We stand against our degradation

Action Zealandia is a movement of young nationalists dedicated to the revitalisation of our people, culture, environment and community. This sense of community has faced a targeted attack from the government, media and major corporations, by gradually replacing our traditional values with those of consumerism. This erosion of our values, taking place over several decades, has resulted in unsustainable population and economic growth as all the current system cares about is money. As European New Zealanders, we reject being treated as though we are no more than cogs in our current system, one which works against us, and ultimately, does not want us to exist. Learn more in our ideals section.

Any official communications for the movement will be done through this website or via our Our Telegram or Gab. Anyone who states they are from Action Zealandia and makes claims not presented on our website does not belong to our group.

We seek change via education. Keep up to date and informed.

Action Zealandia’s First Media Interview

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