As is one of our goals as a group, we aim to encourage people, as individuals, into becoming more self-reliant and sustainably-minded for the sake of their people and country and therefore themselves. With the ramping up of the virus that has swept out of China to large swathes of the world, one need not be particularly precocious in order to comprehend what is required for a country to not only easily pull through such a time, but to completely avoid it arriving on one’s shores in the first place. The removal of globalist dogma and practices from each of our spirits, minds and lives is essential to our survival.

The same system that brought you all those unnecessary consumer items brought you the virus that is likely to cause serious harm or kill those youngest and oldest of us. China, along with other such hellscapes, has given New Zealanders and other Europeans the gift of COVID-19, but for what? For the mass-produced garbage that fills those shopping malls that we all hate? The boosts to the economy that prop up cafes for yuppies to drink lattes and swan around wearing their fast fashion in? These things, which represent the worst tradeoff possible, are not worth the health of our people. This clear and distinct correlation between the global movement of people and products with a deadly virus that is foreign to us propounds the notion that globalism is a failure. Placing one’s material wants over the general wellbeing of one’s nation is the height of egoism and represents the worst element of the times in which we live. That is because the vast majority of degenerative attitudes stem from the idea that the individual—and not the group—is paramount, and it is this perspective on the world that is not only encouraged but required by contemporary, globalist society: The malignancy of modernity.

Had it not been for the likes of consumerist jet-setters and migration from far-off places, the virus would likely have not reached New Zealand’s shores at all. As we have seen in recent days even a government as weak-willed as New Zealand’s is capable of closing its borders to foreigners if it deems it necessary. What must change, then, is the attitude that stopped the closure from occurring prior to the virus making its way into the country. The attitude that places the tourism industry, international trade and (deluded) multicultural hedonism before the wellbeing of a nation is one which is not fit to rule a people. This attitude is hardly surprising given that this abomination of an experiment referred to as multiculturalism has plagued us for so long its propaganda has seeped into the minds of our people and encouraged them to believe that it is a positive force. As anyone of us can observe, the only things holding the country together are fake smiles the ever-pervasive worship of money. If instead, New Zealand had a government which produced encouragement for its people to act in the interests of communities rather than individuals, and in both self-respect and self-reliance rather than narcissism and overconsumption, then we would become stronger and more capable as a nation of right-thinking people.

New Zealanders–and we aren’t referring to the foreign masses that make up the majority of Auckland City here–could, as we have previously, act in our own best interests and produce those things which are necessary for our survival from the lands in which we cultivated. Communities dealing with the families within them; the nation’s communities coming together to maintain that which is best for the entire group. This notion, however, is not feasible in a country which panders to foreign money, international trade and the pocket money of foreigners who choose to take jets and come to our land. As we can all see from the drastic decline in travel in recent months, everyone can survive without those habits that the globalists rely on us, the people, to partake in. With that understood, each and every one of us as a result of this shakeup can see more clearly what we are capable of achieving as a nation; a nation which can take action and chooses to become the self-reliant force of nature that we know we can become.

The first step to removing this previously-mentioned malignancy of modern, globalist attitudes is the recognition of its existence and also what it is capable of doing to us as a group. We can all see what these attitudes can do to us in the form of a virus, through unsustainable resource management or the importation of criminals. Whether it was COVID-19 or another issue or idea that found you staring reality in the face as we headed deeper into the depraved, consumerist void, know that you must act in order to see us overcome our material chains. With recognition comes thought, but the thought is not enough. Each and every one of us is destined to play a role in the future of our people. If the spirit of our people is to travel beyond the material and toward the sun, forever moving forward, we must face our demons, face our struggles, and take action.

7 thoughts on “COVID-19 and Looking Upward: The Malignancy of Modernity”

  1. A nation state behind a flag, unified countrymen and strong leadership is an ancient idea, but entirely relevant one even today. Thanks for being a dissident view to today’s political-correctness-gone-estrogen that we have to put up with in Wellington.

  2. I totally agree we need to safeguard our independence and self sufficiency as a nation.
    One expect the average consumer to buy New Zealand made products when there are foreign competitors at half the price, and thus our own industry is crippled.

    The only way I can see to prevent international trade undercutting our domestic industry is hefty import duties on produce from slave labor economies. I would love to know what solutions you think viable.

    1. New Zealand could do a lot better in the technology sector. We don’t have as many professional job vacancies as we should, and sadly, even our brightest people are dependent on American technology, American software, and Chinese hardware. I was reading a newsletter from Foreign Control Watchdog about Rocket Lab, and how that is owned by the American arms industry. So much for kiwi innovation.

      This year and next everyone should expect more and more corporatisation and Americanisation of our country. Instead of cooking nutritious meals, exercising or making white babies, expect more kiwis to sit at home in front of Netflix or Amazon Twitch during week nights. This is the norm now. We are still years away, perhaps decades away, from national-wide attitude change, and even when it happens we need to have alternatives to everything. Alternatives to the media, alternatives to entertainment, alternatives to the Mon-Fri 12 hour shifts from hell.

      American tech monopolies and Chinese industrial job theft has ruined everything. These powerful countries don’t give a rat’s ass about kiwis: everything is bought-out, corrupted and becomes part of the monopoly. Now when you log into Windows you get ads for Minecraft, Xbox and Office 365. The operating system itself is full of ads and subscription offers. I’m on Linux now and I’m using the Cinnamon desktop environment which is much faster than Windows 10 (it’s faster than Gnome 3 Shell and KDE too). Once you have Windows and Steam on your computer then any hope of productivity is gone.

      With Cinnamon I get a simple interface, yet one with lots of features, and there aren’t any ads. Upgrades to the software don’t cost, and I can easily change to another Linux distro since everything is free (as in freedom) software. Not only is this cheaper, but I’m also not being propagandised with corporate messages for Microsoft Surface tablet, which I’ll never need and which I can never afford given that I actually have worthy goals to spend my money on.

      See the above link for information on how to avoid the Americanisation of your PC and the normalisation of mass surveillance. If your PC is running slow then put Linux on it. If you have a pre-2015 PC then use MATE Desktop. This will save you from buying stuff that you don’t need.

      I have some more opinions on global dependency and nationalist thought:

      Let’s take this conversation to Gab and free up the AZ website so new people feel welcome to comment.

    2. The nation requires a government of action. Explicitly not the faux-humanist, liberal-democratic nonsense of today. Getting caught up in the weeds of liberal bureaucracy is not practical if a government hopes to achieve anything of substance in reality.

  3. Spot on with every sentence of your essay. A masterful analysis of depth that one is not going to see in either the mainstream media or any puerile Left-wing commentary.

    When something actually needs doing liberalism is ditched, yet any sign opposition to globalization and open borders was being condemned as a ‘dangerous right wing threat’ by police, state, media – their useful idiots in the Left – and the likes of Paul Spoonley and the Ziocentric (‘Jews are indigenous people’) Marc Daaldus.

    NZ’s manufacturing was starting to be dismantled under Muldoon to pay off the debt that he had accrued for the think big projects (that were sold off to pay the debt) with his ‘rationalization’ policy – a Darwinian survival of the fittest for industry. It was finished off by Labour with Roger Douglas’ neo-Whig regime.

    What the real Right has been advocating for decades the government is now obliged to act on in a bungling manner – so-called ‘Quantitative Easing’, but it is not a debt-free credit issue as per the 1935 Labour government, but an increase in debt, which will ultimately make matters worse.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Bungling along could quite possibly be Jacinda’s new campaign slogan if the government is to carry on as it is. Perhaps Her unrelenting platitudes will be what puts our ever-wise citizens on the path to organically-minded thought!

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