A successful public launch

One month since going public and it was a month full of new actions and activities. Our members are continuing to improve themselves, build a community and clean the environment while spreading nationalist thought and ideas.

We would like to give a big thank you to those who wanted to be among those that stood and joined our membership over the last month.

We continue to grow stronger!

Our enemies are seething

Our adversaries are trying hard to shut us down. They have attempted to contact out host, domain provider and several journalists in attempts to have us silenced. Along with unsuccessful infiltration attempts of our organization. Unluckily for them, neo-leftists have been very unsuccessful in this impotent endeavor.

Our site is still up and we will not be shut down with these underhanded tactics. We will continue to present an alternative perspective to our current consumerist, individualist, profit driven society to young European men. Much to the dismay of our political enemies.


On a more educational note; We have three more great articles written by our membership.


Why we exist and how we got to where we are now. An in-depth overview on why we believe what we believe.


History of the Chinese communists party’s influence on New Zealand politics. What politicians are compromised and why.


The natural link between nationalism and ecology. Why some parties and ideologues use fake environmentalism to push a sinister agenda.


We have had lads busy up and down the country. Our members have been putting our ideals into practice. We will continue to create a positive environment for young European New Zealanders via action, activism and self improvement.

The Temple of Iron

Action Zealandia has had group gym sessions as well as encouraging our members to improve themselves in their own time. We don’t mind if you are not a superman starting out. As long as you have the will and ability to improve. We will be there to help you!

Know our Past

Our members made a visit to the nautical museum to keep in touch with our rich seafaring past. Activities such as small boat sailing and jet-boating were common pastimes for the average New Zealander, before it got replaced with rootless consumerism. We in Action Zealandia appreciate our sea loving past and wish to have it remembered and revitalized.

Funnily enough it turned out that the application process for New Zealand lighthouse keepers were nearly exactly the same as the standards for Action Zealandia membership. It is good to see that such standards are timeless for our people.

Standards for high quality men never change

Keep our Communities Cleaner

Action Zealandia members battled the wet weather, donned the infamous white gloves and did an extensive rubbish clean up around Takapuna park and beach. Its is disgraceful how much rubbish is abandoned near our oceans.

Thank your local Nationalists for cleaning your parks and waterways.
Rubbish prevented entering our oceans

New Zealanders must do more in preventing plastics entering our oceans and harming our unique aquatic life. Our oceans are an important part of our national identity!

A Trek Among the Pines

In Auckland our members yet again got away from the suburbs and the city for a bush-walk in the Riverhead Forest. Going off the well-traveled and maintained gravel roads, we opted to travel down muddy side roads, sometimes going off the path completely.

While not a native forest, the pines gave off a more Nordic feel. After all, any trees are better than no trees at all.

Shoes Muddy – Spirits High

After a few hours of trekking through the mud we got back to the town for a meal and conversation.

In Touch With Nature

Down south the members started their day early in the morning, the sun barely out over the hills. They started out by piling into a mates car and speeding off down the road to their destination. Knowing that a sunny winters day was ahead of them, they were in high spirits. Once there they were quick to start up a brisk pace. The shade from the tree line combined with chill in the air meant the weather was a harsh cold.

Marvel in our natural beauty

As they continued on past the icy cold river, the most welcome sun came out from the cover of the ranges. On the last incline, they stopped to take photos on their way up past the falls.

Heading out that day, satisfied with the peace and tranquility of nature, they were more than happy to pick up rubbish along the track, as they talked endlessly of their goals and aspirations for themselves, and the group.

Respect those that Came Before

The membership in Nelson planned a beach clean-up of Tahunanui Beach, a photo with the Abel Tasman monument there, then some social drinks and intelligent discussion.

Turned out that in a town with a high number of European people you don’t need to clean up the beach because people clean up after themselves anyway. So, white-gloved, we abandoned the clean up effort satisfied at the pristine state of the beach and surroundings. We went over to the Abel Tasman statue and paid our respects to the man who put New Zealand on the map and whose crew were murdered in a vicious attack by local Maori.

Then they had a good evening with drinks and discussion. Followed by another get together the next evening.

Ever Onward

August was a great month. Could not have gone better as our first public month. Yet again, I would like to thank all the new members that joined and also thank those that sent messages of support.

As more high quality men join our ranks, our community grows strong and our out reach become bigger.

Join now to become a part of our brotherhood!

3 thoughts on “August 2019 Action Summary”

  1. An unstoppable movement.

    Politicians do nothing useful and activism is the only way forward.


    ps. I promoted your website in a YouTube video that I’m sharing around. I’ll send this video through my networks and also to my family.

  2. My understanding is membership is restricted to the age group 21-35 years old. You need to extend the age bracket. Many influential people who would like to support your efforts are older than that.

    1. We are a youth organization we we plan to keep the age bracket. We are willing to network with noteworthy people or organizations that contact us via the website regardless.

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