The United States of America, along with the rest of the Western world are being led to war by a people whose interests are not of their own. Our sons and daughters have already paid dearly for the benefit of those who will not dare fight themselves. Globalist elites, Neoconservatives, and prominent Zionists in the U.S like Ben Shapiro have consistently screeched like banshees for the blood of U.S soldiers, urging for them to fight proxy war after proxy war in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. All of this to further destabilize the region and weaken enemy states of Israel. At the beginning of this year, leading Iranian government official and reluctant national hero, Qasem Soleimani, was assassinated via drone strike whilst on operations in Iraq. This cowardly attack was very nearly the catalyst of a new war in the middle east.

New Zealand involvement in the UN “peacekeeping” is an implicit endorsement of Zionism. We are busy wasting taxpayer’s money on wars not of our making and not of our benefit. What does the average kiwi gain by having a hand in Iraq or Afghanistan? The New Zealand armed forces have a contingent helping to arm and train security forces that will either disappear at the site of a true threat (like other western aided security forces did against ISIS in 2015), or end up joining the next band of insurgents who come along. No substantial resistance can be made in such a scenario, so it is essentially a pointless measure, employed solely to help show we are good lackies, ready to obey more powerful masters.

Some of us have friends and family that have fought in these pointless military interventions, both today, and in the past. We know too well the burden carried by our servicemen when they came back to this country. A country that sold them out, made them fight in someone else’s war, and then had the gall to ship the same alien people they were fighting to their own land.

I would propose to bring back national service (Compulsory Military Training 1909-1972). In fact, to keep in line with a protectionist stance on foreign intervention – and to cut back on military spending – I would argue we model ourselves after a Swiss style of military training and recruitment. Bringing back national service will allow our youth to be taught how to properly conduct themselves with discipline and honour, as well as instilling in them the knowledge of the proper and safe use of firearms, and giving them essential survival skills. Finally, it will give them a sense of patriotism and duty, sorely lacking in the idle youth of today.

Switzerland has one of the lowest gun crime rates and murder rates in the world – it also has one of the highest gun ownership rates in all of Europe. This shows that the only form of “gun control” a population really needs is to be taught how to properly use a firearm. The Swiss practice of having soldiers and former conscripts keeping their service rifles should also be adopted. We should cut back our ground forces solely to a dedicated professional reservist force, who train primarily for local disaster relief along with standard combat training and drill. Essentially, we should have regional militias, so that in times crisis or invasion the entirety of the male population would be able to take up arms.

An example of a Regional New Zealand Volunteer Militia Unit, 1898

We as New Zealanders began our military history with colonial militias, and I believe we would be better off with similar local formations once again. Militarily, we have a duty only to our own, and our Pacific neighbours, not the United States or Israel, or any other country outside of our local sphere of influence. We at Action Zealandia fight only for our own people!

6 thoughts on “Against Zionist Wars and a New Model Army”

  1. THANKYOU for recognizing the threat.

    Great article and highly worthy of front page news everyday until every New Zealander is awake and active in this fight against displacement and destruction of our people, sovereignty, autonomy and culture.

    It’s definitely time to recognize what the true global enemy is…and it’s the same as it has always been throughout history. Namely psychopathic and sociopathic narcissism…a complete lack of empathy for their fellow man and a mindset that materialism, hedonism and chaos are desirable if it feeds their insatiable lust for power and control.

    The nature of this beast that we are up against is simply the lack of common decency and humanity that would allow an individual nation or race the right of self-determination. In fact the adversary is actively engaged in a plot to turn it all upside-down.

    This enemy is parasitic and would prey on its host, then move on to its next victim until everything is consumed…then it self-destructs. It cares nothing for God, the golden rule or the environment. Its immoral, unethical and satanic nature is diametrically opposed to anything honorable and worthy. It is the very antithesis of civilized society. It is a sickness…a plague upon humanity.

    It wants to destroy everything good and virtuous. It plays word games to confuse and obfuscate. It deliberately lies to trick and trap.

    The most common form it has taken has been a megalomaniacal power grab by deception and covert means. Infiltration of a nation’s financial, political, religious, intelligence, media, cultural and social mechanisms has been the modus operandi of the threat to our way of life.

    Its secret societies are legion and eat their own young in their Luciferian march towards tyranny and global dictatorship.

    Once the subtle takeover is at a tipping point then the nation falls. Unless of course there is a solid and vigilant patriot base with the means to recognize the threat, retake lost ground and reestablish the natural, traditional and sovereign order. As always, prevention is better than cure.

    Without the tools however, the job will not be done. A well armed populace is the only way to ensure the roaming wolves are kept at bay.
    We must be well armed not only with the latest technology in weaponry, but with knowledge. We must have an even stronger grasp of history than ever before, and an understanding of who and what the enemy is. We must be completely familiar with their methods, tactics, strategy and agenda.

    To accomplish these objectives a nation must have a sound monetary system controlled by the people. They must have an effective intelligence gathering service which is aligned to the people’s traditional and cultural interests, and they must ally themselves with other nations and peoples of like mind. The people must be informed and wide awake. They cannot be distracted by bread and circuses, beer and rugby…or partisan politics. The truth must be broadcast far and wide even if it hurts. “Let the word go forth and have free course.”

    The truth stands on its own. It doesn’t need propping up. Be compassionate, be diplomatic, but tell the truth. Many have been deceived. It’s painful and unsettling to have your paradigm dented. So use wisdom and meet the people where they are in their ignorance or understanding. Teach them, guide them, love them.

    The questions for each of us to ask ourselves as both individuals and as a nation is….who are we and what do we stand for? What is our national identity and is it worth fighting for? What exactly is it we are fighting and how best can we combat it?

    If we cannot answer these questions then we are already a conquered nation because we have forgotten our roots and ideals. We are no longer leading by example but have succumbed to that malignant malaise that apathy, ignorance and impotence brings upon a nation. We are no longer a proud people, but have become rudderless, lost and soulless. The salt has lost its savor.

    Without clear objectives and a clear sense of our national identity, we are unable to discern that which opposes and endangers it. To attack the pillars of national identity, spirituality, traditional gender roles and family is the means of complete destruction. It is the way to completely eviscerate and eradicate everything that we are. Then throw in so many alien traditions, cultures and values through forced immigration, multi-pluralism and miscegenation and all you have left is the remains of a house totally imploded, divided and mongrelized. You have utterly destroyed true diversity.

    A little research will reveal the root cause of this death and destruction of nations and individuals throughout the world for many generations now. This diabolical, dark force has been working behind the scenes unchecked to accomplish its goal of total domination and destruction of culture and civilization.

    Cultural Marxism is one of the forms the enemy takes. Resulting eventually in the ultimate goal of world communism, and the annihilation of hundreds of millions of innocent, intelligent, good and upright men, women and children of all races, religions, ethnicities, creeds and colours.

    Evil does not discriminate. It is its own worst enemy as well as ours. It is not logical. It is evil for evil’s sake…and self-destruction is the endgame. Communism/Satanism/Materialism is far from dead. It just remains the hidden hand of the illuminists behind the curtain.

    Below are a couple of links to enlighten those who are not au fait with what we are up against as New Zealanders. This threat is not just about saving this country but the entire world.

    If we want a purpose and mission to once again regain our divinely royal heritage and raise humanity to its full potential, we must do our homework, don the armour of understanding, launch our ships, mount our steeds and mobilize our moral fortitude on a crusade for freedom and responsibility the likes of which the world has never seen. A crusade to eradicate, once and for all, the blight of Babylonian Talmudism and all it stands for…including all its aliases, forms and forces, both within and without.

    This first link is a soviet KGB defector explaining how they very effectively go about taking over a culture/country…

    You mentioned Zionists and their proxies. Call them what you will, I call them satanic criminals and their global cartel. Anyway, this second link is their plan and M.O. to takeover the world. It is the diabolical blueprint for methodically destroying nation states and sucking their lifeblood dry, as these parasites have done so throughout the ages…

    This is what civilization has fought since the beginning. This satanic cabal has pursued, persecuted and parasited our people for millennia. This is no joke. We have forgotten who we are and what we stand for.

    This enemy within the gates have projected their evils upon us and claimed that we are the predators and that they are the prey…the poor victim. Well let’s drop their pants right now and expose them for what they really are…usurpers; deceptive thieves and thugs, hellbent on the destruction of our sacred identity, spirituality, culture, lives and fortunes.

  2. On another note regarding these Zionist wars and New Zealand’s involvement…..
    …..does it strike anyone here as more that coincidental that Zionist Jews were behind communism, and that our prime minister was the president of the international Union of socialist youth, itself being an offshoot of the COMINTERN (Communist International in Moscow) according to Wikipedia?

    How was this allowed to take place in a country that opposed communism during the Korean, Vietnam and Cold War ? Why is it that our boys were dying over there in Asia yet our so-called leader embraced such Marxist ideals? Could it be anything to do with the Masonic sponsoring and Helen Clarke grooming she received? So the question arises, exactly what team is she playing on?

    Is she an example of the ‘useful idiots’ that KGB defector Youri Bezmenov talked about getting lined up and shot against the wall when her usefulness has expired?

    Just saying.

    …and yes of course our SIS team will be monitoring all our conversations.
    Hi guys. Feel free to reach out to me for an adult conversation if you see anything worthy of discussing here. The five eyes get all our electronic communications as we know, so let’s all just sit down and talk about our country and where it’s going. Are you muppets or are you men?

  3. I can agree with you that we (New Zealand) have no place in a fighting or training role in Islamic States such as Iraq or Afghanistan but fail to see what bearing Zionism has in relation to our troops supporting the US in those Islamic States. The Jews get enough unpleasantness without New Zealanders adding to the pile.
    Yes, National Service is a sound scheme and it could be enlarged to give military as well as non military options to those not in work or training. Maybe you chaps of action zealandia could consider creating your own militia unit?

  4. Our nation shouldn’t have international objectives. By participating in the United Nations we get entangled into needless waste, like paying for refugee camps in Lebanon or occupation costs for Afghanistan. We spend millions of dollars a year on countries that are far-beyond the Asia/Pacific region and then wonder why domestic agencies and programmes are underfunded. It’s stupid and wasteful but the media does not hold the government to account, and this is why we need greater media diversity in New Zealand. We need alternative news websites and casual talk shows that anyone can download for free. This could change public opinion over the next 5-10 years. The government wins because the media is constantly in agreement with the government on major decisions such as: over-regulation, the Metropolitan Urban Limit, UN membership, foreign aid, and foreign policy. It’s time for a rethink of our domestic and foreign policy. The media cannot be trusted to hold this discussion.

    1. Incomprehensible may be the wrong word in this instance. Perhaps…Unsurprising? Given the makeup of said government and its institutions.

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