This was a pivotal two months for New Zealand. While the country has been in various stages of lockdown, Action Zealandia partook in pro-white activism, sought to keep New Zealand informed on the tragic events of the New Lynn terror attack, along with informing New Zealand on the ‘terror suppression’ and ‘hate speech’ legislation being rushed through parliament.


White Lives Matter

In solidarity with Patriotic Alternative’s White live Matter campaign on indigenous peoples’ day, Action Zealandia partook in Several banner drops.


Wellington members dropped a banner for indigenous peoples’ day.


Members from Auckland did a banner drop for Our people on the same day.

Flyering campaign

Action Zealandia members and supporters partook in a nationwide flyering campaign. Spreading a positive, nationalist message in towns, cities, and a variety of regions up and down the country.

Promotional Materials

Action Zealandia members placed promotional material throughout the country.



Auckland-based Action Zealandia members placed promotional material in Titirangi, Auckland, and participated in a bushwalk up Beveridge track.



New Lynn Terror Attack Investigated

Sadly, on the 3rd of September New Zealand experienced its first-ever Wahhabist-inspired terror attack. investigating the tragedy, Action Zealandia was able to uncover that the deranged Srilankan import purposely targeted Europeans in this vile attack – as uncovered in the video below.

As the political and financial elite pushes for further importation of hostile peoples, we can expect more terror attacks targeting Europeans.

Only through strong communities can we keep our people and families safe. This is a goal that Action Zealandia will always strive for.

If you want to help create a safer future for our people get involved in our community. Join us today.

This discovery was followed by Zane and Mike doing a short analysis of the recent Wahhabi-inspired anti-White terror attack in New Zealand – and its implications for New Zealand going forward.

First Media Interview

After our latest flyer drop, a Maori Journalist, Bronson Eruera Perich, from Te Karere, had requested an interview with Action Zealandia. Action Zealandia member Zane acted as Our spokesman, talking about Our group, the possibility of cooperation with Maori in the workers’ struggle, myths surrounding Action Zealandia’s nationalism, and more.


Judicial Pandemonium

One of the most popular articles written on the website.
The New Zealand Government is presently rushing through new ‘terror suppression’ legislation. This is an article looking at the proposed Terrorism Suppression Bill, its contents, and implications.

Second Chances – Break Away from the Liberal Paradigm

In this article, Brendan discusses his musing on the topic of second chances in nationalist communities.

Name Changes: More Cultural Undermining

Maori Members of Parliament, and others, are currently pushing the idea that New Zealand’s name should be changed to a Maori one. This article discusses how European and Maori identities are debased by globalised attitudes pertaining to multicultural dogmatism and the associated veneer of cultural cohabitation. Arthur makes it clear that economism and apathetic consumerism, whether cultural, social, or material, benefit no group – least of all the European and Maori people.

Wahhabist Knife Attack in Auckland –Liberal Cant Unabated

Dr Bolton’s initial thoughts on the ISIS-inspired New Zealand terrorist attack and the hypocrisy of the left and the pseudo-right on terrorism, Islam, and the Right.


Voice of Zealandia

Conversation with Boer Jack | Ep 44

In this episode of Voice of Zealandia, Zane interviews Boer Jack about the Afrikaaner struggle, its history, and achievements, in the first half. In the second half, Zane and Boer Jack talk about contemporary South Africa and its implications for the future.

Conversation with Elias Haidar of Global Resistance News | Ep 45

Hector and Fred speak with Elias Haidar of Global Resistance News.

Conversation with Dr. Jim Saleam from Australia First Party | Ep 46

Zane speaks with Dr Jim Saleam of Australia First Party.

Fascio Podcast

Action Zealandia members Hector and Zane joined host Zoltanus on a discussion about Action Zealandia and the state of New Zealand

Discussions, Audio Articles, and Other Media

Hate Speech Law Quickfire Discussion

Zane and Mike give a quick rundown on what matters with the upcoming Hate Speech law proposals.

Aotearoa New Zealand Histories

Written by Dr Kerry Bolton and recorded by Mike from Action Zealandia. The original article, along with other essays written by Bolton, can be found at

Some Thoughts on Existential Doomerism

Audio copy of Brendan’s article (, performed by Astelia

Europhobia Implicit in the School History Curriculum

Reading of Dr Kerry Bolton’s article that can be found here

New Zealand’s Gang Problem

The original article can be found here:

What They Fear is Racial Interclass Unity

The original article can be found here:

Get Involved!

As the situation in New Zealand is becoming direr, with Anti-White terror attacks, lockdowns, and vaccination mandates, the need for European New Zealanders to unite, organise and build communities is more important than ever. If you want to build a better community for yourself and your family, be sure to join as an official supporter or a member. Also be sure to follow us on Telegram, Gab, Odysee, and Spreaker

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