The previous article by Gilbert Strife “In Defence of Children” inspired me to address a problem that I find utterly disturbing and was, in a way, created by a New Zealander. I first heard about this case around 2016 in a video from Mr Metokur. The video is from 2013 and is one of his “Tumblerisms“ series (episode #3 ‘Cis-Scum’) and the relevant segment starts at 12:34. Given the current year anti-White hysterical frenzy, this is probably the one and only White man the bio-Leninists have any interest in celebrating, which is almost ironic. So, it’s true: New Zealand birthed the man responsible for one of the most destructive and pernicious ideologies on this side of the Post-War World. John William Money (born in 1921), better known as John Money, was a New Zealand psychologist, sexologist and author specializing in research into sexual identity; renowned as one of the foremost researchers on the influence of “gender” as a social construct and the formation of gender identity. His work is the basis for modern concepts around sex and sexuality, gender and sexual identification and even mole hills such as “Gender Pronouns”.

Few themes of our current year are more divisive than this one; in a sense it is old news but it does not invalidate or diminish any of the horror and nihilism surrounding it. It must be dissected, scrutinized and denounced for what it is and the implications to our Society and our People.

Money’s prolific writings have been translated into many languages. His accolades included numerous honors, awards and degrees during his lifetime, as befits someone dedicated to the corruption of the mental health of a White Society. A sobering example of this was the Magnus Hirschfeld Medal awarded to Money in 2002, from the German Society for Social-Scientific Sexuality Research. (((Hirschfeld))) was a renowned physician and sexologist that inflicted his mental diarrhoea on the German Society of the Weimar period, where he was a promoter of Feminism, decriminalization of abortion, a defender of ‘sexual minorities’ (himself a homosexual – because of course he was!), and had some of his books symbolically burned by the National Socialists who rejected the deviancy he and his ilk promoted. A little tangent that illustrates the beautiful interconnectedness of these people.

Born in Morrinsville, of English and Welsh descent (!), Money began his studies in psychology at Victoria University of Wellington, graduating in 1944 with a double master’s degree in Psychology and Education. In 1947 he emigrated to the United States to pursue his studies at the University of Pittsburgh and then completed his PhD at Harvard in 1952. Another luminary of the Ivy League, whose august scions have been steadily pushing our Civilization towards the abyss of Nihilism and Godlessness.

The ballad of John and Joan

John Money is, however, most infamous for his involvement with the sex-reassignment of the child David Reimer. Born in 1965 as Bruce Reimer in Manitoba, Canada, he and his twin brother Brian Reimer were diagnosed with phimosis at the age of 6 months. This is a condition “in which the foreskin of the penis cannot stretch to allow it to be pulled back past the glans.”. The recommended circumcision was performed via an unconventional method of electrocauterization. The procedure did not go as planned and resulted in the unfortunate destruction of the infant Bruce’s penis. His brother Brian did not undergo circumcision and eventually recovered naturally from his condition.

In 1965, the Johns Hopkins Hospital of Baltimore became the first academic institution in the US to perform sex reassignment procedures. Concerned by their son’s future prospects of a normal life and happiness, the Reimers took their son to Hopkins Hospital in early 1967 for an appointment with John Money. At the time, Money was conducting studies on sexual reassignment surgery as a member of the Sexual Behaviors Unit and was known as a pioneer in the field of sexual development and gender identity.

Reimer endured sexual mutilation underwent surgery during his infancy. At the time, children born with abnormal genitalia (like intersex) were victims of this procedure. A rudimentary set of female genitals was constructed and “Brenda” (as he was now called) received female hormones during puberty. To add literal insult to injury, Bruce/Brenda was never told he was born a male, even during his regular sessions with Dr Money. The unfortunate child became an involuntary subject of John Money’s investigations now dubbed the “John/Joan” case, including the twins performing ‘genital inspections’ and humping sessions to simulate intercourse which were then photographed. Brian Reimer was not spared the indignity of this child abuse experiment, as John Money considered both Brian and Bruce ideal test subjects for a psychological study on gender on account of their shared genetics, mother and upbringing.

Although Bruce rejected is new identity shortly into his puberty, threatening to commit suicide by the time he was 13 years old, this exemplar of child mental and physical abuse was used to justify thousands of similar procedures on children with reproductive/genital abnormalities.

At 14 years old, Bruce learned from his father about his circumstances. In no time Bruce was shedding his fake gender identity of Brenda and renamed himself David, undergoing testosterone treatment and reverse surgery to regain his stolen manhood.

During the mid 90s, David Reimer met psychologist Milton Diamond, an academic rival of John Money. With Diamond’s assistance, David participated in a follow-up study that addressed the failures of his sex transition. By 1997, David was speaking publicly about his experiences and was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine for their December issue. In follow up interviews, and even a book about his experience, David Reimer described his interactions with Money as “torturous and abusive” which caused him to develop a lifelong distrust of hospitals and medical staff.

However, as it is all too common of these sad cases, David Reimer suffered severe depression throughout his adult life, with consequent financial instability, troubled and failed marriage and an untimely death at thirty-eight years old. Notwithstanding, his public statements about the trauma of his horrific experience were instrumental in the decline of sex reassignment and surgery for unambiguous XY infants with micropenis, as well as various other rare congenital malformations, or penile loss in infancy. Johns Hopkins had also ceased with the sexual reassignment procedures back in 1979 and has never resumed these barbaric interventions since.

As for the twin Brian Reimer, life was not kind and caring, in typical child abuse fashion; as a consequence of decades of struggling with his trauma at the hands of John Money, Brian developed schizophrenia and died of an overdose of antidepressants in 2002. His brother David would join him 2 years later by his own hand.

John Money died on the 7th July 2006, one day before his 85th birthday, in Maryland, USA, but by then the evil he inflicted on the World had well and truly metathesized. His legacy is a wasteland of mutilated lives and sexually confused people. His contribution to the field of Psychology is adding names and numbers to the list of “deaths of despair” that is such a sad hallmark of life in a post war Industrialized Nation.

So, let’s recap: it is my opinion that the ideology that popularised the concept of gender as a social construct was pushed forward by a man, responsible for the extended mutilation of a toddler, for his trauma, his humiliation, his mental degradation, his financial problems, his mental instability and ultimately his suicide. And this is the textbook case that was used to push a whole slew of bad ideas divorced from the realities of Biology and Sexual Dimorphism as if it had been a success! This onslaught of bad science and obscurantism left a trail of destruction through the lives of children and adults alike; lives touched and broken with no happy endings in sight. Confused, sterilized and suicidal people that only needed help to address what is mostly a mental problem.

A whole group of people are being allowed to indulge in a fantasy world that is removing them from the gene pool and forcing them down a path of identity crisis. These conditions used to be referred to as “disorders”, until recently (circa March 2019) when the WHO decided they were no longer disorders. A decision made by committee, no doubt. For the World Health Organization, apparently “Mutilation is the new Black”.

Just to illustrate the sheer irresponsibility of this decision, let’s take the case of a rare disorder called Somatotaraphrenia: a delusional belief in which a patient states that the limb contralateral to a brain pathology, does not belong to him/her. Basically it means people believing that their arms or legs do not belong to them! Imagine how destructive it would be to allow these people to indulge in this delusion; and then imagine our illustrious benefactors at the WHO deciding that the best way to address this disorder is to amputate these people. How destructive would that be? About as destructive as the gender dysphoria solution of “reassigning” sex.

May God rest the souls of Bruce and Brian Reimer. The best way we can homage them is to fight to prevent this from repeating itself. We can do this by holding cases like David Reimer’s close to the public eye, to prevent this destruction of lives and potential among our people.

White Lives Matter.

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