March has been another busy month for Action Zealandia. More articles were written than any other month thus far. The first episode of ‘Voice of Zealandia’, the official podcast of Action Zealandia, went live. As well as this, we undertook various self-improvement activities along with some activism before the COVID-19 lockdown cut our in-person activities short.


Our prolific writing team has been busy this month with four new articles on various topics.

New Zealand and COVID-19

This article looks into the rhetoric and posturing by government and the corporate media in the leadup to the coronavirus outbreak reaching New Zealand. The article discusses how the outbreak clearly shows that the current system will continue to put international plutocrats and their profits before the people of New Zealand.

How Can We Help Prevent Mass Shootings?

This article explores some of the main factors that drive certain individuals to commit depraved acts of violence. These important factors are often completely ignored by the mainstream media so it’s important that we do our part to get the message out there.

COVID-19 and Looking Upward: The Malignancy of Modernism

This article looks into how the same system that brought you all those unnecessary consumer items brought New Zealanders and other Europeans the gift of COVID-19.

As a result of the shakeup the virus brings, the article looks at how the habits and attitudes that brought the virus to New Zealand are not necessary for our people’s survival. As well as this it looks at how New Zealand can come out of this crisis stronger and without the chains of vapid globalism and rampant materialism.

Abortion in New Zealand

This article looks into the Bill decriminalising abortion that was passed by parliament recently. It looks at how a referendum on the issue was avoided by the political class; as well as looking into the individual views of the political class that made the decision on our behalf.

Video Reports

Video report for the Action Zealandia Nelson branch’s postering for March 2020


Riverhead Pack March

Auckland Members of Action Zealandia took to Riverhead Forest for a 7km pack march throughout the woods, some members carrying as much as 20kgs on their back. Upon completing the march, members had an enjoyable and well deserved lunch at a local pub.

Innawoods at Richmond Hills

The Nelson chapter went innawoods up the Richmond hills this month. Spending time amongst nature is vitally important, especially in times where we live so wholly disconnected from the natural laws of the world.

Postering Jacinda’s Office

Action Zealandia members from the Auckland branch postered Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s electoral office, this time sending a message to the highest level to the traitors in parliament. The message of our posters focused on topics such as the coronavirus and honouring our country’s European heritage.

Voice Of Zealandia is Live!

First episode of ‘Voice Of Zealandia’ is now live. The official podcast for Action Zealandia

The podcast featured Action Zealandia members Hector, Cicer and Mike.
This week’s points of discussion included the coronavirus and the ensuing nationwide lockdown along with a brief discussion on the Bill passed in parliament decriminalising abortion.

Along with the launch of Voice Of Zealandia a media section has been added to the website for the purpose of posting and archiving our video and audio media.

Lockdown in the Action Zealandia Bunker

March was another great month for Action Zealandia, but because of the nationwide lockdown due to the Chinese coronavirus, we have been forced to suspend our in-person activities in order to remain law-abiding citizens. Action Zealandia takes the pandemic seriously and will continue to speak out against the globalist practices that brought the virus to our shores in the first place.

We will, however, continue with our online activities such as writing high-quality articles and the production of the newly-established Voice Of Zealandia podcast.

3 thoughts on “March 2020 Action Summary”

  1. Congratulations on your ongoing activism, ideological development, the excellent optics of your publicity material, and getting the Voice of Zealandia up.

    Frankly I think it must be conceded that the police had a certain legitimacy in tracking some types of transactions leading up to the mosque shooting anniversary, although their reference to an ‘extreme right-wing community’ is probably only something that can be explained by the person in whose imagination it was evoked. Does it mean the pro-Zionist liberals who comprise most of the misnamed ‘extreme right wing’ groups in NZ at present? New Conservative Party? Investigate Magazine? Right Minds NZ? They are what might be called Islamophobic. I have never seen anything of the type promoted by A-Z, or by the former Dominion Movement for that matter.

    However, most of the premises for the police watch-list are extending the surveillance beyond legitimate concert and into the private finances of what is presumably a state black-list that the police handed over to banks. It seems like an intelligence gathering exercise using the mosque shootings as a pretext, like Andrew Little’s cynical use of the tragedy to extend the suppression of any dissent against the liberal, globalist order, or its amoral use by several journalists and their ‘academic- experts-on-standby’ to bolster their careers.

    1. We believe that those things specified represent quite legal and common transactions. In the case of guns and ammunition, I would suggest that the police can monitor this specifically through their licensing as well as contact with distributors. Other items listed appear to be, as you say, an intelligence-gathering exercise to a rather ominous degree. But, as we know very well indeed, this is hardly surprising given the circumstances in which those of the Right live under in terms of being surveilled. Still, we will remain positive and continue on our mission to build a community for our people. Cheers.

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