With the outbreak of the Virus spreading beyond China, it appears obvious that New Zealand’s government must protect its people by bringing to a halt–as any decent government should–any international movement of people, regardless of the nature of the movement. Despite this seemingly obvious point, insipid commentary from journalists regarding economic trials and tribulations is prominent. Along with this, such journalists continue to suggest, comes the straining of relationships between New Zealand and China. We suggest, instead, that other issues remain cardinal in comparison to petty economism.

The fact that our present government did not stop the movement of people from China as soon as it was discovered that large amounts of China’s population were infected with the virus highlights the incompetency of the government and suggests that its priorities are more deranged than one would have hoped. Given that during the early stages of this outbreak the extent to which the virus posed a risk to us was unknown, the government’s lack of precautionary measures indicates an insidious impotence on its part; that is both now and into the future. The well-being of its people both now and in the future should be the priority of any government. However, an ever-pervasive attitude of economism thrives in all spheres of life in New Zealand, and particularly among our officials and journalists.

This attitude, which has for years now dominated our culture, is one that economically rationalises the majority of an individual’s life. Every individual is encouraged to view their fellow countrymen as a part one big economic unit. With this dogmatic economism comes the necessity of placing all issues in monetary, materialistic parlance bound to a cycle of over-consumption. This is to the benefit of the ever-present globalists; this attitude–or rather way of life–best defines the status quo in thought among modern men. It is this present truism that must change if we as a people are to put up a challenge against the globalist agenda that seeks to reduce men to mere economic units. Yet, as one can observe through the country’s most popular news outlets, article after article is posted professing the negative economic outcomes the current travel bans are having on New Zealand’s economy. It is not the well-being of the people that these institutions are out for, but rather the flow of money in commercial districts. It is all well and good for us to trade resources where need be, but when profits and the flow of money are placed over the well-being of a people, there exists a crucial problem. That is because our financial system favours multinational corporations, and places plutocratic values in the minds of government officials to prop up the inherently flawed economic system. After all, this system does not exist to serve the people it purports to, but rather international plutocrats.

Much to the exasperation of organic-thinking people, this economic rationalisation of the spread of the Coronavirus perfectly highlights the hypocrisy that runs deep through the veins of the rootless individuals who advocate for such economism. These rootless individuals fill the offices of New Zealand’s media outlets, the floors that house multinational corporations and other such institutions. While these insidious organisations profess to care for this country, they simultaneously corrupt its people with malignant ways of being and do so while slyly posing with an empathetic face. With never-ending talking points regarding such things as the potential monetary losses from the University of Auckland, or strained relationships with non-New Zealand students and families because of travel bans, one wonders if the faux-compassion espoused by journalists could ever extend (in a meaningful way) to the people they are supposed to be informing. It would appear not. Radio New Zealand even went as far as to discuss the alleged issue with the UoA Chinese Students’ Association, stating that the bans would hinder graduation times for Chinese students and will affect future enrolments at the University. RNZ may do well to consider the well-being of actual New Zealanders rather than foreign students and the pockets of a University that panders to foreign money.

It will appear to any good-thinking person that for a country to truly prosper, it must move beyond things that hold a nation in the material realm. Economic-based rationale, particularly during times of global ‘crisis’, is not the way to support creating and maintaining healthy people. Economic-based rationale is the opposite of what we as people require going into the future if we are to succeed in improving ourselves and fulfilling our destiny. If we are to step over these things, we must orient ourselves in an organic way that does not incorporate economism and other such materialistic attitudes as the best way to thrive in this world.

Each of us must help to create a healthier future for the coming generations. Take action now by rejecting degenerative attitudes and ways of being.

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  1. A very interesting read, but could someone please explain what your definition of economism is please, and what you would suggest as an alternative, thank you.

    1. Very sneaky username, Paparoa! Good one! Economism, as I’ve indicated previously, is, bluntly speaking, where the economy and economic factors are put above all else in society. I believe I have referenced Tomislav Sunic’s book on this before, however, there are a multiplicity of authors who discuss the subject. The greatest alternative, I would suggest, is one which places the well-being of the nation above all else. Both in the here and now as well as planning for the future.

  2. China’s low wage economy has managed to hijack all our technology and industry and make us dependent on them on many ways. I believe we need strong import tariffs against such economies to sustain our own industrial base that we may be independent and self sufficient in any crisis situation. We need to eliminate the communists and globalists from our government and what I read on your site I think is very inspiring.
    Thank you.
    Do keep up the good work and know that us “general public” do see right thru the underhand hit pieces and staged false flag articles from the main stream media.

    1. Cheers, Melahi.
      We are in agreement in that regard. It is our goal to build a community which will be self-sufficient and sustainable in more ways than one! Reducing our reliance on foreign trade and eventually entirely displacing it is, in my own estimation, a viable goal. It is also necessary, for the sake of our spirit as a people, to alter the attitude which many of our people have whereby economics supplants all other elements of existence. We aim to change this malignant attitude people have toward life.

  3. Your articles read like NZ socialist (i.e.democratic manifestos) which is fine, except for the bits about racial purity. I’m a European kiwi and for me Maori have the same rights as I do in our country.

    1. And to a degree they are. Just not a Marxist conception of socialism, and certainly not democratic in the contemporary sense of the word. Economic and class-understood socialism, by way of Marxism, is as far away as capitalism is in terms of being positive for our peoples’ wellbeing. The socialism for which I advocate is usually referred to as Prussian or ethical socialism. If you’re interested, look into Oswald Spengler and F.P. Yockey. Each racial group has a different biological makeup as well as spirit and is unique. We do not encourage race-mixing as it is detrimental to both the individual and the group from which they descend for those reasons. Maori do have the same rights, but we are not equal by any stretch of the imagination. Each group excels where others fail. And vice versa.

      1. I happen to be questioning the “alt-right” scare mongering that is going on today in New Zealand politics. I was hoping you can tell me if your website deals with “racial purity”. I certainly have seen nothing that I would call “supremacy” so far and I don’t think the denigration from MSM is in any way justifiable.

        p.s. My relevant discussion is here: http://melahi.online/ap.php/alt%20right/actionzelandia.php

        1. We believe in building a community for European New Zealanders. This is what is best for our people. We do not believe in equality. This means that there exists a hierarchy within every individual, community, nation and race. Where one excels at one thing they lack in another, and vice versa. These are natural perspectives on the world which are, as you suggest, denigrated by the media and other institutions. One must ask oneself who in such institutions, or more broadly why such institutions have an interest in keeping people from having a realistic perpective on the world and groups in it.

    2. You do know Maori aren’t indigenous people of nz a? Celticnz.co.nz have a read of what David rankin has to say about where they are from ect and he’s a direct descendant of kupe

  4. You sound like a cool guy to share whatever substance you don’t abuse with. Maybe a sparring match or doing a sticker run would be more fun?

    As far as I see it if you want both an ethno-state and a unified nation, then you are trying have your cake and eat it at the same time. To me AZ is on the same trajectory as Gloriavale or the Essenes, tending toward a cult like exclusionary model.

    But I don’t want to presume anything, rather may I ask what is the end goal of AZ, and do you ever see something bigger than merely a group of males who wish to stay fit, drug free and have families with European women? If you were to project yourself 100 or even 1000 years into the future, what would be the ideal kind of outcome, how would you achieve it? And in the case of Maori, who you have agreed are shared guardians of this great country, how would you interact with them and what kind of relationship with other entrenched ethnic groups would you want?

  5. Hi,
    As we’ve suggested, the whole point of AZ is to build a community of our own people (Europeans). We are not a big, bad terrorist organisation setting our sights on a coup or any other such measures. We aim to do something which modernity does not offer our People, and that is all. Actively doing things such as routine exercise, positive social gatherings that don’t involve vice as well as encouraging others to separate themselves from all the malignancies of modernity creates new norms.
    I will reiterate: we are not a political party. There are a range of views among our growing membership (which spans all major regions in the country along with some smaller ones). However, we all agree on the importance of strong communities. We understand that the greatest way for a community to even be a community in any meaningful way means that it must represent itself and see that individuals within it view themselves as part of a whole. Because people get on best with, and are suited to those most like them, we would like to see Maori maintain their own communities as they do throughout the country. This will allow them to maintain what is left of their own heritage as best they can, by themselves.

  6. Everyone who comes to nz from another country is supposed to put them selves in to 14 day isolation and this is what fucks me off is except if your a pi coming from the Polynesian islands why the fuck does the government keep licking there ass

  7. From a random website I found: For anyone born in the early ’90s, the timeline of your life as it intersected with major global events is as follows: a prosperous early childhood that you don’t really remember, the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre, the years of fear and fear-mongering that followed, the financial crisis of 2008, a decade of austerity leading straight into Donald Trump and Brexit, followed by an unprecedented global pandemic, which will likely usher in another decade of austerity.

    Millennials are, in effect, a generation without any positive memories of the world. A generation without any wins, who have experienced nothing but a free-fall slide down the declining quality-of-life curve on a graph of bullshit

    read the rest: https://www.joe.ie/life-style/695805-695805

    1. But Jeff, I can watch pornography on my 2,000 dollar phone while eating a burger on my sofa without leaving my 18 sq ft city apartment. Are you trying to tell me that this isn’t peak living? Let’s hear it for us!

      1. While other millennials may be unwilling to resist, this only makes me more determined to lead the zoomer army to victory.

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