Action Zealandia is founded on a worldview that approaches human nature in a realistic and unconceited way. Our members ended up in our community by various paths; but all of us began with the core attributes of curiosity, critical thinking, and a refusal to unquestioningly accept political and social narratives promoted by the establishment without having first found them convincing on their own merits.

Our insistence on realism is combined with a simple rejection of internalised guilt, self-loathing, and pathological altruism. We have either never seen a reason why we should feel guilty about being who we are, or ‘grew out’ of adherence to this doctrine at a young age.

These two attributes – rejection of blind conformity, and contentedness with who and what we are – are the drivers of the worldview at which we have arrived.

Who are we? We are New Zealanders, in the literal, actual meaning of the term, informed by the historical and sociological connotations of what a New Zealander is. We are citizens of a settler nation-state founded by people predominantly from the British Isles, and we conceive of New Zealand as being nothing else. Through the daily sacrifices of hundreds of thousands over seventeen decades, we enjoy an unsurpassed quality of life and an abundance of material wealth. What we recognise is that this astounding achievement didn’t spring out of nowhere. It is a direct reflection of the distinctive qualities of the ethnocultural group which settled New Zealand. We simply have no illusions as to why New Zealand is what it is: our people settled this place, and the milk and honey we enjoy is a reflection of the capabilities of our people. There is no malice or ill-will inherent in such a statement.

Our view of human nature is deeply pragmatic because we acknowledge what science and the historical record tell us; that the individual members of a group, through the sum of their own propensities, tendencies, habits, aspirations, and most of all intrinsic capabilities, are the primary determinants of what shape a society ultimately takes. We think the differences between Somalia and Sweden lie not just in guns, germs, and steel; but something intrinsic to the people of those places. Explanations for these differences which seek to substitute what legitimate science and our basic intuition tell us in favour of comfortable, kind, yet fraudulent lies are unable to be squared with what we experience as young people every day in modern ‘Aotearoa’. The day-in, day-out brushes with chaotic diversity we experienced growing up in this country, as well as the demographic projections of the future and the extrapolations one naturally takes from these, have made these narratives incapable of being taken seriously. We have thus rejected them – out of sheer necessity – and embarked on a journey to discover the truth.

One truth about New Zealand is that, like all Western countries, the institutions which govern our society are under the near-complete control of the noxious, corrosive, and suicidal dogma alluded to above. This pernicious tapestry of lies, mainstream adherence to which is only maintained by rigid enforcement by the establishment through ostracism and gaslighting, is defined by a core set of shibboleths: that white people are inherently and uniquely morally inferior, that ‘diversity’ is both inevitable and immoral to oppose on any grounds, that the degradation of our culture into mindless consumerism, atomisation (under the guise of individual liberty), and selfishness is to be lauded, and that any longing a person feels for a society based on order, cohesion and traditional values is at best laughable and at worst a dangerous or even fascistic impulse.

The recently-coined term ‘Globohomo’ is a perfect descriptor of this repellent ideology which is diffused throughout the institutions of the media, national and local government, education (both state and tertiary), and the professions.

In short, ‘Globohomo’ describes a broad socio-political system in which grotesque self-centredness and self-indulgence (through the promotion of hedonistic lifestyles of consumerism, substance abuse, and perversion) are strongly endorsed to people on an individual level, while on a societal level, the powers that be doggedly pursue nation-wrecking policies which set the trajectory of society itself into a death spiral. This is seen in New Zealand through the quiet maintenance of an immigration system geared, deliberately or as a by-product, toward rendering the historical founding stock of New Zealand an ethnic minority within a few generations, in the nation our ancestors founded and bequeathed to us exclusively.

We see this status quo for what it is, and we reject it. We value what we have, and what our children will hopefully have, far too much to allow it to be “shattered on the rocks of expediency”. What we mean by the ‘degradation of our people’ is the slow, quiet drift of this once beautiful country into a confused, chaotic, and balkanised second-world state where we no longer exercise democratic control of our own national destiny in the country built by us and for us. We witness this happening in America, South Africa, and Europe, in the form of an increasingly strident politics of racial vilification of white people. We will do everything we can to prevent this from happening here. Thus we organise into a group dedicated to political activism and self-improvement.

New Zealanders are a people with intellect, and an oblique, no-nonsense temperament. We believe that if we present an alternative to the prevailing self-destructive orthodoxy (one which is viscerally unpopular with ordinary people anyway), and present this alternative intelligently, reasonably, and calmly, we will have a hope of inspiring a popular movement toward reclaiming control over our national destiny and securing a viable future for our progeny. We reject violence and terrorism as being directly counter-productive to these aims, as well as immoral.

What stands in our way is a media apparatus that maintains near-total control over the accepted narrative and which is subject to no accountability from the general public whom it supposedly serves. This apparatus, embodied in treacherous organisations such as Stuff, Newshub, The Spinoff, and others, has been in overdrive in its mission to prevent genuine debate on issues of immigration, national identity, and culture. It has equally ramped up its dissemination of propaganda promoting incoherent “diversity” and “anti-racism” ideology. These organisations are distinctly aware of the growing disgruntlement amongst ordinary New Zealanders in regard to the whirlwind demographic changes we are seeing in communities throughout our country as a result of immigration. If we are to move anywhere close to achieving our aims, it will require either reining in these organisations, or operating independently of them to disseminate our message, utilising the fact that they are in structural decline generally.

We seek to build a new generation of capable, young white men who will assume the mantle of re-taking control of our own country. This starts on an individual level. By refining one’s own mental and physical agility, he is able to contribute better to the collective effort. We are engaged in a struggle of metapolitics, of jamming the narrative and fighting for the ability to present an alternative future to our people, one which doesn’t involve our eventual demographic displacement and socio-political disenfranchisement.

Our whole ethos boils down to this sentiment: we are a people. The definition of us as a people – white New Zealanders – is not an epithet, but an authentic identity grounded in 170 years of history and lived experience. Our ancestors built this country for us through blood, sweat, and tears. Our claim to New Zealand is founded in this reality; it is our sovereign right to decide what shape our country takes in the future, and the vision we articulate in Action Zealandia is of a homeland: cohesive, peaceful, coherent. This vision is threatened by reckless policies imposed on New Zealand which will have devastating effects on our society in the next few decades. We unapologetically stand for and defend our collective interests, as every other people on Earth does.

Our purpose in Action Zealandia is to stand against this existential threat and peacefully work against it through education, advocacy, and organisation.

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  1. Beautifully stated! It is a breath of fresh air to hear words supportive of New Zealanders like myself, with ancestral roots from The UK and Scotland. Only recently I was looking through a box of family archives and realised the sheer volume of effort, courage, sweat and tears that built New Zealand. From its wharves to its roads, its towns and cities, farms and factories. Its a dreadful thing to be vilified for that by the progressive globalist set, to be cast aside as a shameful historical artifact, to hear smarmy radio hosts and certain politicians refer to you and your ancestors as “old white men” to hear these lunatic, self loathing traitors talk of “diversity”, while so obviously forgetting to include themselves.

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