October and November have been comparatively quiet months for Action Zealandia. Lockdowns and drastic measures of control throughout New Zealand have meant that the majority of our work has had to continue behind the scenes. As always, we persist in our efforts and continue to make advancements throughout the country.



Our flier campaign continues. Members and Supporters put fliers out in the Nelson – Tasman region.

Action Zealandia members also distributed fliers in the Auckland region.

Promotional materials

Promotional materials were placed in Newmarket, Auckland

Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials in Dunedin.

Auckland-based Action Zealandia members placed promotional material in Titirangi, Auckland, and made their way along the Beveridge track bushwalk.

Promotional materials placed in Takapuna Auckland.

Promotional materials placed in the Auckland CBD.

Protest Participation

Article Narration

Labour Day

Samuel Duncan Parnell and the original labour movement would have vehemently disapproved of this so-called “Labour” government as it exists today. Why do we celebrate labour day today? The meaning behind the word has been lost; the passion and historical importance devalued and changed beyond recognition.

We have no equal rights as workers with unfounded vaccine mandates, we have no strictly 8 hour day, no decent pay, no protection against scabs, no say in the importation of labour or the amnesties given to such imported labour. Inflation worsens and wealth becomes evermore consolidated among the multinational corporates and billionaires that pay proportionately less tax than the average worker.

Our ancestors in the labour movement were proud white men. They would never have allowed this country to sink to the levels it has. Think on that next time the now-meaningless public holiday comes around.

Voice of Zealandia

Conversation with Dr. Jim Saleam & Dr. Kerry Bolton | Ep 48

Zane speaks with Dr. Jim Saleam of Australia First Party and Dr. Kerry Bolton about the history of Australian and New Zealand Nationalism.

Conversation with Australian Natives Association | Ep 49

Zane and the Australian Natives Association discuss the ins and outs of running an organisation and leading a dissident group

Conversation with Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative | Ep 50

This is a big episode of Voice of Zealandia. We’ve reached a milestone of 50 episodes. With us is special guest Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative UK.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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