Voice Of Zealandia Episode 1

Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Cicer and Mike.This week’s points of discussion include the Coronavirus and the ensuing nationwide lockdown. Along with discussion on the bill passed in parliament decriminalising abortion. Featured MusicSynthicide – Tomorrow Belongs to Us – Featuring No White Guilt https://soundcloud.com/synthicidemusic

Abortion in New Zealand

New Zealand’s government recently passed a bill decriminalising abortion. The Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, claimed that “it’s a health issue, not a criminal one”. The bill passed its third reading 68 to 51. The bill allows abortions up to twenty weeks into a pregnancy. Previously, getting an abortion required authorisation Continue Reading

New Zealand and COVID-19

With the outbreak of the Virus spreading beyond China, it appears obvious that New Zealand’s government must protect its people by bringing to a halt–as any decent government should–any international movement of people, regardless of the nature of the movement. Despite this seemingly obvious point, insipid commentary from journalists regarding economic trials Continue Reading