White New Zealand

This article outlines the opinions as well as the social and cultural inclination of previous generations of New Zealanders who looked out for their own interests. The article looks at and considers primary sources that convey the distaste for the globalised multiculturalism that is all so prevalent today

Nihilism to Nationalism

This is one of our supporter’s brief descriptions of his evolution in thought and action as he progressed towards a nationalistic worldview, grounded in the wellbeing and strength of our people.

New Zealand’s Domestic Apathy and Involvement in the War on Terror

An article on New Zealand’s involvement in the ‘forever war’ that is the Middle East and the media’s role in supporting these conflicts.

New Zealand’s Gang Problem

A brief look at the issue of Gang Culture in New Zealand.

Voice of Zealandia

Hector, Zane, and Fred interview Marzio of Movimento Nazionale – La rete dei Patrioti. Topics of discussion include the current state of Italy, the struggles Italians face in the current liberal globalized society, and Chinese scab labour in Italy, amongst many other things.

Hector and Fredrick interview Denis Nikitin of the White Rex clothing brand and MMA tournament. Topics of discussion include the history of the White Rex tournament, the future of nationalism, the international conservative community, and the situation in Ukraine.

Mike and Zane dig into the core of what it means to be a nationalist, the challenges we face, and what we are hoping to achieve in the first half. In the second half, Zane and Mike deep dive into the new expansion of powers and abilities of the intelligence agencies while discussing what nationalists can do to keep themselves safe.

Zane, Fred, and Joe Interview well-known Australian Nationalist Blair Cottrell. Topics of discussion include his thoughts on Nationalism in Australia and his ideas going forward.

Hector and Zane discuss Leftist kvetching about the RSA, Healthcare Reform, the absolute state of the National Party, Charle Munger butthurt about Crypto and forced Vaccinations of Customs workers.


New Zealand Land Wars Remembrance

Members went out to pay respect to fallen soldiers.

Promotional Materials Placed in Nelson

Members from the Nelson region made an effort to spread our counter-narrative.


Action Zealandia members partook in a community building paintball event.

Fishing in the Nelson Region

Action Zealandia strongly encourages all its members to embrace the outdoors. A great way to get to know your surrounding area and have fun.

Mt. Grey Climb

Christchurch members had a day out enjoying some physical exercise and the region’s amazing scenery.

Azione Cultura Tradizione’s Solidarity Event

Action Zealandia participated in a campaign to remember and spread awareness for fallen martyrs such as Tommie Lindh.


Palestine and Nationalism

Let me state this clearly to those of you who have any doubts about our ideals and convictions. This organisation is not an anti-Islamic group or an anti-Arab group. That said, our express purpose is to be pro-white. Nonetheless, we support Palestine and any other country that does not undermine that which belongs to our people. We detest all Zionist scoundrels and hope to see the nationalists in all Arabia free from foreign meddling, just as we wish for our people.

Upcoming Q&A

Action Zealandia will be hosting a Q&A episode of Voice of Zealandia in which members will answer the various question put forward by listeners and readers. Contact us via email or through our social media profiles if you wish to ask us a question.

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