A New Era.

October set a new record for Action Zealandia. Throughout this country our movement was buzzing with the applied, disciplined action of enthused members. We’ve all been deeply encouraged by each other’s determination, grit and commitment as demonstrated in our eager participation in somewhat challenging activities. While this is exactly what Action Zealandia is about, we still find ourselves learning lessons from the experiences we share, and do so with increasing frequency. The authentic brotherhood embodied in Action Zealandia, increasingly scant in our atomised, anti-male society, provides a profoundly fulfilling alternative to the pitiful and vapid existence prescribed by mainstream society as a default to young white men. This alternative is embraced in Action Zealandia, and it’s just the beginning.

We grow ever stronger. A big shout-out to our newly formed Waikato section!


This month, we have four articles written by our prolific team of writers on the topics of non-revisionist New Zealand history, economics, and politics.


The 250th anniversary of James Cook’s landing on New Zealand’s shores – and how anti-white radicals and their allies in the media and government are hijacking this event to stoke anti-white vitriol and resentment.

The Myth of Multiculturalism

Discusses a new study from the University of Copenhagen; ‘Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust’. John discusses the study’s findings and what this means in the context of New Zealand.

Who Really Benefits from the Current Economic Structure?

A delve into a sometimes-overlooked issue in nationalist and nationalist-adjacent circles; the economic and banking system. Feasible alternatives to the present parasitic system are examined, as is the long tradition of resistance to usurious banking systems among European peoples.

Labour Day

The history and origins of Labour Day in New Zealand, and how New Zealand was saved from the malignant designs of rent-seeking capitalist merchants – instead becoming a colony for well-meaning, honest settlers, and a place for the working man to make a decent living.

Postering Continues

Our nation-wide postering and stickering campaign continues to gain momentum throughout New Zealand; recently garnering high-profile media attention. Through this medium we spread the essential message of our movement in distilled, eye-catching public art. This activity is popular among our lads, allowing the creatively gifted to flex their muscles, and serving as an active – and sometimes exhilarating – pastime for all.

Newmarket, Auckland
Palmerston North

Auckland Actions

This month was packed for Auckland members. Our JAFA lads participated in everything from postering/stickering to community-building and self-improvement activities. Fun times!

Boxing on the Beach

Several of the Zealandia lads met at Muriwai beach for a trek up Muriwai Regional Park, followed by some boxing. Luckily, members got to witness the unique gannet nesting season, and to contemplate the rich and varied natural beauty we enjoy as New Zealanders (often taken for granted). Following the sightseeing and the trek, the boys got stuck into the keenly awaited activity, boxing.

Fitness Fun

Later in the month the Auckland boys met again for another fitness focused event. This was a beep test followed by pushups, situps and pullups. Some members in particular displayed impressive endurance.

Overall, the group showed a good fitness level and this activity set a benchmark for future individual improvement. Our largest fitness gathering to date, we look forward to seeing progress collectively and individually among our members as we push each other to do our best.

Following this was a boisterous social dinner where newer and more-established members made connections and shared ideas and visions for the future. Much bantz ensued.

Nelson Actions

Graffiti Clean Up

The Nelson men took part in a graffiti cleanup in their local community. Ugly graffiti tells us a simple message – that we live in an ugly society. Action Zealandia men will always fulfill their civic duty in looking after our community and local environment. Below are some examples of the techniques we’ve been using, and the results they produce.

Although our efforts in cleaning the streets are welcomed by most people, some left wing reactionaries tore down our ‘cleaned by AZ’ stickers and retagged the areas we previously cleaned. Its obvious these people don’t want to improve their communities.

Mount Arthur Conquered

This month, a small group of Action Zealandia members got together to take on one of the most picturesque and invigorating treks in the Nelson-Tasman region. Arriving at mid-morning, the team got started with a bounce in their steps, soon disappearing into the forest of the Kahurangi National Park. For several hours the expedition hiked through the woods in relative shelter from the elements, until they broke through the treeline.

Exposed to snow, rain, clouds, and extremely strong winds, they marched onwards through the tussock towards their objective. Despite several members’ inexperience with braving such rough terrain and climate, no member was left behind, and they pushed through to the base of the summit. To everyone’s frustration, and due to heavier snows and a lack of equipment appropriate to the relatively higher-risk final section, they were forced to turn back mere minutes from the summit of the mountain.

Over come adversity

Content with this achievement, the group began the return trek to the hut and finally to the cars; the discomfort experienced by some who came unprepared being more than compensated by the bantz and general cheer. A great deal of comradeship was built throughout the day of walking, with healthy encouragement and banter abounding between the members, as they encouraged each other to achieve their goal.

Christchurch Actions

Rapaki Trek

The Christchurch Zealandia men escaped urban life and took part in a trek up the Rapaki. The men admired the natural beauty of the Lyttelton Harbour, followed by climbing the Rapaki Rock, and concluding with a final climb up Witch Hill.

Revolt Against the Modern Rock Formation

After taking a quick action shot, the men were then able to reflect and pay respects at the War Memorial atop Witch Hill. Content with the amount of cardio for the day, the men trekked back down the track and had a well deserved lunch in the city. Aside from an epic outdoor day, they secured an enviable group photo – one which is a strong contender for Photo of the Month.

Photo of the Month

Respect the fallen

Another Christchurch member, John Fromme, spent a Saturday morning cleaning the plaques of our fallen veterans while contemplating their brave sacrifices to this great nation.

Waikato Action

In addition to routine sessions to the gym, the newly formed Waikato section escaped the noise of the city for a bushwalk through the Hakarimata Ranges.

What was supposed to be an ordinary trek proved to be a nice cardio session, with rapidly increasing elevation allowing for an enjoyable – if initially unplanned – experience. The walk was then concluded with a group lunch in Hamilton.

Wellington Action

The Wellington branch got together in the heart of the city for a hike. The trail was an oasis, away from the rat race of daily life. The view of the city made it all seem very small, and it was a good opportunity for reflection and sharpening of focus.

View from atop the hill

Iron Sharpens Iron.

This movement was never just about shitposting and bants – our mission encompasses an object far more profound. We are dedicated to carving out for our people a place in this chaotic maelstrom, and this can only come about by the very ground-up community-building to which we set our hands almost every day now.

The fabric of our movement is continually growing richer and more grounded as indelible bonds of friendship manifest among our members; supported in every way by an esteeming, brotherly environment where the individual man is supported in his endeavour – shared by all – to be the best man he can be. This real sense of mateship, comradeship, is what our forefathers took for granted in a serious society which presented genuine social opportunity for them – opportunity we are dedicated to rekindling through Action Zealandia. It equally presents an existential threat to our enemies and the sadistic system against which we battle, a fact which only strengthens our resolve!

We may be a brotherhood, but we are not a clique. Our mission and goals serve the interests of every young white man of character; and if that is you, we extend our hand warmly to you, brother, to join us.

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  1. It is ironic that for decades NZ was a wasteland for the ‘Right’, and what endeavours there were, were far from adequate. Now, with Action Zealandia, NZ is setting the example!

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