Introducing Action Zealandia

July was the first month of action for New Zealand’s nationalist youth movement, Action Zealandia.

Action Zealandia started off with a flurry of activity. We have launched off with the official website. This will be used as a platform for nationalist thought, unfiltered history, analysis of political events, and uniting individual nationalists under our growing banner.

Newest Articles

We are proud to launch with three high quality articles:

Who Is Looking to Ban Free Speech?

A brief history of free speech in the Anglosphere and the factions within New Zealand attacking this fundamental freedom.

Ancient Aryans?

A look into the near-forgotten early (early) history of this land.

Anti-White Iconoclasts

How Marxists and radical Maori factions attack our monuments, as a launch-pad for anti-European hatred.

More of these articles are coming. Action Zealandia will be a hub for honest dissident nationalist thought. Unlike the controlled, for-profit media, we have no need to rely on shady investors and sensationalist, hysterical narratives. Education, not profit, is our goal.

Monthly Activities

Along with writing, Action Zealandia is committed to real-life activism, networking and community building. Our first month was filled with different events that are designed to improve ourselves, improve our community, improve our environment, and build the bonds of brotherhood between our members.


Action Zealandia members often take part in social events to further strengthen our brotherhood and community engagement. These events are great opportunities for members to share ideas in all-round intelligent discussion. Not to mention the food was great also.

This month, members also took part in paying our respects to Prime Minster Michael Joseph Savage, one of the greatest prime minsters of the 20th century. He is known for introducing significant improvements to workers’ rights, nationalizing the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and greatly reforming tax and social spending. Michael Joseph Savage’s achievements under the first Labour government will be the subject of a future article.

All the while our members were cleaning up any rubbish we spotted in the park and the tomb, leaving our home that little bit cleaner. New Zealand can do better to protect our beautiful environment from being destroyer by litter and trash.

All this was prevented from entering our waterways.


Environmentalism and sustainability is an important focus of Action Zealandia. Members took further action in cleaning up rubbish and litter and preventing plastics from entering our waterways at Mission Bay. Members fanned out across the entirety of the beach, cleaning up any trash they could find. Plastic and rubbish entering our seas cause immense damage to our unique aquatic life.

Return to Nature

In another activity, Action Zealandia members escaped the hustle of city-living and went on a nature walk. It’s important for members to reflect upon and be in touch with nature, appreciating the unique beauty of our country. Tramping used to be a favorite activity for New Zealanders before materialism and consumerism became central to our lives. It’s a time-honoured Kiwi tradition worthy of maintaining.

The Future is Bright.

This is just a small taste of the activities that our movement will be undertaking. More activities involving our ideals of self-improvement, community-building, patriotism and sustainability are soon to come. Join now!

25 thoughts on “July 2019 Action Summary”

        1. Daphne
          After all the hysteria and witch-hunting against an elusive ‘white supremacist conspiracy’ in NZ and you still ask the question of these chaps, why do they blur their faces? In case you haven’t noticed, the Left has a high proportion of individuals of a histrionic character and possess other observably psychotic traits, and a record of gutless violence and threats against those they deem to be opponents. There is a an outfit shamefully recommended by Patrick Gower as a worthy and noble crusade against ‘racism’, which set itself the task of posting the identities of those on a ‘black list’ that seems to have been leaked by police to media and by media to these miscreants, whose rationalization is that they are promoting peace and harmony through Orwellian double-speak.

  1. As a Green it’s cool to see your environmental activism and love of tramping. Perhaps another project could be volunteering as a group w/ DoC doing trail work? That’s always a good time, hard work tho.

    There seems to be a bit of contradiction in your writings tho where you seem very negative about socialists/marxists but commend (rightfully so!) the work of michael joseph savage who came from quite strong socialist roots. His govt was also pretty radical in its work on race relations – land settlements/ministry of maori relations/income disparity. That’s not construed as anti-white?

    Looking forward to see your upcoming article on him anyhow!

    Are you all Christian?

    1. Li
      The First Labour Government was heavily influenced by the Commonwealth tour of Major C H Douglas, formulator of Social Credit, and banking reformers such as (Sir) Henry Kelliher, editor of The Mirror, and the best selling Rightist author and journalist A N Field. The banking system was something that Rightists and non-doctrinaire ‘socialists ‘ could unite around – Major Douglas’s primary initial backer being A R Orage, guild-socialist and an eminence in the Fabian Society. However, for the most part the Left has a poor record in confronting plutocracy.

      Why would you assume that social justice for Maori is intrinsically abhorrent to Rightists or is anti-white per se? The Right is by definition traditionalist – it aims to restore perennial values and institutions, such as the family, and attachment to the land. As such the Right has common ground with all those who have not completely succumbed to modernist decay, and common enemies in liberalism, plutocracy and globalisation, which aim for a global economy on the ruins of all identities. One of the first whites to advocate for Maori was Potocki de Montalk, the poet, and Rightist, long before a bunch of white bourgeoisie liberals and Marxists jumped on the bandwagon. In Australia one of the most vocal advocates for the Aborigine was the literary figure and Rightist Percy Stephensen, and others associated with the Jindyworobok literary movement of Australian nationalism. Ezra Pound, the Rightist poet and opponent of the banking system, brought an appreciation of traditional Chinese culture to the West. In the USA it was the Right that supported Marcus Garvey and his Negro Self-Improvement organisation, while he was vilified by the Establishment which funded the Uncle Toms of the NAACP.

      The conflict is NOT between races, but between Identity and Globalisation.

  2. is it possible for someone such as myself who doesn’t live in new zealand to be behind this group, i support its encouragement of self improvement and community and i would like to learn about it and support where i can.

  3. “No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them”
    ― Elie Wiesel

    1. I do wonder what Elie Wiesel would have to say about the Palestinian people? Given that he was head of the board of an organization at the forefront of expelling Palestinians from their homes I doubt his humanity stretches to them.

    2. ‘You see as the individual is not just a single, separate being, but by his very existence presupposes a collective relationship, it follows that the process of individuation must lead to more intense relationships and not to isolation’. Carl Jung

    3. Hello there brothers! Good to see a traditionalist movement on the rise again in Our country. Martin Heidegger may be a philosophical figure y’all would dig. Any news on a chapter in Wellington

  4. Too young to join you guys but I’m behind you all the way. And if you haven’t been shoahed yet I’ll try to join when I’m older.

  5. Sup guys Max Key here, wondering if you boys would be keen to do an interview for my youtube channel. I’m trying to get into the world of journalism and I figured something as controversial as yous would help start me off with some clicks XD. Of course, it would also be a good opportunity to share your side of the story.
    You contact me at [email protected] or hit me up on my Instagram DMs (you might have to let me know if you’re going to dm me because I get a lot of messages and I don’t want to be sorting through them every day just to know if you’re keen).

    1. There is nothing controversial in what these fellows believe. If you want controversy, why don’t you ask children’s transgender activists on? Or people that perversely believe that being overrun by other nations is good for one’s own.

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