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To much acclaim and fanfare, the Support Local section was added to the Action Zealandia website.

As New Zealand nationalists, it’s important for us to help create a stronger society. One way of doing this is to support products that are manufactured in Our country. This index is something we’ve created, and will continually add to, that exists as a resource for New Zealanders to buy products that are made within our borders. Support local; support New Zealand made.


The Criminalisation of Parental Objections to Transgenderism

Article by Kerry Bolton looks into the purposed private member’s bill that would outlaw what seems to be dishonestly defined as ‘conversion therapy.

Putin – Russian Nationalist or Zionist?

Often, we see how many outlets treat Trump like a whipping boy, Putin and Boris Johnson included. All this anti-nationalist ire is directed at figureheads like these, even though many of these mainstream politicians have little to no authentic right-wing beliefs. While we know better when it comes to mainstream politicians with suspect background ties, why then all the fuss around Putin as some nationalist champion for Russians?

This article sheds light on the suspicious ties surrounding Putin that we in the dissident right are all too familiar with. We will see whether Putin lives up to his name as a Russian nationalist.

Debunking Common Arguments Against Race

This article considers often-repeated fallacies, misconceptions, and arguments made in bad faith on the topic of race. It addresses quintessential points on the topic.

New Zealand’s Gang Problem

A discussion on New Zealand’s gang problem and the farcical attempt to connect Action Zealandia to it.

Wairau Massacre Remembrance

Whilst the country was celebrating our national day, our activists have instead been commemorating the New Zealand land wars and our forgotten dead. In Marlborough we had some members from the South Island come together for a weekend of camping, finishing off with a morning prayer and memorial service. We paid our respects to the militiamen tragically killed during the Wairau massacre.

New Zealand Wars Remembrance

Action Zealandia members commemorated and paid respects to the men that fought and died to create the prosperous country it became.

Action Zealandia had members come together for a memorial service at the monument to the colonial troops that served in the New Zealand Wars. This was followed by an afternoon of bushwalks in the Egmont National Park.

Rubbish Clean Up

Action Zealandia partook in a rubbish clean-up in Albany, Auckland.

Boycott China Banner Drop

Waikato-based Action Zealandia members took part in a ‘Boycott China’ banner drop in Hamilton. Be sure to visit the abovementioned Support Local page and support local producers.

Supporter Submissions

Our talented and active supporters submitted works of art, crafts, and proof of their individual feats.

Be sure to join our official Supporters Network today!

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