During April and half of May, most of Action Zealandia’s activities were online based due to the lockdown. However, as lockdown started to wind down activism and activities continued.


Over the last two months, the writing team at Action Zealandia produced seven highquality articles

Words As Weapons

Whites today are told by the establishment that they are supposed to welcome there own demise. We know better. People who don’t commit suicide, whether as individuals or groups, are normal. That’s why there was no good word to describe people with our beliefs.

The article looks into the labels, words and slurs used by our detractors and enemies used to deliberately misrepresent our genuine beliefs.

New Zealand, China and Liberal Democracy

This article discusses the unhealthy relationship that New Zealand has with China due to the liberal democratic system that we live under. Due to globalisation and unabashed consumerism, best exemplified by our current crisis, New Zealand is under constant threat from China. The article, along with previous ones we’ve published, highlights why this is and points to ways that this can change for the better.

Anonymity in Action Zealandia

Since the launch of Action Zealandia by far the most common theme of criticism has been that we conceal the identity of our members.

We present this article to clarify our position. Why we conceal our identity via the use of masks, blurring of faces in videos and photos and the adoption of pseudonyms and aliases.

Lion within every New Zealander

An AZ member felt compelled to write a speech for this occasion, given the national importance and unfortunate circumstances surrounding this years ANZAC Day.

Realisations of Cash and Consumption

This article discusses and criticises the New Zealand government’s response to the economic effect that COVID-19 is having on the country. Rather than focusing on returning to a consumption-based and globalised society as the government wishes, we argue that New Zealanders have the opportunity to become more self-reliant because of the pandemic. This change in attitude would allow us to disengage from the destructive relationships with countries like China, and instead, become healthier as a self-determined nation.

China: Not New Zealand’s Business

China is increasingly becoming a player on the world stage, one that is threatening New Zealand in more way than one. It’s time to take a new approach to this dangerous relationship

Action Zealandia within the Context of the Right.

Renowned author, Dr Kerry Bolton, writes how Action Zealandia stands out and differs from other groups, both contemporarily and historically, within the context of the Right of New Zealand.

Anti-China Postering

Action Zealandia believes New Zealand should be free itself from our unhealthy relationship with China. Action Zealandia members hit targets that promote putting Chinese money before the health of our country and people.

Targets include offices of traitorous politicians, media outlets that bend the knee to the CCP and the offices of the Chinese state in New Zealand

Violet Bonnington Reserve Walk

Action Zealandia members meet up outside the Violet Bonnington in Rotorua for a bushwalk. After the walk members had lunch in a local pub

Additional Activist Activities

This month Action Zealandia members up and down the country took part in postering promotional materials, distributing flyers banner drops and more. Video soon to come!

Voice of Zealandia

Following the debut of Voice of Zealandia at the end of March, new episodes of Voice of Zealandia have been released every two weeks. Episodes 2-5 have covered a myriad of topics from the perspective of a New Zealand Nationalist.

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Active Yet Again

As New Zealand wakes up from its lockdown, our activities and activism ramp up also. The lockdown has shown that there are glaringly obvious problems with the current Liberal Global-Capitalist system. Action Zealandia is the only organisation that speaks against such a system and provides an alternative. Now is a better time than ever to get involved. Join Today!

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