October and November were another set of busy months for Action Zealandia. Members from up and down the country took part in placing promotion materials, rubbish clean-ups, banner drops, and self-improvement activities. Also in November, Action Zealandia launched a Taranaki Chapter. Be sure to join as a member or a supporter, great things are soon to come!


During October and November our talented team of writers more many high-quality articles on a myriad of topics.

The Jewish Elephant in the Room

Who handles Black Lives Matter and are we allowed to notice it? A look into Jewish power in the West.


A look into historical revisionism within New Zealand. Should we remember all the civilians who were murdered in massacres within New Zealand? From the very first Dutch sailors to the people in Matawhero and Mohaka.

Are We Wrong About Freedom?

Freedom is the cry of liberal societies, focusing on it is the core of its belief. After living in modernity, which is the outcome of this ideal, it’s simple to see we’ve got it all wrong.

Guy Fawkes

An article on why we celebrate Guy Fawkes, and why this important part of our culture has come under attack in recent years.

Introduction to NZ Folk Music

The folk music of New Zealand is a staple of NZ European culture. Although among the international folk-fan community a number of New Zealand folk songs have become popular, in the modern-day they’re largely unknown to the masses.

Power is Change and Directed Action

The question we must ask is, where and how is power concentrated in a liberal society?

Loving the Struggle

All roads lead to White erasure. The only way out is through a healthy nationalism.


Kaniwhaniwha Reserve Bushwalk

Waikato based Action Zealandia members took part in a bush walk within the Kaniwhaniwha Reserve

Albany Rubbish Cleanup

Auckland based Action Zealandia members took part in a rubbish clean up within their community

Wellington Postering

Wellington-based Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials at parliament and other locations around the city

Waikato Boer Lives Matter Banner Drop

Waikato based Action Zealandia members took part in a Boer Lives Matter banner drop in solidarity with the wider Boer Lives Matter movement in South Africa.

Recently, 21-year-old Boer, Brendin Horner, was brutally murdered sparking mass demonstrations. Learn more from American Renaissance’s informative video on the topic

Auckland Domain Stickering

Auckland-based Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials within the Auckland Domain

Waikato Postering

Waikato based Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials

Remembrance Week ‘No More Globalist Wars’ Banner

As part of Remembrance Week. Auckland based Action Zealandia members took part in a ‘No More Globalist Wars’ Banner Drop.

No longer should young white men die for Globalist, Financial and Zionist interests.

Mission Bay Postering

Auckland based Action Zealandia members placed promotional materials in Browns Bay, Auckland.

Wellington Zealandia Walk

Wellington-based Action Zealandia members went for a walk around the appropriately named Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary, followed by a visit to the former gun emplacements north of Zealandia park.

Members stickered a few places, then headed back to a local pub for lunch.

Hunua Falls Bushwalk

Action Zealandia members partook in a bushwalk around the Hunuas. Including a visit to the Hunua Falls.

Crafts and Art

Action Zealandia received some great fan art and crafts from some of the lovely ladies from the Nationalist Supporters Network

Looking Towards the Future

October and November were great months for Action Zealandia; our community is growing and Action Zealandia is partaking in more Actions than ever. We look forward as we head into 2021 and continue to grow stronger. Be a part of a positive community and be the change you want to see. Join Action Zealandia!

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