August and September were great months for Action Zealandia. We have done more Activism than ever, gained more new members than ever, and written more new articles than ever. In addition, Action Zealandia has been building international connections with great groups such as Patriotic Alternative and the International Conservative Community. There is no better time than now to get involved – as either a Member or Supporter.

Video Summary for the actions on September:


In the months of August and September, we saw a large amount of articles published – nine articles in the last two months have been written by our members and supporters, on a wide variety of topics:

Qanon Debunked

An extensive investigation into the “Qanon” movement from an ethno-nationalist’s perspective. The conclusions and possible theories we present paint a clear picture of this conspiratorial movement, and we answer the simple question: Is Qanon compatible with the aims of an ethno-nationalist movement?

The Age of Strife is upon us

If you have concerns with woke capital and multi-billion corporations pushing anti-white hatred, and the promotion of degeneracy or open borders, this article is for you.

Rebuke of NZ Herald: In defense of Children

This article is a rebuke against the double standard that the mainstream New Zealand press holds against those of European descent. It focuses on this phenomenon, using the example of the horrendous tragedy inflicted upon Cannon Hinnant. It attempts to remind the reader of the precarious position that European People are faced with when it comes to the blatant biases, and general anti-white rhetoric espoused by the mainstream media in their society, and especially how it relates to the safety and health of their own children.

That Conversation About Race

What does black lives matter say about multiculturalism? A delve into the black lives matter movement that has sprung up across The USA, and The West in general.

The New Zealand Legion

During the Great Depression of the early 1930s, a phenomenon unique in New Zealand history took place; a grassroots political movement exploded out of nowhere, immediately spread across the country, grew to include tens of thousands of members, and then disappeared.

Anti-Asiatic League

It didn’t start in a city, the growing metropolis of Auckland, or the famed Empire City of Wellington. Instead, it started in the small town of Masterton in the Wairarapa Valley. The population of the borough had been counted as just over 5,000 in the census of the year before.

It was the New Zealand Anti-Asiatic League.

Adesanya, Global Citizen

This article discusses the meaninglessness of ‘global citizens’: those individuals who, through the process of globalisation, have no roots and simply exist as cultural vagrants. In this case, Adesanya, the Global Citizen.

An Enemy of the People – Marc Daalder

“The press today is an army with carefully organized weapons, the journalists its officers, the readers its soldiers. The reader neither knows nor is supposed to know the purposes for which he is used and the role he is to play.” – Oswald Spengler


Solidarity with Patriotic Alternative

On Sunday, 9th August Patriotic Alternative have called for a global day of action. The objective is to get #WhiteLivesMatter trending on social media. This is to coincide with the World’s Indigenous Peoples Day 2020, as they are the indigenous people of the British Isles. We at Action Zealandia show solidarity with our kinfolk. White lives matter!

Camping and Banner Drop

Action Zealandia members from the North Island took part in a weekend-long camp outside Palmerston North. In addition to camping, another White Lives Matter banner drop took place, in solidarity with Patriotic Alternative.

Tree Planting

Action Zealandia members planted trees in their local community. Two separate plantings were conducted to help regenerate multiple areas.

Riverhead Forest Bushwalk

Auckland-based Action Zealandia members went for a bushwalk within Riverhead Forest.

Justice for Kyle Rittenhouse

Auckland-based Action Zealandia members took part in a banner drop, in solidarity with political prisoner, Kyle Rittenhouse.

Hunua Ranges Trek

Auckland-based Action Zealandia members went for a 16km bushwalk in the Hunua Ranges.

Promotional Materials


Nelson-based Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials.


Auckland-based Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials.


Waikato-based Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials.

All Hail Zealandia!

Action Zealandia is proud to present our movement’s official anthem – “All Hail Zealandia!”. This is one of the first ever recordings of one of New Zealand’s first national songs. The vocals to this rendition are done by artist St Friendship.

Appearance on Weekly Patriotic Review

Action Zealandia member, Hector appears on Mark Collett’s Weekly Patriotic Review. Topics relating to the current state of New Zealand are discussed.

Voice of Zealandia

Starting in August, Voice of Zealandia became a weekly show. During the months of August and September, Voice of Zealandia had several guests, such as Mark Collett, Gary Raikes, JChannel and Kiz Kardassian.

Voice of Zealandia Episode 11 – Featuring Mark Collett

Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Zane and Gilbert interview the absolute living legend of British nationalism, Mark Collett. Topics of discussion are the recent White Lives Matter campaign, Mark’s time in the BNP, the setting up of Patriotic Alternative and Nationalist activism going forward.

Voice of Zealandia Episode 12 – Featuring Gary Raikes of the New British Union

Action Zealandia Members Interview Gary Raikes, Leader of the New British Union and veteran of British Nationalism. Topics of discussion include the setup and goals of the New British Union and Gary’s experience in the Nationalist scene, as well as his take on the rise and fall of the BNP.

Voice of Zealandia Episode 13: Rittenhouse, Social Credit, Lockdown Protests and Dugin

Action Zealandia members Hector and Gilbert, along with Kerry Bolton, discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse case, New Zealand’s debt based financial system and Social Credit, the Anti-Lockdown protests, and have a discussion of the merits of the ideology and philosophy of Aleksandr Dugin.

Voice of Zealandia Episode 14 – Featuring Kiz Kardassian

Action Zealandia members Hector, Gilbert and Zane have a chat with very special guest, Kiz Kardassian. Topics of discussion include the role of women in society, femininity and masculinity, raising children and the effect of the media and the welfare state on traditional family units.

Voice of Zealandia Episode 15 – Featuring JChannel

Action Zealandia members Hector and Gilbert are joined by fellow kiwi content creator, JChannel. Topics of discussion include opinion polls of the NZ election, the leaders debate and Amy Barrett.

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