The months of June and July have been a very active time for internal community building and public activism:

Video Report

Video Summary for the actions on July:

Postering and Stickering

Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials in Albany, Auckland:

Action Zealandia activists placed pro-white materials around Auckland:

Banner Drops

Auckland based Action Zealandia members took part in pro-white banner drops:

Action Zealandia members from Nelson took a walk up the centre of New Zealand to Walters Bluff. This banner was later deployed:

Donations from friends

Action Zealandia received some much appreciated fan mail and cash donation from one of the many lovely nationalist ladies of New Zealand.
Our struggle is one and the same.

If you wish to make a donation or get involved be sure to get in touch!

Voice of Zealandia

Over the last two months we have had some very insightful and fun Voice of Zealandia Episodes, with some exciting guests:

Voice of Zealandia Episode 7 – featuring Chris McCabe

Voice of Zealandia Episode 8 – Featuring Francesco Dotro of La Rete

Voice of Zealandia Episode 9 – Featuring Dr Kerry Bolton

3 thoughts on “June/July Action Report”

  1. We recognised early days:

    Before the sheep could accept that the “Holocaust is a lie” a traumatic void had to first be in situe awaiting acceptance or scrutiny. The heavy study collated by the Holodomorinfo team since it’s inception fills/ed that void and once it was studied and the facts circulated, it was only a matter of time for the 6m hoax to crash.
    The 6m hoax is pivotal to Central banking.

    Prior to Holodomorinfo; the Holodomor issue on the net, for some reason, was frugal with information.

    So the same void principle re above applies to the controllers of (((Global Central Banking))) with their (((magic wand of chaos))).

    We are expecting the sheep to stand up and clear the swamp “all politicians out” and rightly so, but! The sheep only foresee an economic crash so continue to accept their drip-fed existence while protecting their small nest egg, or meagre inheritance.

    Wiping out would leave a traumatic void which must be filled.

    As fickle as they are the programmed materialistic sheep will only kick back if the void is filled with the in-waiting alternative.

    It’s a simple solution! “Autarky” = Protectionism = interest free banking = 100% employment with public works and “agrarian production” = The Gottfried Feder economic model bingo!!
    But this won’t happen if the solution is silenced into obscurity in order to keep it from public knowledge who are kept in a continuous shadow boxing loop.

    It was exciting to see, after all this time that the Fascifist punctuated it in his new video which needs to go viral, into the psyche of the sheep otherwise they will remain appethic until suffocation.

    “Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest Slavery”

  2. How is the ‘holocaust hoax’ central to the banking system? Seems like a red herring and gratuitous provocation in regard to issues that really are central to the character of the banking system. The present banking system has been around for many centuries , and was introduced to the West by the Templars. Feder was a great campaigner, but not the only and far from the most influential . Of more influence was C H Douglas, formulator of Social Credit. In particular, it ill behooves NZ identitarians to look to a foreign model when we have our own example in the First Labour government, in the works of John A Lee, Harry Atmore, A N Field, Captain Rushworth, and Rex Fairburn. For many texts on banking reform see my book Opposing the Money Lenders : The Struggle to Oppose Interest Slavery(2016).

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