix Organics produces a range of drinks, including sodas, mixers, juices, and more. Their products offer New Zealanders the opportunity to support locals rather than giving money to multinational corporations. They have always contributed to maintaining New Zealand’s natural environment, which is great. We were recommended this brand by a number of people and we highly recommend it to anyone else who is looking for a locally manufactured product to replace imported household names.


GoneBurger started as a food truck. They are now based in a restaurant that is located in Hamilton East, and their product offers New Zealanders who live in the area the opportunity to support a local business rather than a multinational corporation. They put an emphasis on using locally grown produce in their burgers, and they provide an extensive range for customers to choose from.

Goulter’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Goulter’s is a family-owned-and-operated business based in Nelson. They manufacture “a diverse range of vinegar products” that are made with organically grown apples. Their products are stocked in a range of shops, including New World and PAK’nSAVE, but can also be purchased from their online shop.

PYO Berries

There are plenty of PYO (pick your own) blueberry and strawberry fields throughout our beautiful countryside. Save money, cut out the middlemen, and have a lovely day out with family, friends, or just enjoying your own company in the berry fields picking your own fresh berries! You can freeze any excess berries you’ve handpicked so you have your own handpicked berries after the NZ berry season is over. Seasonally dependent: December to February. This blueberry picking location is great.


If purchasing meat be sure the packaging/brand states it is New Zealand raised/grown/processed. New Zealand’s animal welfare laws are far superior to those in many other countries, such as the USA, and local is always best. Supporting your local butcher, if one exists, will help to foster your local community, too. Even better, learn to hunt and process animals yourself!

Pure South

New Zealand raised and processed meats. Pure South, under the New Zealand Alliance Group, produce Beef, Pork, Venison, and Lamb for national and international markets through their farmer-owned co-operative.



Lastrite footwear is a bootmaker based in Whangarei. They produce handcrafted boots for hunters, farmers, trampers, loggers, and a plethora of other professional and casual spheres. They’ve done so for over half a century. Lastrite source their leather from Wanganui, their rubber from Auckland, and do all their designing, crafting, and construction in their factory in Whangarei. Their products are made to last, and when the time comes, to be repaired rather than to be thrown away like shoes commonly are in the contemporary era.

Bata Industrials Gumboots

Although Bata Industrials is not a New Zealand (it originated in Czechslovakia and is now based in Switzerland) owned and operated company, it does have a factory here that produces gumboots for New Zealand workers. However, this is limited to the production of gumboots and not their multiplicity of other products, which are manufactured overseas. Bata’s New Zealand gumboots are specifically designed and suited to particular industries common to New Zealand. They are manufactured by a team in their Owhiro Bay factory in Wellington, where 200,000 pairs of gumboots are produced annually.  The company previously manufactured a range of footwear in factories throughout New Zealand but chose to reduce and/or relocate production overseas as a result of production costs, leaving gumboot manufacturing as their last bulwark of New Zealand manufactured products.

McKinlays Footwear

Beginning in 1879, McKinlays have retained their family-owned business and New Zealand-based manufacturing since the company was conceived by Robert McKinlay after he moved his family to Dunedin from Scotland. The company produces an array of leather footwear for men, women, and children. They are designed and manufactured in Dunedin for professional, school, college, and casual wear.

Taranaki Rubber’s Cold Conditions Footwear – NOT CURRENTLY OPERATING

With a small factory in New Plymouth, Taranaki Rubber predominantly import cold climate footwear from Canada. However, they do produce their own Coronet series of boots, for men and women as well as children, which are designed and manufactured for harsh conditions such as those found throughout the South Island during winter or in professional environments such as freezer works. These Coronet boots are made in New Plymouth with New Zealand leather and a European imported rubber sole and are rated to -40 Celcius. Their reasonable price makes such boots an ideal option for anyone who lives or works in a chilly environment.

Soul Shoes

Soul Shoes produces beautifully handmade leather shoes, bags, and accessories made in Raglan, Waikato, New Zealand since 1973. Leather goods are made with local NZ leather or natural vegetable tanned Italian leather. Also, stock a lovely range of New Zealand-made Merino Possum socks, hats, scarves, and mittens.

As Soul Shoes Raglan’s window display clearly states “Every dollar that you spend is a vote for the type of world you want to live in.” This Kiwi business is absolutely worthy.

Pitter Patter

Pitter Patter manufacture a variety of baby shoes. They’re made with leather and wool and are produced in Wanganui.

Sheepskin Sales

Sheepskin Sales, founded in Otaki in 1993, has a large range of sheepskin footwear, from baby through to adult sizes. A good pair of sheepskin slippers will last at least a decade and can be mended/re-soled in the workshop attached to their retail space in Otaki.

Packs, Bags, & Canvas products

K-2 Antarctic Products

K-2 resides in the Tapawera region, where its owner gathers the materials and constructs all the wares herself in her factory. A one-woman band as it were, K-2 produces a range of canvas and PVC products such as expedition packs, hunting packs, day bags, gaitors, duffles, and any number of other customisable products. The company’s work is defined by its professional, affordable quality and puts the mass-produced products for sale in shops around the country to shame with its focus on thoroughness, durability, and comfortable practicability. Companies like this one are a prime example of what it is that makes New Zealanders proud. Support local and you’ll be supporting quality, reliable gear.

Wilkins Canvas

Wilkins Canvas specialise in puttees, swags, and leggings, but produce a range of other hardy canvas products made to survive New Zealand’s outdoors. They also offer custom manufacturing. They manufacture their products by hand in Christchurch. Their products can be found in Farmlands and PGG Wrightson.

NZ Outdoor Gear

New Zealand Outdoor Gear is located in Katikati. Their products, which cater to hunting, fishing, and forestry industries as well as making custom-made products, are all manufactured in their factory in Katikati. Their primary focus surrounds storage such as bags, holders, and pouches, but also includes protective wear.

Outdoor & Camping Gear

Smith Attachments Limited

Smith Attachments, based in Ashburton, designs and manufactures accessories for outdoor equipment and gear such as toolboxes, dog boxes, custom trailers, and ute decking. Additionally, they produce an Alpine Adventurer Tent, manufactured with durable canvas and including a stainless steel fire and chimney.


TwinNeedle, based in Christchurch, produce a really cool range of kit for all your outdoor gear needs. In 2008 they started repairing and customising outdoor kit and now they’ve gone on to produce a huge variety of outdoor equipment.

Bag & Awning Ltd

Bag & Awning Ltd manufacture bags, caravan awnings and covers to specificity. They’re a family company based in Christchurch and manufacture their goods out of PVC and Canvas

Tool Belts & Leather Goods


Millenz is a family-owned and operated company based out of their garage factory in Wattle Downs, Auckland. They are more than happy to talk to customers and produce the right apron or belt for your needs. They produce made-to-wear aprons as well as individual components for customers to put together their own tool belts to suit their needs. Having been to their place of work as well as being a constant user of the gear they made for me, I can attest to the quality of the craftsmanship of their products. They also produce belts for working professionals as well as other bits and pieces such as canvas tool bags and other accessories.

Black and Co

With 50 years of leather goods manufacturing experience, Black and Co have maintained a presence despite competition from cheaper overseas products. In their Otaki workshop, they make full grain leather belts for men and women as well as wallets, hats, and bags.

Hygiene & Cleaning


Ecostore produces a range of products for your laundry to your hair, skin products to baby products, oral care, and more. Started in 1993, they’ve come to be one of New Zealand’s most commonly seen brands in a variety of areas of the supermarket. They’re based in Auckland and manufacture their products in their local factory. They brand themselves by focusing on natural and healthy products that have as little environmental impact as possible. As they have grown they have expanded to other countries, but products sold here and made here, as stipulated on individual items.


Earthwise manufactures a range of laundry, dish, and cleaning liquids in their Auckland factory. Their Oxygenated Whitener is a miracle product, saving white clothes, towels, and bed linen from marks and stains, thus increasing their lifespan. Their Laundry Liquid is the best for sensitive skin.


Grin is a New Zealand oral care brand launched in 2015. Their toothpaste is made in New Zealand, but their toothbrushes and other products appear to be manufactured offshore, so keep an eye out for that.

Skincare (& honey)


Apicare is the most beautiful award-winning New Zealand skincare brand! Apicare utilise New Zealand’s own natural miracle (Manuka honey) which is extremely healing and repairing, in their skincare and honey ranges. “Apicare are proud pioneers of manuka honey skincare.” “Our commitment back in 1993 was to always produce natural skincare using the best plant-based ingredients and our Manuka honey.” Based in Bethells, Auckland.

They also sell New Zealand beeswax tealight candles (though they do have some soy wax mixed in) – these beeswax/soy wax candles are much better for your lungs than toxic paraffin wax candles. “Our tea light candles are made from pure New Zealand beeswax from our own hives & blended with natural soy wax to give a superior burn. Our special blend of waxes is completely natural and gives a longer burn time.”

Living Nature

Living Nature was founded in 1987 and based in Kerikeri, Northland. Living Nature makes the most beautiful, natural skin care products made in and of New Zealand. While Living Nature can be on the pricey side, the quality is also very high and their products make a lovely gift. “Living Nature is New Zealand’s original, certified natural skincare company. The company was founded in 1987 by Suzanne Hall, who was inspired by the healing properties of New Zealand native plants to remedy her own skin conditions. All our certified natural skincare and most of our cosmetics are made at our purpose-built Kerikeri facility in the pristine Bay of Islands. From this base, we control every step of product development, formulation, testing, and filling.”

Pure Source

Pure Source is a Rotorua-based natural skincare brand made in and of New Zealand. Started out in the early 1980s and has grown from strength to strength, being sold online and in many Kiwi souvenir shops. Their products utilise natural NZ ingredients such as Rotorua Thermal Mud, Manuka Honey, Thermal Salts, Lanolin, Beeswax, and Kawakawa (Maori Bush Basil). “Surrounded by one of the most beautiful and natural environments in the world, it is only logical that this environment is the inspiration behind our unique and ever-evolving products. Nature is forever providing us with natural cleansing, healing, and protecting elements. We at Pure Source use only the best of these elements and endeavour to use them to their greatest potential.”

Oasis Beauty

Oasis Beauty is another incredible cruelty-free New Zealand owned operated and manufactured skincare brand. The lady who founded the company seems really sweet, and her hard work has paid off. New Zealand’s harsh sun makes it is so important for those with fair skin to wear high-quality sunscreen!

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a generations-old company. “For three generations we have been working with nature and creating the purest quality honey & well-being products right here in New Zealand. It takes real dedication to provide our customers with real UMF® Mānuka honey, which has been revered for its healing properties for centuries.” “We own our own land and Mānuka plantations, with 30 Bee Keepers out in the field placing our hives in natural environments. Extraction and Production teams are based in our own factory.” Great New Zealand-made skincare and honey. Happy Valley is based in Rosehill, Auckland, with a shop on site and another shop in Queenstown, they also have their online store.

Pure Nature

Pure Nature is a New Zealand-owned business and was founded in 2012. It is based in Avondale, Auckland, and only takes online orders. “Pure Nature is proud to be a wholly New Zealand owned and operated business.” Their online store offers a wide range of raw ingredients and materials to make your own natural skincare, soaps, candles, and washing products – they also have helpful DIY recipes and instructions on their website. Though many of their ingredients are imported, some are New Zealand grown/made and their website clearly states the country of origin. Check out their New Zealand Lavender and Manuka essential oils, Beeswax, Organic Flax Seed Oil, Arnica Infused Oil, Dried Kawakawa Leaf, and Clays.


Since 1992 Scully’s has been making beautiful New Zealand-made bath, body, and home products. They “are proud to source many New Zealand ingredients.” “Our passion is working alongside nature, to create boutique products for Bath, Body & Home’. Scully’s have beautifully crafted many scents, and even have a specific Gardener’s range.

Banks & Co. Botanicals

Banks & Co Botanicals offers luxury skincare, candle, and fragrance range all made in New Zealand. They have plenty of delightfully scented products to choose from

The Aromatherapy Company

Founded in 1990, The Aromatherapy Co.’s beautiful body care range is made in New Zealand. Their other products might not be made in NZ – so be sure to check the country of origin label.

Only Good

Only Good is owned by API Consumer Brands, which is based and made in Manukau, Auckland. Only Good’s affordable natural New Zealand-made palm oil-free, cruelty-free soap Body Bar is the best – gentle, effective, smells great, and lasts ages! Their Body Wash and Hand Wash are also very good – but the Body Bar is the most environmentally friendly option available being packaged in recyclable cardboard. They also offer a range of New Zealand-made, aluminium salt-free deodorants.

Bee Kind and Co

Bee Kind and Co primarily manufactures health, beauty and bath products and are based in Whakatane. Their range also includes leather care products and consumables.

Books & Publishing

Hard to Find

Hard to Find is a secondhand book shop, with 2 locations (Dunedin and Auckland), and has the largest stocks of secondhand books in the country. Fortunately, customers can use their website’s search engine to find books if they cannot go to their physical locations. Their website database holds an estimated 140,000 titles which are distinct from those items located in both the Auckland and Dunedin stores.

Tross Publishing

Tross is a Wellington-based book publisher, offering a variety of books about New Zealand politics, the environment, and conservation.

Luke the Pook

Luke the Pook produces kids’ books. Fun, beautifully illustrated Kiwi kids books, perfect for the little ones in your life. Printed in Oamaru, New Zealand. “I am very proud to say that I support NZ Made; all my books are 100% New Zealand made and are printed nearby in Oamaru.”

Clever Kiwi Company

Clever Kiwi offers a wide range of affordable NZ designed and made children’s school writing, math, and activity books that already have a laminated protective cover so you don’t need to worry about covering them. Some of the book covers are really cool – featuring maps of New Zealand and age-appropriate educational information. “Clever Kiwi books are 100% designed and made in New Zealand using FSC Certified Eco-Friendly paper. By printing the books in New Zealand you are supporting local Kiwi families.” “Clever Kiwi books are all produced in New Zealand.”

Home, Garden & Tools


Indoor and outdoor furniture designed and made in New Zealand. Forma design and manufacture sofas, chairs, beds and tables, to name a few things. They’re based in Auckland and having stockists around the country.

Powerhouse Fitness

Powerhouse fitness are located in Hamilton, which is where they design and make all their products. They’ve got a decent selection of stuff to kit out your home gym, including racks, benches, bars, wall mounted bars, floor mats, etc.


Svord is a blade manufacturer situated in Waiuku, Auckland. They produce very high quality knives, among other tempered edges, including custom made creations. Their online shop offers a range of knives of various uses and provides a platform for customers to request custom builds. They are all handcrafted in their workshop

Montreux Furniture

Since 1973 Montreux has been manufacturing furniture in Christchurch, Canterbury. Their timber is sourced from a Southland timber company and their production operation focuses on environmentally sustainable, high quality furniture.

Kovacs Design Furniture

Kovacs has been designing and creating furniture right here in New Zealand since 1959. Based in Christchurch, their ethos is one of traditional European artisanship, as they build products that are built to “uphold and endure.”

Rose + Heather

Self-described as ‘makers and designers of fine New Zealand furniture for homes’, Rose + Heather are based out of their factory in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Their timber is sourced from New Zealand and their creations are handcrafted in their factory in Grey Lynn. They also offer specification and design requirements to suit their clients.

Black Dog Furniture

Black Dog Furniture was started over 20 years ago. They produce all of their wares in New Zealand, basing themselves in Tamahere. They build with timber sourced in New Zealand and recycle second-hand timbers to reduce their environmental impact. Their products include indoor and outdoor chairs, tables, stools, chopping blocks, and other décor. It’s made by New Zealand artisans so it’s not cheap rubbish!

Philip Marcou Toolworks

Marcou is a furniture maker turned toolmaker from Rhodesia. It was after moving to New Zealand that he started modifying and manufacturing hand planes – planes that he makes almost all the individual components for himself. Made by hand in his workshop in Southeast Auckland, Marcou’s products can be bought through PiranhaTools and The Wood Works.

Futonz Natural Beds

Natural Beds manufacture bed frames and basic bedside tables are made from Macrocarpa or Pine and built-in their workshop in Oratia. Organic wool pillow and wool bed topper pads made in NZ. All futons and Latex Wool Futon NZ made “We make all of our futons in our workshop in Oratia.”

Pillows – New Zealand Merchants

NZ Merchants’ brand, Cloud 9, manufactures bed pillows in New Zealand. These pillows are stocked by Briscoes Homeware in shops around the country and on their online shop. The vast majority of NZ Merchants and Briscoes products are NOT manufactured in New Zealand — we have placed them in on Our page because of the pillows alone.

Mavis & Osborn

Manufacturing in Nelson, Mavis & Osborn produces a minimalistic range of homewares, including bedding, baskets, blankets, and towels. They also offer a small selection of shoes, aprons, and bags, amongst other things.

Taurus Storage

If you are going to buy plastic storage, drawers, tubs, bins, laundry, buckets, or outdoor chairs then look out for New Zealand-made Taurus Storage. Some of these plastic items can be quite large – so it is always best to buy New Zealand-made and save on all that international shipping space. Owned by “TCI New Zealand (1995) Ltd is one of the largest privately-owned Injection Moulding companies in New Zealand. Operating from a purpose-built facility in Avondale, Auckland”

IP Plastics

IP Plastics are based in Papakura, Auckland, and according to their site have been manufacturing since 1982. They create a wide range of products from furniture to fittings as well as custom items. Their products are made from 85% recyclable polypropylene. IP plastics are owned by the Maisey Group, a New Zealand-based conglomerate that acquired the company in 2018. Their products are manufactured in their Auckland factory.

Tarpaulin Makers

Tarpaulin Makers is based in Mt Maunganui, manufacturing and distributing New Zealand Made tarpaulins. Their products are most often used industrially or in the construction and transport industries, but they do offer custom design and manufacturing.

Zealandia Horticulture

Zealandia Horticulture produces New Zealand-grown plants. Jump on the healthy houseplant trend with Zealandia’s houseplants to clean and purify the air in your home. “Zealandia’s long history is made up of a range of nursery businesses from both islands of New Zealand, dating back to the 1950s.” “Zealandia Horticulture grow millions of plants a year for all New Zealand.”


Palmers gardening stores are locally owned and operated throughout Zealandia’s North Island. Their website is packed full of great gardening advice especially suited to New Zealand’s unique climate. “strong Kiwi roots and country-wide offshoots. We’ve been helping New Zealanders grow great gardens since 1912, starting as a nursery and we’ve been innovating ever since. We’re proud to be locally owned and operated.”


Their website is full of great gardening info specific to New Zealand, like what to plant where and when.

Mitre 10

Mitre 10 is one of New Zealand’s largest shops. The perfect place to get everything you need for your gardening and building projects. Easy as. Mitre 10 provides a range of New Zealand-made and imported products – check the country of origin on each product to be sure, however, because most of their products are imported!

Hammer Hardware

Hammer Hardware is a national network of locally owned hardware stores serving small towns and communities. It is smaller than the mega stores, but inventory still covers most requirements. Similar to Mitre 10 (their controlling company) that most of their products stocked are not manufactured in New Zealand, so keep an eye out for that.


Although for most of us banking is a necessity, our political and philosophical views often diverge drastically from the banking system itself. Here’s one of our articles on the subject. With that being said, choosing a New Zealand-owned bank is a better choice than a foreign-owned one.


A 100% New Zealand-owned and independent bank that was previously known as the Taranaki Savings Bank. Founded back in 1850 as the New Plymouth Savings Bank, TSB’s headquarters are still based in Taranaki. “Ownership of TSB Bank remains vested in the TSB Community Trust, with all profits staying in New Zealand.”


Kiwibank was the brainchild of politician Jim Anderton, who wanted a locally-owned, locally-run bank that would operate in the interest of New Zealanders, with profits staying in the country rather than heading offshore.” “Kiwibank is 100% New Zealand-owned. Our parent company, Kiwi Group Holdings (KGH) is owned by New Zealand Post (which holds a 53% stake), the Guardians of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (25%), and the Accident Compensation Corporation (22%).

Liberty Trust

Liberty Trust is a Christian organisation that can offer interest-free loans to individuals who have contributed to the trust for a sustained period of time (8-10 years). The Trust has been operating since 1989. The donations provided by participants, after the 8-10 year period, will amount to a loan of seven times the value of the sum total of participants’ donations. The point of the Trust is to avoid usury and its inordinately negative effects.

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