Housing, MIQ Mayhem, Unemployment, Luxon | Ep. 53

🔹00:00:35 Intro🔹00:01:14 Housing prices and Auction failures🔹00:15:14 Employment, Wages and the workforce🔹00:27:53 Unemployment Insurance and lack of government ambition🔹00:40:00 Firearms legislation🔹00:44:09 Music Break: Vulgar – The March🔹00:47:20 Charlotte Bellis and MIQ mishaps🔹01:02:43 Maori crime rates and youth courts🔹01:14:18 Christopher Luxon as the new leader of the National Party🔹01:32:45 Outro🔹01:33:12 All Hail Zealandia

‘Splintered realities’: How NZ media and government lost its way

Out-of-touch so-called “mainstream media” articles reveal the story of how New Zealand’s media and their imported “journalists” like far-left fringe conspiracy theorist Marc Daalder are totally nonsensical in their reports while they desperately attempt to control the narrative. While Jewish conspiracy theorist Marc Daalder is busy claiming “the convoy wasn’t Continue Reading

Conversation with Grant of the ANA | Ep 51

The long awaited episode 51 of Voice of Zealandia. A discussion with Grant from the Australian Natives’ Association. 🔹 00:00:35 Intro🔹 00:01:44 Grant and his relation to the ANA🔹 00:02:57 The history and role of the original ANA🔹 00:10:39 The historical difference of the Sterling and the Currency🔹 00:14:51 How the Australian ethnic identity and Australian state was formed🔹 00:24:14 The erosion Continue Reading