Mental Illness and Political Suppression: A Volatile Combination.

Mental illness

To solve this problem, we must first take a look at the kind of person that would commit such a vile act. Are these individuals who are waking up each morning thinking what a joy and pleasure it is to be alive? Are these the kind of guys who are forces of nature? No, absolutely not. You can clearly see that they are spiteful and downtrodden, and if you have someone that’s downtrodden and in a very bad mental state, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. They are like a ticking time bomb ready to go off the minute they have an overwhelming day.

So, let’s ask ourselves, why do these people have this sort of mentality? Why are they so downtrodden and why do they feel oppressed enough to act in such violent ways? By merely looking at them you can clearly see the answer, making it highly frustrating when people act surprised when these unwell individuals commit violent acts. When one observes their appearance, it is clear: in their faces and on their bodies one can observe that they are not well. You can look upon a person and see if something is wrong by the way they look. This is normally an indication that there is something wrong with him mentally. For example, if we observe these mass shooters they are the exact opposite to the guys that adhere to our teachings in the best possible way. That is, they look tired and dead inside. People like them, as Evola discussed in Ride the Tiger, become the thing the machine created them to become. Our goal is to build a community of Europeans who are both mentally and physically healthy people, a group which differentiates from the way of being in modern societies that create mass shooters.

Do you think these mass shooter types would go and commit these heinous acts of violence and suicide if things were going well in their lives? Do you think they would be desperate to kill themselves and others if their physical progression was going straight up? Do you think they would throw away their lives if they existed in a world which promoted healthy wellbeing as opposed to overconsumption and degeneration in almost every aspect of life? Do you think they would embrace death rather than life if they had some sort of goal to strive towards that offered more than earning money and buying more objects of desire? If they were making physical gains in the gym, learning moves in various martial arts, reading books and developing every day toward a brighter future in a healthier society, do you think they would be keen on embracing death? No, they would be keen on embracing a positive life.

Death, senseless violence and cowardly acts are counterproductive; these are acts that would never be encouraged or endorsed by our members as it is against our core ethos. At Action Zealandia we promote the idea of living for the struggle and upholding something greater than ourselves. And to do that we promote healthy wellbeing among our members.

If you are genuinely concerned and want to help such people, then we must present them with a positive venue for their masculine energy. Instead, you choose to demonise guys like us, saying that we’re “extremists” who are radicalising people all because we motivate young men to stop viewing porn, to start reading, to stop consuming unnecessarily, and to getting in nature as well as lifting weights in the gym. We are a productive and positive avenue for masculine energy. We know that this is a positive way of being and we know that it is beneficial to build such communities.

If we want to avoid mass shootings in the future then we need to get more young men to start adhering to nationalist teachings, to start embracing life and thereby become a life-affirming force of nature. These mass shooter types are not life-affirming forces of nature; on the contrary they’re downtrodden pariahs who choose to embrace death rather than life.

To any journalists or other evil entities that might be reading this, ask yourselves: Do you believe men that have a lot to live for with family, friends and purpose are the kind of people that commit atrocities? The correct answer is no, absolutely not. In reality, it’s guys with nothing to lose, because they are already at the bottom of every possible hierarchy.

So, instead of talking about “right-wing extremists”, radicalisation and toxic masculinity, you should be presenting guys like us as people to listen to so that young men can have a healthy, productive way to spend their masculine energy and build a community of strong male role models to support those around them.

Political Suppression

Whenever there is a mass shooting the mainstream media and politicians have reacted in the worst possible way. They blame the wrong people, misdiagnose the problem and scream for policies that will only make things much worse.

The mainstream media and the political class are often very quick to antagonise all nationalist groups whenever there is an act of violence committed by anyone. Be it terror attacks committed by adherents of Islam or lone individuals with no nationalist affiliations whatsoever. However, if you pay attention, you will never see the mainstream media drawing the same conclusions about groups promoting policies that they approve of.

For example, take Black Lives Matter. It’s leaders claim the police are killing innocent black people and it’s members denounce the police in murderous language. In 2014, BLM demonstrations forced their way through the streets of New York shouting slogans such as “what do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, now”. In Minnesota, BLM protestors threw rocks and bottles onto police from an overpass, and injured 21 officers, they shouted: “one piggly wiggly down” when an officer was hit. Does this lead to murder? Well, in 2014 Ismile Brinsley killed two Brooklyn police officers who were sitting in their patrol car. Earlier in the day, he posted “they take one of ours let’s take two of theirs’”. There was another BLM inspired terrorist attack in 2016 when Micah Johnson murdered five white police officers in Dallas Texas. That same year Gavin Long killed three white officers; the killer was so heavily influenced by BLM that one of the officers who survived the attack sued BLM.

Would the mainstream media ever say that people who think there’s police bias should stop talking about it because of these killings? Would liberals ever say that BLM is a hate group that should be kicked off Twitter and Facebook, lose it’s payment processors and be shunned and silenced by all of society? Of course not. Virtually every single leftist group claims that the police are out to get black and brown people and they will never change their tune, no matter how many policemen are killed.

Currently, the government is attempting to push through new draconian hate speech laws in an attempt to silence legitimate concerns over radical demographic changes and the globalisation of everything. As far as we can see, there is nothing more healthy and moral than wanting one’s own people to survive and prosper in a healthy way. Fair policies on immigration and race relations can be worked out, but only if we can talk about them.

Whites have had a widespread, legitimately deeply held grievances. Call it “hate”, censor it, try to bottle it up or force it underground and what do you get? Mayhem like what we saw in Christchurch. Something which we don’t want to see happen here again.

Anyone who’s serious about stopping such killings needs to talk to those of us who understand the crisis of white dispossession and want peaceful political solutions. Nothing is more ineffective, stupid and wrong than trying to silence us. But if you take people who want ethical legal solutions and censor them, DOX them, de-platform them, get them fired from their jobs, then unstable people begin to think violence is the only solution. We, here at Action Zealandia, are helping to stop this from happening by building a positive community for our people to be in.

We are going through one of the most sharply divided periods in history: these are dangerous times. Those of you on the left should think about what you’re doing. The suppression you’re calling for is the worst possible response. Since you’re always talking about dialogue, reaching out, starting a conversation. If there were ever a time to practice what you preach, that time is now. Spinning lies and propagating disingenuous articles about us will not make us disappear.

For what it’s worth we hope this article will help save some lives in the future.

9 thoughts on “How Can We Help Prevent Mass Shootings?”

  1. Vigilante groups like Paparoa are full of angry little demons just like the ones in the pictures above. Their sole purpose is to destroy communities and promote racial division while hiding behind “They Are Us” and “We Are One”. Meanwhile Action Zealandia builds communities and improves the health of its members. It’s pretty obvious who the radicals and extremists are.

    Marxism and Jacindaism are diseases and natural order is the cure!

    Marxists rush to the government to beg for more surveillance but no amount of surveillance can stop a lone gunman/killer. Shootings happen all the time in the United States and despite 24-7 mass surveillance of all meta data and website visits, it doesn’t stop the killer. Many killers were likely referred to therapists or Police in the past, yet no amount of pills could help them and the tip-offs didn’t result in the prevention of any attack. It’s almost like the solutions are carefully designed to avoid fixing the root cause of the problem!

    We hear about the need to “reach out” (sounds gay and feminine) and we hear about the need to “get help” (sounds like an insult “get help, loser”) but no therapist or doctor says: JOIN AZ AND BECOME CHAD YOU STUPID ZOOMER!!!!!!

    Mental health funding will change nothing as there’s only so much numbness that can be induced with alcohol and prozac, and it breeds additional apathy. Gun control won’t work either because then we just get knife crime and van crime. There is no political or legal solution, and only pathetic paper-pushers and 65 year old administrators believe in those kinds of solutions.

    In reality the only solution is a values-based society and that cannot be created by a political system, only grass-roots nationalist movements can do this.

    It took 6 years for senior SIS bureaucrats to realise that instability in the Middle East can change the threatscape for every European (and English-speaking) nation. Perhaps in 6 years we will see a glimmer of hope when the government realises that suppressing and monitoring political opposition only makes people like us more determined. Instead of giving an additional 40 million dollars to GCSB and an extra 10 million dollars to SIS, the government should give half a million to Action Zealandia as I’m sure they would get better value for their money.

    If the government won’t support these initiatives then nevermind we will fund it ourselves and government can keep on failing like a drunk fumbling for his car keys in the dark. I imagine that the only reason anyone works for GCSB is for the high salary. Imagine being a 20-something computer science graduate, and your entire work day involves reading Action Zealandia memes and then actioning one of my comments on this website so that it can be looked into by the next idiot in the intelligence chain of command, and then wondering if your work actually achieves anything or not. I imagine that volunteering for AZ is more satisfying.

    1. Hi, Jeff.
      Interesting insight you’ve got. These people are their own worst enemy, as we know. When it comes to it they’ll be eating themselves. We do enjoy the effort they put in to pretending they know anything of substance about us. If you didn’t already know, they’re under the impression you’re one of our most prominent members! Laughing at their farcical nature is cathartic. Keep on keeping on, Jeff.

  2. Male suicide rates are unacceptably high in this country and I think it’s because young men are being demoralized and robbed of opportunities by relentless denigration and relegation as second class citizens.

    I think Action Zelandia is great opportunity for all young men to engage with male bonding, to engage in intellectual as well as sporting pursuits like hunting and fishing with their peers and above all without the assiduous distraction of attention seeking floozies.

    While New Zealand does have gun violence young New Zealand raised men of European descent are statistically not the perpetrators. I think you are an inspiring movement and I wish our Maori brothers would have something like it to replace their gangs that revel in criminal activities.

    1. Yes, the now-established norms criminalise traditional femininity and masculinity to such an extent that they are almost unrecognisable. These natural have become so distorted and convoluted through the modern propaganda machine that the average Netflix user does not know their left from their right, so to speak. There must be an alteration of the general public’s perspective on such matters in order to move toward a healthier future. We aim to build a community which can contribute to that.

      1. With modern technology and medicines, exponential growth of the population is today a much greater threat to our welfare than the conditions that made traditional families important to survival.

        While I certainly don’t think men and women who choose a traditional role should ever be denigrated for doing so, I also think an acceptance is needed that people will not be shamed when they do decide to renounce “manning up” to behavior and responsibilities that society no longer respects them for.

        OTOH none of that should ever be an excuse for promoting age inappropriate sexuality issues to under age children. Gender roles vs sex must remain separate concepts.

        1. As our website suggests, we are strongly aligned with ushering in sustainable living practices. This, without a doubt, relates to controlling population growth, along with a plethora of other aspects to the sustainability problem. With that said, it is a fact that the European people are under threat in their own lands, and thus we–as all healthy people do– prioritise ourselves over other groups.
          If manning up means maintaining gender roles and encouraging both masculine and feminine sides to society and those things which are innately associated with such ways of being, then we most certainly believe this is the only perspective required en masse. Whether or not every individual fulfils this is by the by because exceptions do not make rules. Exceptions will sacrifice and do what is best for their family, community and nation. Pandering to meagre minorities at the behest of the healthy norms of the whole is unacceptable. First, this means re-installing the norms which are severely lacking contemporarily.
          I am unsure of what you mean precisely when you refer to age-inappropriate sexuality, but naturally, we are against paedophilia and other such sexual deviancies.

          1. Well imagine you have been working yourself into an early grave to provide for the woman you love and your children, then out of the blue, she files for divorce…

            Now for the first time, from her conniving lawyers you hear how you allegedly oppressed her and would have been a violent liability to your own children (or worse).

            You discover that the woman you thought you loved has been having an affair with Mr. “bad boy gangsta” of no fixed abode. You are informed the court has awarded them your “matrimonial property” and you have to move out.

            You are denied contact with your kids, not even e-mail, “just to be on the safe side”…

            … you see women don’t want traditional gender roles, because they simply don’t need you anymore. Family law killed the family.

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