The current sentiment from New Zealand media to try and quash the organic growth of a protest movement fighting for a just cause is annoying to say the least. As if any of these ‘journalistic’ figureheads with cushy salaries in their ivory palaces understand anything about what the average working class New Zealander has had to sacrifice for this perverse agenda (one that Mrs McIvor likely agrees with in her own tacit way). If she supports this rise of righteous indignation from the brave New Zealanders peacefully protesting in Wellington, then why is she telling them to go home? And why hasn’t she said anything about the abuse from the police?

Remember folks, this dismissive attitude extends to Maori New Zealanders as well. Did anyone in the Maori Party or the Maori community bother to warn their co-ethnics about the dangers of the experimental jab? Did the mainstream media – who constantly gush and fawn over our Maori demographic – give a balanced message about the vaccines in consideration of their darling pets? No. Both working class European New Zealanders and the Maori community would do well to understand that when it comes down to it, none of them care about any of us.  Even if you’ve lost your job, your friends, family members or even your own children to this experimental technology; they still don’t care, and their response is to tell you to go home.

This is particularly true when looking at McIvor’s own writing. According to her, advancing the cause of Freedom and human dignity that our ancestors fought and suffered is not worth much, and therefore the protestors should all just pack up and go home. She doesn’t seem to understand how New Zealanders have suffered under our government, and the sacrifices they have made both before and after Covid. If Newstalk ZB and other outlets were truly for the people of New Zealand, they would not be telling protestors that “enough is enough” and that it’s “time to pack up and go”. Doesn’t any of what’s happening right now register with these idiots? If they were for their fellow New Zealanders, if they were for the cause of freedom, if they were for honouring our ancestors, then they would instead be encouraging the protesters to stay outside parliament longer, telling the government “two more weeks”, “just two more weeks”. Of course, these establishment cronies aren’t exactly idiots. They know exactly what they’re doing, which is appeasing their bosses, corporate sponsors and perhaps even more powerful entities that we are not aware of.

“two more weeks whanau lol idgaf” – Jacinda Adern

Attempts by journalists, news presenters and members of parliament to try and defuse the energy of this righteous, grass roots movement will not be successful, and their actions will always be remembered. To the protesters outside parliament: keep going. You are brave and peaceful, and on the right side of history. We support you fully and pray for your continued success in this historic endeavor. Our message to the government and to the media: it is not nearly enough that you tell us to go home, or that David Shecklemore calls for a “mature de-escalation”. We will not stop or compromise on anything. We want to see you admit that your Covid response has been a monumental tragedy and that you were all central in creating it. It’s not enough that we call this colossal catastrophe a mere ‘overreach’ when so many have had their lives trampled upon or have died from vaccine injury. Enact real change and inscribe it into law so that this never happens again. De-escalate on our terms, which is to completely reverse this insane lie. To NewstalkZB: stop putting out crap and tell the truth. To David Seymore: start representing the people and do what they are patiently asking for, instead of making Tik Tok videos in a wheely chair while making goofy faces. And to Kerre McIvor: you’ve had long enough riding off of the good intentions of New Zealanders and manipulating their thoughts. It’s time for you to go home back to Tel Aviv or Epstein Island, or wherever you came from.

– We stand with the Protestors in Wellington –

4 thoughts on “Kerre McIvor Needs to go Home”

  1. The general prejudice of the mainstream media is all leftwing advertising.
    Nothing to describe that not all nationalists are hell bent racist.
    Many cultures have there positive and negative sides

    1. Imagine spending 3 years in journalism school, competing with everyone with English and Communication degrees for a job. Working your ass off to get published, building your own outlook on the world as you read and write (because that’s all you do), and then deciding to “advertise” for the left. People create what they want to create. Media isn’t a monolith. Read conservative media instead of complaining.

  2. I agree that it is obvious these globalist/corporatist media and government and other anti-protestors don’t care about our people and culture and community and nation.

    But I don’t know what they’re so afraid of since this protest will end sooner or later and everyone will go home and back to the usual NZers-mostly-don’t-care-about-anything. No ongoing movement protesting about the whole regime/system in many aspects/areas, just a single protest about one single thing. Where were/are all these protestors about all the other bad things been/being done over the last decades since Rogernomics and even before? And NZers will just vote National back for a “change” and then vote Labour again in future when they decide they want another “change”.

    No one has learnt anything from covid. They don’t look at the root causes. The Western world globalist elite and people continue to do the same things. Even the “freedom” protesters are just the other side of the same coin. “Freedom” is part of the cause. People want to be free of all borders/boundaries/laws/gods and do anything they like (compare abortion, fluoridation, etc).

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