November was another busy month for the men of the movement. More articles, more postering, more activities and more men joining.


This week we have two new articles by our writing team.

Beyond the Material

Looks at the negative effect of Materialism on the modern western man. How we reject the modern consumerist mindset in favour of traditional spirituality.

New Zealand in the Material

Follow up to Mike’s previous article. Looks into how our current age of vapid materialism negatively effects our society. Especially how New Zealand as a country is affected.

The Postering Continues

This month has been the biggest yet for our postering activities. Our message is reaching more and more fellow kiwis and our reach continues to grow.

Lake Taupo
Auckland CBD

Keeping Communities Clean

After noticing several of the leftist groups were vandalising monuments to those that served and sacrificed in the wars of the past, our ever vigilant members took it upon themselves to remove those promoting their vile message from the streets. Within days of radical leftists dirtying up the street with dozens of anti-white stickers and posters, our members took them all down, to the thanks of many members of the community.

Beach Clean-up and Football

Men of movement are committed to keeping communities clean. Several Zealandia men met up in Browns Bay for a beach clean up. Six bags of rubbish were collected and prevented from entering the country’s water ways. As always, thank your local nationalists from preventing rubbish causing damage to the environment.

Rubbish was Collected and Disposed

The rubbish clean up was followed by a friendly game of football between members on the beach.

Bushcraft and Camping

Members of the movement escaped from urban living for a night of camping and bushcraft. Skills such as fire-making, hunting, woodcutting and trapping were taught and put to the test.

This was an enjoyable day for the membership followed by stories around the fire and under the stars.

Hillside Trek and Boxing

On a sunny Sunday the lads from the Nelson Chapter took to hills of Cable Bay for some cardio, starting late morning they started their short but steep trek up the hillside.

After taking in the marvelous view from the tops of the hills that flanked the bay, they challenged their endurance and reflexes with some friendly boxing in the midst of rough terrain, gorse and livestock. The martial spirit within our people is something that has been encouraged and worked upon for many thousands of years, in this day and age where man is tamed and is crushed into the mould of a Homo Economicus it is of vital importance that we rekindle this old spirit to deepen the connection we have to our people and our history, testing each other in combat is one of the best ways to do this. After the boxing the Nelson Chapter continued their walk for a while enjoying the natural beauty of the nelson region before returning to flatter terrain where they continued their sparring in the privacy of a members backyard.

Chance for reflection

Both new and more established members had the opportunity to partake in a quick trek around the Duder Regional Park. Members were able to witness the scenic vistas of Ponui Island, Magazige Bay and Wairoa Bay. These more slow-paced activities are great change for self-reflection and for the members to take part in intelligent discussion with each other.

The lads also had the welcome opportunity to cool off, partaking in a swim in the warm ocean. Followed by a well deserved lunch back in near by Beachlands.

5 thoughts on “November 2019 Action Summary”

  1. This is far more productive and helpful than the new “national suicide prevention office” or whatever it’s called.

    There are two ways to solve a problem:

    1. Go directly to the people without any proxy/middle-man/agency
    2. Address the root cause of the problem instead of fixing symptoms

    Good government, bad government, okay government. It’s all the same and it causes morale to drop. New Zealanders don’t need a government programme, they need grassroots activism.

    1. Both Dominion Movement and Action-Zelandia are respectable independent initiatives powered by energetic young kiwi blokes. Both are an inspiration for the future of New Zealand as an nation, independent from the sinister UN dominated NWO.

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