This month, our team of writers wrote two great new articles:

Against Zionism and a New Model Army

This article looks into the US led wars of destabilization in the Middle East – and how these wars are cheer-leadered by prominent Neoconservatives and Zionist Jews.

It also looks into how our governments have supported these wars over the past two decades, and discusses how the army could be reformed to better suit our people and our interests. A New Model Army for a new age.

From Dusk ‘til Dawn: The Spirit of Europe Must Rise

This article analyses current cultural malignancies such as increased rates of substance abuse, self-centredness, pathogenic lust for relationships devoid of meaning and materialism, all of which adversely affect our European soul.

The article also describes how we, as individuals and Europeans as a whole, must struggle to rid ourselves of such malignancies and other inorganic, unnatural ideals.


A Message to Parliament

Action Zealandia activists have sent a message directly to the traitors in parliament. The office of National MP and known Chinese Communist Spy, Jian Yang, was postered by our Auckland Members.

We plan to have similar actions in the near future. We are sending a message to our corrupt political class: they will no longer go unchallenged. Selling our country to the highest bidder in the name of growth which only benefits multi-national corporations and global finance must not continue.

MMA Lessons

Auckland members took part in some additional MMA lessons to further improve their martial skills and instill greater discipline. The members that took part greatly appreciated the skills taught and are looking forward to the next lesson.

Hillary Trail Trek

Members of the movement took part in a trek across section 7 of the Hillary trail, from Bethel’s Beach to Muriwai Beach and back again. Over 20 Kilometers in total of trekking, all in the summer heat. Members were lucky to take in the unique views and vistas of the upper North Island’s west coast.

Our engineering history

This month, members took part in a visit to the Museum of Transport and Technology. Members were able to marvel at the sight of the industrious and mechanical feats of our ancestors, including examples of pumps, boilers and engines. Members also got to witness aeronautical and mechanical machines used by our people in the not too distant past, such as the magnificent Avro Lancaster on display.

2020 and Beyond

We are going strong into the new decade, with plenty of self improvement and activist activities planned for 2020 and beyond. We have lads in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmy, Nelson and Christchurch. Six months on, we are still going strong. Several chapters have a great sense of community and partake in weekly activities. Join now!

5 thoughts on “January 2020 Action Summary”

  1. I saw the latest post on Telegram. Great to see that you lads got a large banner printed. Here in Christchurch we have bylaws to prevent people from covering their faces at protests, obviously because braindead antifa retards (Paparoa) try to start violence and then evade the police, but perhaps in the North Island there are no such laws. In that case it would be great to hang the banner over a motorway or set up near a busy road – faces covered.

    Later this year the ultra-orthodox democracy believers will be out to proselytise on behalf of the blue/red/yellow/green parties. So perhaps you could stand your banner next to some retired National Party boomers who live off stocks and investments which preaching the merits of muh capitalism. Hijack their pointless event. Your blue banner would blend right in.

  2. I bet the media has a big smear series planned for the 15th of March. Politicians have already washed the blood of Muslims off their hands. Iraq War? Already forgotten. Afghanistan occupation? We’re building schools and hospitals, not predator-droning Muslims or dropping MOAB. CIA-Pentagon sponsored jihad in Syria and Libya? Terrorists now have the best weapons and desert-worthy pickup trucks to conquer Africa, but alas, that too has been forgotten by most kiwis.

    This March, the goal of government and media is to demonise Action Zealandia and falsely claim that Action Zealandia is based on Brenton Tarrant’s ideas, and that AZ is inspired by a dangerous and violent ideology (living in the countryside, having waifu and children and a bunny buster rifle, so extreme lol)

    It seems like is where all the left-wing hacks like Thomas Manch start out. Their shit is so vile and extreme that it would be too embarrassing to publish in a real publication, so they start out their Marxist talking-points on News Room, until they learn to stop using ideological keywords. Once they can mask the give-away communist lexicon, they then graduate to work for Stuff or NewsHub/TVNZ. It appears that young hacks start-out with online articles – these are great for the young hacks when they graduate journalism school. It’s the first responsibility they get.

    Hard to believe that only 12 years ago John Pilger appeared on Campbell Live, where he criticised the American policy of slaughtering Muslims in Iraq. The 2010s saw a massive dumbing-down of NZ mainstream media to the point that they don’t even discuss the West’s foreign policy or the consequences of war. Most kiwis forgot that our government supported killing Muslims for the past decade and more, and now we are supposed to be afraid of people like Phil Arps.

    Okay, Phil Arps might be an odd guy with a rough upbringing, but he is much less dangerous than an American political candidate with anti social personality disorder. It’s psychopaths in power that we should all fear, not the local neighbourhood skinhead shooting up with a blunt needle or the casually racist truck driver who makes rape jokes each time he makes a delivery to your inwards goods department at work.

    Racism is everywhere among blue-collar guys. Nothing new. When governments weaponise racism for the purpose of war, that’s where I draw the line. After 9/11 there were so many anti-Muslim and terrorist related cartoons and mini-games on the internet. I still remember it from when I was 11/12 years old. Websites like Stick Death and other “humour” websites. Would it surprise anyone if 100 years from now the Pentagon comes out and admits that they fostered a hatred of Muslims (“terrorists”) in the wake of 9/11 to make the population support the War On Terror? What Russia does with social media now, the Pentagon was already doing in the early 2000s.

    Years ago I watched Live Leak videos where Black Water mercs were shooting from a rooftop while shouting “fucking niggers”. This racism is “good” because media company executives are invested in the wars and will do anything to keep us at war, even if it means condoning racism and the wholesale slaughter of Muslims in Fallujah, Mosul and Raqqa. When the media plays the race card and tries to turn Maoris against Whites this is just a ploy to distract us from crucially important issues.

    To those who visit this website because you saw a poster on the street or a post on TMMB boomer turf, stop listening to NZ television and radio. Install Spreaker on your phone and get podcasts by Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan (the show is called fault lines). Waaaaaay better than Radio Live and ZB.

    For nearly two decades our government went to war against Muslims. We supported our allies as they bombed the shit out of Fallujah. Then in the past few years the politicians bombed the shit out of Mosul and Raqqa. Whole cities razed to the ground. Corpses rotting under the rubble. New terrorists being made every day and huge profits for companies invested in the war. Not a whimper from the mainstream media. The killing of Muslims and the incitement of a Sunni-Shia war and not one criticism from the Western media. I have to get Sputnik News podcasts to find out the truth about what is happening, because NZ journalists aren’t doing their job.

    If the media tries to smear AZ next month then at least people will learn about AZ and support it. NewsHub doesn’t blur out the URL and the name of the organisation for no reason.

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