James Cook, John Ballance, Marmaduke Nixon, John Fane Hamilton, these are the names of four very important figures in New Zealand history; namely the first white man to step foot in this country, one of our most influential prime ministers, and two fallen warriors from the New Zealand wars, men who died in our name.

But they have something else in common; they, as heroes of our New Zealand European history are remembered to this day by we who are not ashamed of our ancestors and their great deeds, all four men were immortalised in statue. They are also remembered by the ethno-masochists and white-haters on the left, who seek to destroy their memory, their reputation, and their statues.

There is a very real sort of iconoclastic anti-white hatred present among a small minority of Maoris from certain tribes (Waikatos, Maniapotos, Tuhoes, the usual trouble-makers), but especially from the indoctrinated white champagne-socialists and self-proclaimed revolutionaries in the “Anti-Colonial Movement”.

As with all the upper class larpers who pretend to be advocates of “the oppressed” or “the working class”, they are guilty about their truly privileged upbringing and project this onto the entire white race, they are then easily brainwashed and radicalised into an anti-white narrative in which white people are evil, and everything that represents white people, history or culture must be destroyed.

This iconoclasm, not motivated by religious piety but by racial hatred, has lead to a campaign of near-constant criminal “activism”, which is never and will never be punished, because the anti-white message is supported by the mainstream. Stuff, the spinoff, newshub, the New Zealand Herald, and practically every other publication tacitly supports the activists and spreads their narratives.

Statues of “dead colonial white guys” have been compared to the much-maligned Confederate War Memorials in the Southern United States and the wholesale removal of “controversial historical landmarks” has been mooted in the media. “Crook Cook” is called a genocidal coloniser, politicians who advocated in their time for the working people of this country are slandered as bigotted racist elitists, and memorials to the fallen of the New Zealand Wars are defaced and destroyed by the descendents of the same savage cannibals and cultists who they forced into civilisation and peace.

These “Anti-Colonialist” activists have in the last twenty years or so been successful in destroying, vandalising or banishing a number of monuments. The Chinese mayor of Gisborne, Meng Foon announced late last year that a statue of Captain James Cook would be removed into museum storage, saying that it was “about time we’re celebrating the local history as well.

Because of course, Captain Cook has absolutely no connection at all to the area, despite it having been the place he (and thus the white race as a whole) first came ashore in this land. Nope, local history according to Mr Foon is just Maori mythology and invented colonial crimes, because white people aren’t allowed to celebrate their history.

It seems a crime that they should do such a thing to Cook on the 250th anniversary of his first visit, but the anti-whites don’t care. They just want it gone already. A few days ago the statue was vandalised with “this is our land” and “thief pakeha”.

Any reasonable person would understand that Cook had nothing to do with confiscating land, he was long dead before New Zealand was colonised. But these people are not reasonable. They don’t actually care that he was just a man who made a map, and not even the first one. He represents us, the White British New Zealanders, and they don’t like us, they want us out.

The anti-white publication “the spinoff” says there’s a lot of truth in the words spray-painted on Cook’s memorial. Apparently they agree that New Zealand is unambiguously a Maori country, and that white people are thieves with no right to the land.

This is not the first time that Captain Cook has been the target of anti-white iconoclastic action. Every so often a group of cry-wolf oppressed Maoris or anti-white communists will vandalise one of the several statues that are dedicated to the good Captain’s honour nationwide.

Statues of Queen Victoria, in whose reign our colony was founded, have also been targeted. Dunedin’s statue has had to have it’s nose and crown replaced after anglophobic mongrels attacked it, leaving behind anti-colonial messages. Wellington’s has been graffitied and vandalised too, and so have Auckland’s and Christchurch’s.

Victoria was Queen and Empress from 1837 to 1901. For our country’s first sixty-one years she was our Sovereign. It was at her command and in her name that the country was built at all, it was her name our ancestors cheered.

In Whatuwhiwhi, Northland, there stands a small monument in memory of Captain Jean Francois Marie de Surville, a Frenchman who visited New Zealand slightly after Captain Cook, first landing in December 1769, to Cook’s October. After the theft of goods (including an entire yawl) from the French explorers, a fight ensued with the locals and the chief responsible was taken aboard the ship as a prisoner.

Both de Surville and the chief were soon dead, the Frenchman by drowning and the Maori by scurvy, but their memory doesn’t rest easily. Auckland University Professor Margaret Mutu is apparently still incensed at the very thought that a Frenchman would be memorialised, and has said that “when somebody stumbled upon this and came down and told us, we decided to pull it down, because it was grossly offensive.

Margaret Mutu, the anti-white so-called “””””””Maori”””””””.

Margaret is right, white history is Grossly Offensive. A simple plaque saying that the captain anchored his ship at that spot two hundred and fifty years ago is aggressive white supremacy and is NOT TO BE TOLERATED.

Lieutenant-Colonel Marmaduke George Nixon was a military veteran, a settler politician and Member of Parliament for Franklin, and a leader of the militia during the New Zealand Wars, where white colonists were threatened with extermination by rebel warlords and cults of cannibal hauhaus.

While passing through the village of Rangiaowhia in 1864, Nixon was shot by a Maori hiding inside one of the village’s whares. Sergeant Edward McHale, Corporal Horatio Alexander and Private Aitken were killed outright in the ambush, and Nixon, along with Corporal Joseph Little, Private John Ballenden, and Private Charles Askew would go on to die of wounds. Corporal Dunn, Private Brady and Private Smith were also wounded, but survived.

The Maori who had murdered Nixon kept firing, and at some point during the battle accidentally set fire to his flax whare. No more than a handful of Maoris were killed during the skirmish, all of them having taken part in the ambush.

But today, this event is rewritten as a massacre. The communist writers would have you believe that gangs of white supremacist colonialist racist stormtroopers rampaged through the countryside burning down villages and slaughtering and raping Maoris for no reason. Naturally, whites and certain Maoris fall for this trick, and have continued the campaign.

Marmaduke Nixon’s memorial

A memorial to Nixon stands today in Otahuhu, and has been subject to both vandalism and a campaign pushing for removal of the monument. Chinese-backed mayor Phil Goff eventually decided that the memorial could stay, but at the same time said that there were street names and monuments across Auckland that do need to be changed.

Zealandia, the personification of our country, has not been spared from this anti-white action either. A memorial in Auckland to the fallen of the New Zealand Wars, hundreds of soldiers and civilians that we are supposed to forget, has been the target of vandalism from radical leftists several times.

Most recently in 2018, an axe was planted in Zealandia’s head. Not such a deep symbolism, the perpetrators are killing off the personification of White New Zealand, and by extension White New Zealanders. A poster was also left at the scene, saying “fascism and white supremacy are not welcome here.”

They also said that the memorial was an ode to brutal and violent occupation and the ongoing colonisation of New Zealand. Under these brainlet’s ideology, a white person, even an eighth or ninth generation New Zealander (of which there are many), is a colonist and an occupier.

The 0 IQ unironic communists behind the vandalism, obviously knowing nothing of true New Zealand history, think that the New Zealand Wars were a simple white versus Maori affair. Evil white supremacist colonists fascistically genociding the poor innocent natives who were completely peaceful and certainly would never do anything to deserve even a bit of punishment.

If the communists attacked a memorial to First or Second World War soldiers, there would be chaos, but since the average New Zealander doesn’t know anything about the New Zealand Wars, or has been brainwashed to view these more distant heroes as colonialist oppressors, this sort of thing goes mostly unnoticed.

Just kidding, even then the communists would get away with it.

The statue on Mercer’s war memorial has been beheaded at least twice

The Taranaki wars were bloody and long. Hundreds of settlers, soldiers and friendly Maoris were murdered by terrorists from a handful of rebel clans and cannibal cultists from the Hauhau movement. Hundreds of farms were burnt. Thousands of cattle were stolen. Thousands of settlers fled south to Wellington or Nelson as refugees to escape the bloodshed.

The fighting lasted for ten years. Trooper Joseph Sartan, the first man to die as a New Zealand soldier and not a British one, was killed in the Taranaki. There were bloody sieges, pah assaults, open battles, ambushes in the thick bush, massacres of settlers on the road and in their farms, attacks on army redoubts…

It’s no surprise that memorials were erected in the memory of those who died.

Marsland Hill war memorial in New Plymouth

The war memorial on Marsland Hill in New Plymouth was erected in March 1909, after a long campaign by veterans and survivors of the wars. But the memorial you see in the photo above has not remained untouched by anti-white hands. Once a statue stood atop the plinth, a sculpture of George Messenger in uniform used during the New Zealand Wars.

The Messenger family suffered through just as much as any other pioneer Taranaki family during the wars. William Bazire Messenger fought for years during the wars, ending his career as a Colonel. His younger brother Edward was murdered by marauding Maoris, aged just seventeen, while collecting peaches at Brooklands.

We Will Remember Them

The sculpture was destroyed by ””protestors””” on Waitangi Day in 1991. It has never been replaced, and it never will be. The official “nzhistory.govt.nz” website, on it’s page about New Zealand Wars memorials, just says that it is “(now removed)”.

Reverend John Whiteley was a missionary in early Taranaki. He was also one of the hundreds of victims of anti-white slaughter at the hands of Hauhau extremists. John Whiteley, aged 62, along with Bamber Gascoigne, Annie Gascoigne, Laura Gascoigne, Cecil Gascoigne, Louisa Gascoigne, John Milne and Edward Richards, were all massacred at the White Cliffs of Pukearuhe in 1869.

A memorial cairn was erected in 1923 in Reverend Whiteley’s memory. In 2003 the land that it stood on was handed over to some local Maoris as part of one of the ridiculous “treaty settlement” process. Just three years later, the memorial was completely demolished, with only the plaque surviving to be moved to a church in New Plymouth.

In the city of Wanganui is a park called the Moutoa Gardens. This land was set aside by the city council in the 1860s, and a monument was built as a memorial to the men who had fought and died at the Battle of Moutoa Island in the name of “law and order, against savagery and barbarism”.

All but one of those killed in the battle were Maoris. Loyal warriors lead by Hori Te Anaua and Hoani Hipango defeated a larger force of Hauhau cultists were heading for the European settlement with slaughter on their mind. Fifty Hauhaus were killed, as well as fifteen loyal Maoris and a Frenchman.

The grateful citizens of Wanganui erected the monument, inscribed in both Maori and English, with the names of those who fell.

The friendly fallen were Hemi Nape, Kereti Te Hiwitahi, Wiari Te Patu, Riwai Tawhitorangi, Heremia Te Rangitakuku, Penetito Te Korewa, Rotohiko Waitoki, Manihera Maui, Wiremu Te Waruiti, Hakaraia Te Riaki, Warena Te Pohe, Pehira Te Kahuorauru, Matiu Te Potahi, Hohepa Te Whakaruku and Hare Te Kaho.

One wonders what their living relatives would think of their sacrifice, would they honour their memory or hate them as collaborators of the evil white Empire. The Moutoa Gardens were illegally occupied by protestors for 79 days in 1995. During this time they destroyed the memorial to Prime Minister John Ballance which also stood in the park.

Left – All that is left of Wanganui’s Ballance; right – surviving version of the same statue of John Ballance at Parliament in Wellington

The statue was first beheaded, with a pumpkin mockingly put on that proud Ulsterman’s shoulders, and then he was razed entirely. All that’s left of his statue is the plinth he once stood on and a stump that may have been a foot. The cuckold district council caved to pressure from anti-white Maori and communist activists and decided that they would never return the statue to the Moutoa Gardens.

There is, in the city bearing his name, a statue dedicated to Captain John Fane Hamilton, killed leading his men during the Battle of Gate Pah. In 2018, a senile old Maori activist named Taitimu Maipi, inspired by anti-white columns on Stuff, attacked the statue with a hammer and then covered it in paint.

Captain Hamilton defaced

Maipi was not charged with vandalism, or any other crime. It’s apparently completely legal to openly attack monuments to white history. The ethnomasochist mayor of Hamilton Andrew King said that “we do have to sit back and listen very carefully to the message that’s behind this”.

The message, Andrew, is that white people are bad.

King then went a step further and started a campaign to change the name of the city, because obviously Hamilton is problematic now that a single Maori is upset about it. He also initiated a review of all the street names in the city, reviewing them for “cultural appropriateness.” Which culture do you think they have to be appropriate for? Names that were brought up included “Bryce”, “Grey” and “von Tempsky”.

Physical reminders of this country’s white history and culture are not the only things that need to be changed. Auckland University lecturer Hirini Kaa is more concerned about how “place names are used to honour and memorialise historic misdeed and their doers”, saying that European-derived place names are a “potent form of colonisation.”

Another Auckland University professor, Anne Salmond, agrees, saying that although it would be convenient to simply demolish all the European statues, the legacy they celebrate would remain in “imperial” street and place names.

According to “indigenous rights advocate” Tina Ngata, white place names dot the landscape, affording the white colonisers immortality. Naturally, in the anti-white’s mind, British New Zealanders should not commemorate their ancestors, because their ancestors were evil, and only the Maori’s ancestors deserve any recognition.

Already in New Zealand there are hundreds of places that today bear Maori names, where once they had European ones. If I gave you a map, you would probably be able to find Mount Egmont, but could you identify Newcastle, Carlyle, Carnarvon, Pembroke, Clanricarde, Britannia, Petre, Georgetown, Waterford, McDonnell’s Cove, Wesleydale, Oxford North, Cholmondeley, Alexandra North, Port Louis-Philippe, Trondheim, Mellemskov, Gloucester Town, Milton Bay, Newark, Sarau, Schoenbach, Sankt Paulidorf, Schachtstal, Neu-Hannover, Wallingford, New Jerusalem, Dolly Varden, Clyde, Quakerfield, Jackson’s Ferry, Fort Strode, Scarborough, Penton, Wardelltown, Dreyerton, Hawksbury, Summerlea, Tinkers, Somerville, Collinsville, Mount Elliot, Woodbridge, Napiers Plain, Lake Arthur, Magonnegal Town, Raleigh, Lincoln, Herriesville, Marsdenvale, Sowburn, Pemberton, Barewood, Blackburn, Wigan, Blackpool, Bridgewater, Brownstown, Campbelltown, Christies Junction, Churchill, Coulthard’s Bay, Dalhousie, Drummond Ferry, Durham, Lamplough, Fairfax, Farnsworth, Garfield, Glenfalloch, Grahamsfern, Laycocks, Mytholm, Mount McCleverty, Maryville, Mickeytown, Mildura, Ralphville, Sandhurst, Squaretown, Jackeytown, Wickett, Port Daniel, Rhodestown, Rothesay, Mount Isabel, Ventnor, Allerton, Buckley, Morberry, Buddoville, Fitzherberton, Hallville, Malfroy, Blythesdale, Breakwater…

If you can identify more than one or two of those, you’re a racist.

As a movement and a people we have to continue to push back against the anti-white campaign against our history and our culture. And we can’t just push back against our opponents’ campaigns, the Maoris are able to commemorate anti-white murderers like Te Rauparaha with impunity (there is an arena named after him in Porirua), perhaps we ought to start giving them a taste of their own medicine with activism of our own.

We will not forget our history. We will not throw away our heritage. We will not let our heroes be forgotten.

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  1. The statue of Governor Grey at Mt Albert has been defaced. If it had not been for this article at Action Zealandia I would not have realised the extent to which this offensive against our heritage is taking place.

  2. Thankyou for the efforts you are making to give the rest of us a voice and calling out the racist behaviour of the extreme left and the many anti-white People. It’s incredibly frustrating to see so many people destroying such important elements of our country’s history without any real knowledge of it! Thankyou and keep up the good work.

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