An unspoken truth does not make that truth disappear.

This country has long had a problem with organised gangs and crime. New Zealand has more gangs per head than any other country in the world, with about seventy major gangs and over 4,000 patched members in a population of 4 million. Starting with the influence of degenerate ‘American’ culture in the early 1960s with the Hells Angels starting a chapter in Auckland. A plethora of Motorcycle gangs started to form in other regions, namely the Mongrel Mob, and Black Power. One might say the shift towards a prevalence of gangs was filling a void for the lack of tradition and belonging in an ever-materialist society. Of course, these gangs are almost entirely populated by Maori and Polynesian peoples. The savagery and tribalism of these groups are naturally appealing to such peoples. One need only look at the New Zealand Government’s crime statistics to see that the general population of Maori, despite being only 15% population, make up 51% of all violent crime in the country. The biggest gangs in New Zealand are all exclusively Maori or pacific islander, or at least shall we say, men of dubious ancestry. Especially that of the mongrel mob, true to their name, pride themselves on being at least part Maori.

Every non-white demographic is strongly represented in the worst parts of the criminal underbelly of this country. There are no explicitly white organised gangs in this country; the Fourth Reich skinheads are defunct, as is the laughable Right-Wing Resistance. Any other skinhead outfit is hardly what one could call ‘organised’ crime.

These predominantly ‘brown’ gangs have patched members, affiliates, and prospects everywhere in the country. However, our police have not curbed their ability to conduct all manner of illegal actions to any great extent, for decades. This is highly distressing. Gang shootings were and are commonplace in certain urban areas, but of course, no meaningful changes are made to policing these neighborhoods. Even though these firearms, like handguns, were obviously illegal, no changes were made in light of any shootouts.

Now they have turned on legal gun owners, and now all our police can carry guns either in their vehicles or on their person. Not to protect you from gangs of course, but only to protect themselves. For the record, we have always been against arming the police. A homogenous society scarcely needs the average constable to wield a sidearm on the beat. At the same time, we have our government lowering requirements for police to fulfill training, as well as increased numbers of diversity hiring. Gang-affiliated persons have managed to slip through the gaps and into the police force before. It truly shows where the institution’s priorities are. The fact that the government has sat on its hands as these gangs have been practically unopposed, putting meth into practically every town big and small in this country.

The government most likely has had the occasional dodgy dealing and corruption over the years with some of these gangs. Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, for example, was seen partying at a black power gang pad. That is perhaps another reason that you should be suspicious of any National politician claiming they are tough on gangs. It might explain some of the lack of action to even promoting its relevance as an issue for average New Zealanders. Most are too comfortable sitting in their ivory towers, owning an average of 3 houses, while many of us struggle to attain one.

The media machine is all too ready to spout propaganda for gangs. Every other day we see some fluff piece about how the meth-dealing, gang-raping, murdering scum is really just all about making lunches for school kids, or some other paid PR tripe. Academia too has shown its usual lack of any real intelligencia among its faculty or students. When, for example, the University of Canterbury is allowing gang members from the mongrel mob to give a lecture, and show off how progressive they are.

The hypocrisy in academia is astounding because according to some university lecturers Action Zealandia is no different from a gang. They preached about us in their lecture hall pulpits saying we are just as bad, if not worse, than these meth dealers. The same methheads they enthusiastically embrace and say they can do no wrong. Oh and even if they did that is ostensibly society’s fault and a problem of institutional prejudices. Just the other morning the tedious lecturer who warned of our organisation in a Canterbury University lecture appeared on John Campbell’s Breakfast program espousing nonsense suggesting that it’s up to the gangs’ higher-ups to keep troublemakers in line. Of course, this is an absolute farce given what each and every one of us knows about what leaders require (intimidation, physical and sexual violence, theft, etc.) of their young members to achieve membership and to become patched. This moral, cultural, and institution hypocrisy is undoubtedly socio-politically motivated in order to forward a particular agenda and social ethos; however, it is nonetheless a tragic injustice.

I think there is a clear distinction between a nationalist organisation that plants trees, cleans up rubbish, removes tags, goes tramping, and other such activities as it builds a community, to an organised criminal racket. We are patriots and we care for our land and people. We do not have the money or power, but we do have the inclination to better ourselves, our friends, our families, and our lands. We don’t have the threat of violence that the state, or indeed these ethnic gangs do. What we do have is the heart. What we have is an enduring spirit and unity.

2 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Gang Problem”

  1. I like the bit “filling a void for the lack of tradition and belonging in an ever-materialist society”. We should always seek the root causes of things.

    Its sad that people are so blinded they can’t see the difference between gangsters involved with crime/violence/drugs and a decent nationalist movement promoting quality culture and community. I think the politicians and so-called “elite” are even worse than the gangs.

    Academia on these issues mean nothing. They are always finding some “professor” ready to speak learned sounding words which agree with what they want. The universities educate them with the globalist stuff (as the name university itself confirms).

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