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Among nationalist circles, it is not uncommon to find high praise for Putin for being an exemplary figurehead, a hero for both Russia and for the rest of Europe, an example for nationalists all over the world to follow. One listening to this hype often peddled by young nationalistic men online and RT news outlets may begin to effortlessly conjure ideas of Putin valiantly fighting back against degeneracy inc., marauding islamic terrorists and corrupt, rootless oligarchs in the back of their mind. However, in reality, do we as nationalists actually see this? Is Putin really the nationalist hero for the Russian people, representing a stellar example of what it means to be a patriot for nationalist men all over the world? In fact, it would seem that we see quite the opposite in very clear detail. As an appetiser for the reader, we see Putin entering an orthodox church for worship, wearing a cross. At the same time, you can also see him lighting a menorah in a synagogue, wearing a yarmulke. He does both these things regularly while claiming to be a bastion of safety and a defender of Muslims, citing the supposed numerous contributions Muslims have made to Russia. While the less discerning reader may consider this to be an example of good charity and benevolent mediation amongst men of all backgrounds, this should begin to give the more discerning reader some initial incite into the chameleon-like character of Putin and other figureheads of the “Alt-Right”, further reflected in the ever-morphing influence of the FSB and KGB across the world. Could Putin and Dugin really be people we want to include in our movement? First, let us look at Putin’s Background.

Before we continue, it must be stated clearly that this article has absolutely no intention of denigrating or attacking the people of Russia. Rather, this article’s purpose is to reveal to Nationalists the true intentions and character of figureheads commonly but incorrectly thought to be part of the worldwide nationalist movement. This article should be used as an aid to refine one’s outlook on the world by gaining a greater understanding of the forces at work and how they influence our leaders and our own movement represented in each independent state. The writer of this article understands that the situation is very developed in places like the U.S., Western Europe, and the broader European diaspora. Indeed, this is patently obvious, nothing more needs to be said to fellow nationalists in regard to the power corrupting the various western nations. This overwhelmingly negative phenomenon we see developing in the west would explain why there is such a hyperfocus on Western European nations, further explaining why the issues facing Eastern Europe are largely ignored. This is probably why so many nationalists look to Russia and the Eastern Bloc for inspiration, seeing Eastern European nations in relative stability and security, while the rest of the civilised world falls to ruins. With the right strings being pulled by certain figureheads this inspiration seems to morph into a loss of faith in the western nations and even further into a denigration of the history, identity, and people of that nation, such negative perceptions are commonly seen in the “alt-right” and are even propagated by these circles. At the same time, you will notice that they worship Putin to the point where they portray him as being some kind of cartoonish superhero that can do no wrong. These ideas are almost non-existent in the much larger and more prosperous nationalist circle.

By contrast, Patriot Front (PF) and Patriotic Alternative (PA) are proud of their American and British heritage. This article will in part allude to why this school of thought is detrimental to nationalist ideology and what it will result in. In future articles, we will discuss who is responsible for the growth of these counterproductive ideas in dissident circles and therefore why it is vital for nationalists to excise such sentiments that still exist in our movement. As we progress in later articles, we will be able to see that Alt-Right figureheads like Spencer and Dugin are responsible for the scheme of nationalist energy divergence by denigrating America and Europe in favour of Russian oligarchic-imperialism and Zionism. Similar to how Q-anon and Israel are ways for the nationalist desires of Trump supporters to ultimately be rendered impotent by those who espouse its rhetoric. All of these smoke and mirror movements enhance globalist aims and gradually disintegrate authentic expressions of nationalism. People who have a yearning to support these politics would find it is much more worthwhile to join PF rather than the Alt-right or Qanon. This is the same for this reason, it should be made clear that Patriot Front is often slandered as being “wig nats” or “alt-right” when in fact they are as their name suggests; Brave and honorable patriots with a deep connection to their country, defending the good name of their nation and their people, making them true nationalists and thereby true warriors for the cause.

Early Life of Putin

Putin’s involvement with Chabad Lubavitch or the Hasidic community began very early on in life. Putin began life in a tough environment. He was from an impoverished family and his parents were always working. Fortunately for him there lived a Hasidic family next door, they always ensured to invite him over and were extremely benevolent toward him. Later, Putin realized that not only were they being kind to a child who was not their own, but they were doing so in a time and place where it was dangerous to do so. 30 years later as the deputy mayor this would inspire Putin to give permission to open the first Jewish school in the city of Leningrad. When Putin was eleven years old, he attended wrestling lessons alongside the Rotenberg brothers under the tutelage of Anatoly Rakhlin. Under Putin’s leadership, the Rotenberg brothers became billionaires and are close friends to this day. Putin viewed Anatoly Rakhlin as a father figure and would always speak highly of him. Rakhlins’ death left Putin with a “feeling of deep sorrow”, “This is a big, irreparable loss for all of us”. Very early on in Putin’s life. we can begin to see how these events encouraged the choices that Putin has made to date both for Chabad Lubavitch and the worldwide Jewish community and consequently, the way Putin governs Russia.

Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Lubavitch is a sect of Judaism most famously led by Rabbi Menachim Mendel Schneerson (who was thought to be the Moshiach). The Hasidic sect has become greatly influential in world affairs. It should be noted that Chabad Lubavitch including Schneerson held highly derogatory and extremely controversial views toward gentiles to contemporary sensibilities. Schneerson was not at all an estranged rabbi leading some radical sect. The funeral of Rabbi Schneerson was attended by at least a million people. Readers should also be made aware that Chabad representatives have had a long relationship with the U.S. Presidents, going back as far as Carter and Reagan, to more recent presidents like Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden. In recent decades the government in Russia has had arguably an even more intimate relationship with Chabad.

It is well known that Putin is very close to the Hasidic Jewish community Chabad Lubavitch, in fact, Putin shares a close relationship with Berel Lazar a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi commonly known as “Putin’s rabbi”.

In a street interview with Lazar, he was asked about Chabads relationship with Putin and the Russian Government as well as asked directly “What kind of influences do you exert on the Russian Government there?” Lazar responded:

“The Jewish community in Russia is finally thriving, it is in a very, very good condition, antisemitism is almost non-existent in Russia, Jewish institutions are building a lot of excitement, a lot of people joining the Jewish community and no question that a lot of this is thanks to President Putin’s Policy towards religion in general, the Jewish community in particular”.

He went on to say that it was “In style to be Jewish” in Russia today.

Berel Lazar has served as The Chief Rabbi of Russia, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, the chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia. In 2005 Lazar became a member of the Public Chamber in Russia.

In a video excerpt from in 2019, we see Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie giving a speech about the health of the Jewish community in Russia.

“The difference between Poland and Russia is that Russia is a vibrant, dynamic Jewish community, I was in Moscow, there were a thousand people there, there were 13 oligarchs in the room, their net worth was approximately 30 billion dollars”

Eliezrie goes on to detail the frivolities of the event and how at 3 am in the morning he was walking home with Berel Lazar. He continues to describe the event, talking about how the outside of the Schul is lined with Mercedes of oligarchs, drivers and Bodyguards included. He says quite poignantly:

“They run the economy of Russia, the difference is we’re (Chabad Lubavitch) the Jewish establishment in Russia, there’s no Jewish Federation we are the Jewish Federation, there’s no ADL, we are the ADL, there’s no AJC we are the AJC. Judaism in Russia is run 98% by Chabad”.

“It is the most amazing Jewish community I have ever been to in my life, it is so well organised, there are schools in this town with a thousand students, with 50,000 jews and everything in the city is run by jews. The shopping centers are owned by Jews, the airlines are owned by Jews, the banks are owned by Jews, the gas stations are owned by jews, everything is owned by these oligarchs”.

He describes another element of the success of Chabad Lubavitch in Russia:

“One of the other elements for the success of Judaism in Russia, even though he’s not so popular right now in the United States, has been the friendship to the Jewish world of the president of Russia which is Vladimir Putin. You have to ask yourself, why is it so? I heard a great line from a professor of mathematics, he told me this; Putin may not be good for Russia but he’s definitely good for the Jews of Russia”.

“Russia is a different political mentality and this is part of the conflict between Russia and the United States. A very shrewd observer once told me, you can’t deal with Russia like the United States, here it’s public pressure. In Russia everything is quiet, for instance, there’s a lot of quiet deals between Russia and Israel that you know nothing about. At the early meetings between Putin and Sharon and Putin and Bibi were orchestrated by Chabad”.

The Oligarchs

Putin’s friends, including the Rotenberg brothers, would all later become billionaires under his administration. Putin’s cabinet most accurately reflects Merriam Webster’s definition of an oligarchy, as such, Russia is run like a corporation under Putin, with a small group of cosmopolitan businessmen bending his ear and sycophantic cabinet ministers complying with his every whim. This organisation of Russia’s current ruling class is in stark contrast to the authentic right wings ideas of a truly nationalist aristocracy. Many of those billionaires that are in close consort with Putin are of Jewish background, what’s more, is that they are of a rabidly Zionist, Israel first position with little in the way of Russia’s first ideas. In fact, even though Russia’s Jewish community makes up 0.11% of the population, a quarter of Russia’s wealthiest people are Jewish. This to a large degree would continue to explain why there has been such a zionist strong streak in Russia’s governance. It is not only in the U.S. that you find Zionists in high political places.

Influence on Policy Decision in Russia

With so many intimate dealings with Chabad, how does this affect Putin’s decision-making for Russia? While there may be much that he does for Russia as a whole, there certainly is an alarming level of a Zionist bent on his decisions.

In an article published by the JTA Entitled “Putin vows to combat antisemitism” Vladimir Putin met with Berel Lazar in October of 2014 to discuss ways to fight against Neo-Nazism and Anti-Semitism. Rabbis from a swathe of various European nations attended the meeting. During this meeting, the parties discussed joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history which included the fight against Neo-Fascism, Neo-Nazism as well as xenophobia and antisemitism”.

It is well known to Nationalists worldwide that even a mild expression of nationalist sentiment can likely have you slandered as all of the above. Look at all the fear-mongering that is constantly directed toward people who belong to milquetoast political movements such as Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign. Constantly, they are branded as terrorists or white supremacists. Regarding this commonly known phenomenon, would ethnic Russians be able to express concern over Chabads influence over Russia? What about their own ethnic interests, when do they get a say in their own homeland? Apparently, Putin doesn’t seem to mind.

In a Times of Israel article, one of Berel Lazar’s top associates Rabbi Boruch Gorin has said; “Putin has facilitated the opening of synagogues and Jewish community centers across Russia, at the Jewish community’s request. This has had a profound effect on Jewish life, especially outside Moscow. He has instituted annual meetings with Jewish community leaders and attends community events. His friendship with the Jewish community has given it much prestige and set the tone for local leaders”.

The outcome of all this pandering has led Putin to outlaw Holocaust denial and anti-semitic interpretations of the Bible. Many young Russian men have been imprisoned and in some cases assassinated because of dissenting views. According to Putin, “Interreligious and inter-ethnic harmony is the basis of our statehood”, “A rejection of antisemitism and all forms of xenophobia and international enmity brings Russia and Israel together”. Does any of this rhetoric sound similar to our own globalist/ zionist politicians in the west? What would Putin’s definition of antisemitism be, would it be the IHRA definition to hazard a guess? A definition that essentially stipulates that any criticism of the State of Israel and Zionism is deemed anti-semitic. Putin added “We are cooperating closely to counter attempts to falsify history and revise the outcomes of World War II”. Who are the ones attempting to falsify history and censor? What about free speech and free debate? Putin continued to say that politicians have a duty to “prevent the weeds of nationalist ideology from growing,” including anti-semitism and Russophobia. Again, does any of this sound familiar to us in the West? Furthermore, the only people who are being Russophobic is the Chabad-oligarchic establishment in Russia’s government with their draconian suppression of the Russian people.

Why would they be so scared as to allow the Russian people to freely explore the subject of the holocaust and its various details, why is it that even mild speech surrounding the topics of Zionism, Israel, and Jewish history such an untouchable subject in Russia? Well, look at who controls Russia and look at their virulent hatred for all mankind. Many will correctly point out how the Trump administration like several other U.S. administrations succumbed to and aided globalist and zionist interests. Why would you then support leaders like Putin and Xi Jin Ping? We all must remind ourselves that we live in a world completely dominated by a tightly knit network of cosmopolitans who do not care for a genuine expression of nationalism, but who would rather prop up nationalist movements, pervert their meaning and bend nationalist energy to their desired outcome. If these are the kind of people that nationalists look up to, we must do much better in understanding our enemy. We need to be much more aware.

Putin making Arabs dependent on Russia

With there being so much evidence of zionist involvement in Russian affairs, how does this affect Russias general foreign policy, How about the Middle East? When it comes to affairs in the Middle East we see again how subservient the Russian government is to Israel, just like the U.S. The situation in the Middle East is incredibly complex and better used for a separate article. However, It is important to note that whatever occurs in the middle east, whether it be Syria or Iran or anywhere else, Putin’s government always seems to have Israel-first policies in mind.

The events in Syria have shown Putin’s pro-Israel bias. Many will say something along the line of “Putin is defending Syria, this makes him good” and “Therefore, Putin is anti-zionist since Putin is Assad’s ally, and Assad is an enemy of Israel. ” This is not the case, however. Israel has not said a word against Russia occupying and bombing Syria – They are in support of this. It is in Israel’s interest to utilize this event to continue grinding Syria up in the hopes of balkanizing and destabilising the nation.  All Israel needs to do is provide the pretext for these wars in the form of Isis fighters and other Syrian rebel factions while Putin occupies and bombs Syria. In effect, what Israel is doing is allowing Russia to divide Syria up to the borders of Greater Israel. Then they will use an American force together with Israeli forces to expand Greater Israel’s border up to the Russian border in Syria. Russia will use an “Iron curtain” approach to shut Kurds and Syrians behind their side of the border. Ultimately, this would of course, mean more power would go to Israel in the region. However, rather than stating that Assad is Israel’s enemy, it would be more apt to say that Assad is Israel’s excuse for engaging in the balkanization of Syria. Many prominent Israelis have come forth and stated that they want to keep Assad in power. This is a common theme in how Israelis tend to conduct their globetrotting antics, both internally and geopolitically. Think that’s crazy? Why were both democrat and republican politicians have a strange, unexplained back history with top Russian officials? Not only were they in Bush and Trump’s cabinet, but also Bidens!

To conclude this section: Israel’s position on all of this is to keep Assad continuously fighting various different factions in the middle east and abroad. Progressively Grinding Syria to Dust.

As the reader can see it is not just America that is zionist owned, Russia is forthright in

its prerogative to work for Israel’s interests. What’s more, even though the U.S. and Russia are stacked against each other, what is the common denominator with their goals in the ME? It seems like they both have one and the same in mind.

What are the results of this? Grinding up Syria and making them and other Arab nations more dependent on Russia as they (Russia and America) bolster Israel’s defenses – In the middle east Putin has made Israel a priority in this situation, are there just as many representatives of Syrians and Arabs in Russian politics as Chabad and the Jewish oligarchs? What about the interests of ethnic Russians in the middle east?

Furthermore, destabilising Middle Eastern nations continue the flow of migrants from the Middle East to Europe. The result; destabilisation of European countries by the colossal and seemingly never-ending onslaught of 3rd world migration from these nations. This problem in Europe is further exacerbated by the media once the migrants have arrived and settled in Europe. The media and mainstream liberal and conservative political pundits ginning up tension between these groups on the premise that they are culturally incompatible people. Well-known forms of this from these mainstream liberal and conservative institutions are events like the French school teacher who drew a cartoon of Muhammad and was beheaded not long after. These “cultural clash” events continue to demonstrate the increasing instability of several European states. Regarding the broader geopolitical situation, Putin is at the very least complicit in this geopolitical strategy which is skewed against the West (NATO Nations) and the Middle East while being skewed heavily in favour of Israel and the Israeli establishment’s megalomaniacal aims. Notice how zionists will play both sides against each other, yet seemingly polarised forces both agree on one thing, none of which benefits either of them. Israel supports no one but itself. There are many examples of how Israel is a bad faith actor in relation to its allies, not just western European ones. Insofar as it has a relationship with a nation, the Israeli government will only use that nation to carry out whatever means and ends of global domination they require at the time.

Religious commitment to Israel

In what could be described as the impetus of the Jewish-Israeli cause in the Middle East, the Sanhedrin has called on Trump and Putin to build the third temple – Such a construction would mean destroying the Al Aqsa mosque, something which is fervently contested by Muslims around the world. This is a site of monumental religious importance to Jews and Muslims. Why would the Sanhedrin go straight to Putin and Trump to build the third temple? Why would they see Trump and Putin fulfilling a Cyrus-like role? On top of that, Putin had outlawed so-called “antisemitic” interpretations of the Bible and helped institute Noahide laws. Not only does he appear to be aiding Israel geopolitically, but he appears to support Chabad in a highly intimate way, even as far as bringing about laws that state idolaters should be beheaded. The Zionist Noahide laws consider anyone who isn’t Jewish or a Noahide to be an idolator. This law was also silently signed in the U.S.


It is understood that in nationalist circles we are constantly caught up in playing the “blame game”. A reason being for this is that so many have accepted what has been artificially imposed on us as normal in almost every facet of society. Whatever the reason is, though the question of Zionism is regularly brought up in our circles, there are still certain areas where people do not seem to be able to identify why nationalist energy is always building and then suddenly putters out without a trace. Those yearning for more nationalist ideals needs to realise that our fight transcends this fake right, left dialectic fed to us. We need to be truly discerning of who our allies are without falling into obvious traps again and again. For example, many people who were in step with Trump’s nationalist message fell into the Q-anon trap and incorrectly thought of many Zionist leaders as nationalists – such as is the case with others like Boris Johnson and Putin. Even after this expose, some may still be willing to bat for Trump on the basis that there was nothing he could do, due to virtually the entire American political class being entrenched in Zionism and globalism – however, either way you look at it, the results are still the same, whatever you may think of Trump we need to be in the business of challenging those who purport nationalism (with zionist gaps in their armour) instead of being a bunch of sycophants who mindlessly support our (((nationalist))) leaders every step of the way. This is how we direct our energy effectively, by challenging those with anti-nationalist ideas, instead of being apathetic and turning a blind eye. In this way, this is not really a critique of Zionism, everyone who looks into the edicts of Zionism can tell that it is bad news for everyone (obviously). So in actuality, what this article really is about is the ability of us as European activists to discern between what is true and what is false. It is worth remembering the immortal words of Johnathan Bowden when it comes to our current position, faced with the subversive, custom-made web of lies built to manipulate and deceive our people.  “Don’t forget that almost anyone who’s educated now, has been through the politically correct filter and only perceives reality in that way. Yet everybody has a prior, largely biological identity, and if that particular identity is appeased, by image, by word, by association, and by the absence of grievance then you will see more people come to you. My view is that the more one attempts to rescue female and male ideas of a traditional sort, from the more of the new left and from second-generation feminism, the more you’ll have the support, and the implicit and intuitive support of generations of yet unborn”. A big part of his message is indeed not just to criticise the issues where it counts, but to provide a viable alternative of heroism and vanguardism, constructive nationalism instead of always engaging in critique, which is both necessary to extricate the mind-fogged masses from the web of disinformation and lies. Today, perhaps a big part of the reason why there has been a sluggish motion to nil of a resurgence of authentic right-wing politics as far back as Kipling, people did not understand what following certain political parties might lead them – mediocrity and then decay. This would in part explain why Poland and Hungary have been defiant against the globalist menace. Asides from their seemingly successful inoculation, it would be better if we did not have to learn what they, many decades ago, had to suffer through so unjustly.


There is much more research that could be conducted regarding the validity of Putin being a nationalist, such as the apartment bombings, support of Antifa in the US while viciously clamping down on Antifa in Russia, the bombing of Chechens, support of the middle east invasion post 9/11, the secrecy surrounding Vera Putina as well as his time in the FSB, KGB and his time spent with people like Dugin and others. In any case, we see that on the subject of Zionism apparently Putin is just as much of a Zionist as Donald Trump or almost anyone else in contemporary politics who purports to have right-wing beliefs. Men who are genuinely concerned with the health and welfare of European nations and European people across the globe would do well to look more carefully into the backgrounds of certain figureheads claiming to be nationalists, especially if they think people like Putin or Dugin are. Knowing what is known now, one should begin to reconsider their support for the Alt-Right, as we have not even touched on a surface level analysis of the Alt-Rights’ many inconsistencies, not yet. Just as many Trump supporters have been undermined by the results of Q-anon during Capitol Hill or how the Alt-Right imploded after Charlottesville one must be more aware of the inner workings of these movements. I wish my Russian brothers the best of luck and to all people across the world who have come under the pre-calculated, existential nightmare created by Zionism.


Early Life of Putin

Chabad Lubavitch

The Oligarchs,7340,L-4587086,00.html

Influence on policy decision in Russia

The Middle East

Religious commitment to Israel

2 thoughts on “Putin – Russian Nationalist or Zionist?”

  1. Below are quotes uttered by the man himself, Vladimir Putin, in his own words about who is the nationalist:

    The biggest nationalist in Russia: that’s me. Vladimir Putin

    I consider it to be the meaning of my whole life and my obligation to serve my fatherland and our people. Vladimir Putin

    I believe that the Europeans, first and foremost, the Germans, will also understand me. Let me remind you that in the course of political consultations on the unification of East and West Germany… some nations that were then and are now Germany’s allies did not support the idea of unification. Our nation, however, unequivocally supported the sincere, unstoppable desire of the Germans for national unity. I am confident that you have not forgotten this, and I expect that the citizens of Germany will also support the aspiration of the Russians, of historical Russia, to restore unity. Vladimir Putin

    Russia is a part of European culture. Therefore, it is with difficulty that I imagine NATO as an enemy. Vladimir Putin

    I am proud of Russia and I am sure that the vast majority of Russian citizens have great love and respect for their Motherland. We have much to be proud of: Russian culture and Russian history. We have every reason to believe in the future of our country. But we have no obsession that Russia must be a super power in the international arena. The only thing we do is protecting our vital interests. Vladimir Putin

    Russia itself is a European country, and not just because our major political and economic centres are in Europe, but because Russian culture is primarily European culture. Vladimir Putin

    Europeans are dying out. Don’t you understand that? And same-sex marriages don’t produce children. Do you want to survive by drawing migrants?  Vladimir Putin

    Anyone who doesn’t regret the passing of the Soviet Union has no heart. Anyone who wants it restored has no brains. Vladimir Putin

    I am the president of 146 million Russians. I have to represent their interests. Vladimir Putin

    Russian democracy is the power of the Russian people with their own traditions of national self-government, and not the realisation of standards foisted on us from outside. Vladimir Putin

    There are both things in international law: the principle of territorial integrity and right to self-determination. Vladimir Putin

    If the nation is not capable of preserving itself and reproducing, if it loses it vital bearings and ideals, then it doesn’t need foreign enemies – it will fall apart on its own. Vladimir Putin

    What is a uni-polar world? No matter how we beautify this term, it means one single centre of power, one single centre of force and one single master. Vladimir Putin

    The Russian people have their own cultural code, their own tradition. Vladimir Putin

    I am convinced that the norm in Russia should become a family with three children. Vladimir Putin

    The Russian people and Russian culture are the linchpin, the glue that binds together this unique civilization. Vladimir Putin

    If you want to become an Islamic radical and have yourself circumcised, I invite you to come to Moscow… I would recommend that he who does the surgery does it so you’ll have nothing growing back afterward. Vladimir Putin

  2. Excellent article exposing the truth! Putin is of jewish descent, he’s been groomed into this role along side Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Abbas, all three were educated together in Moscow.

    Satanic zionist like to deceive, Peter Thiel is an American example of that… Hardcore jewish zionist, believes in human sacrifices and admitted to regularly drinking human blood several years ago, yet he pretends he’s Mr America and a “conservative”. The establishment created illusions are falling apart fast, people have been awakened with the covid hoax. The fact that viruses don’t exist, and all this is being pushed on to us has led to many people question their reality, the one world government mantra created by the zionists is for real. They want to massively depopulate the world and enslave the survivors through technological fascism.

    Humanity will win against zionism, Lil Putin is losing his grip extremely fast in Russia… Pockets of resistance are forming under his nose, that country will descend into civil war and chaos soon. Russian people no longer want the zionists controlling and raping their country.

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