Qanon is the belief in an anonymous internet personality who leaves “breadcrumbs” of information for their “drop decoders” to interpret. “Q” is supposedly a person who is high up in the American and is secretly exposing the deep state with US President Donald Trump’s help. This belief in Q has never sat well with me and given that I have a lot of spare time on my hands, I set myself the task of investigating “Q” and his following. I have gone over as much “Q” material as I can find, including a 2197-page pdf, multiple videos both for and against “Q” and numerous twitter and 8kun posts. The result of this investigation? Qanon is not real, and the reasons for this is remarkable.

Who is “Q”

Let us first examine the supposed identity of “Q”. This person apparently has “Q” clearance, a clearance level that only exists within the US Department of Energy and requires a single scope FBI background check going back at least 10 years. This means that “Q” has top secret knowledge of the US nuclear weapons program and has access to “special nuclear materials”, among other things. This already raises some red flags.

Firstly: the idea that anyone who has been given Q clearance by the FBI, part of the supposed deep state, is going to actively try and destroy the deep state is almost impossible. The FBI is known to be ruthless in its investigations and security. Letting someone with access to the kind of information given with Q clearance drop cryptic posts exposing the deep state is a massive oversight or massive mistake on the FBI’s part. The chances of someone with Q clearance being able to get away with that is incredibly small.

Secondly: there is no way the deep state is going to allow anyone not 100% deep state approved into a position where they have access to the US nuclear weapon program and weapons grade “special nuclear material”. Anyone who gets Q clearance is going to be part of the deep state. I repeat: THE DEEP STATE ONLY LETS IT’S OWN PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO WEAPONS GRADE URANIUM.

Qanon Proof?

In the absolute monstrosity of a pdf titled “Qanon-The Storm”, there is a section titled “Is Q a Legitimate Insider?”. There they outline a fair amount of information on Q. The first is this:

Note that the screencap of Donald Trump’s tweet doesn’t include “Wonderful day”, but rather “wonderful” and then “days”. If we look past that, however, could this still be regarded as legitimate proof? As part of my investigation, I discovered that Trump uses the phrase “wonderful day” often, meaning that the chances of this being simple coincidence are far higher than the possibility that Q directed Trump to tweet this out.

The validity of the screencap should also be brought into question. 8chan, like 4chan, assigns every post a number, seen to the right to the date. The identifying number from the post on 20 November at 03:40:44 reads 150175062, and the post from the purple post reads 150387890, and is from just over 24 hours later. This means that in less than two days, there were 212,828 8chan posts, which comes to over 5000 posts per hour. This is unlikely, which leads me to one conclusion. This screencap has been altered. Specifically, I believe the date on the purple post has been altered by several days. It should be noted that the first post asking for confirmation has been taken from 4chan, while all the others have been taken from 8chan. This composite from different boards, and different websites, is almost certainly fake at worst and unconvincing at best.

is screencap, providing rather interesting evidence, is almost certainly a case of confirmation bias. The Q is only there if you look for it. Also, joining the dots isn’t evidence. If it was, we could draw all kinds of interesting theories from this photo.

Example: This is undeniable proof that Donald Trump is involved in satanic worship. Wasn’t Trump at some of Epstein’s parties as well?

“Fact 1”, as it is referred to on the diagram is almost laughably pathetic. Trump posts “+++” and then Q posts “+++” seven minutes later. All this proves is that whoever was masquerading as Q at the time was monitoring Trump’s tweets, and given the gap of seven minutes, they were not monitoring it very closely.

However, given that actual investigation requires a diverse range of sources, I took a look at the website “”. The results were similar.

This timeline is laughable for several reasons. Firstly, Fox 3 indicates the launch of an “active radar guided missile” from a jet, which would not require anything close to the DEFCON-1 mentioned further on in the timeline. Fox also refers only to air-to-air guided missiles, not air-to-ground. It should be noted that “Red_October>” is referring to the Tom Clancy novel by the same name, which revolves around a Russian Nuclear missile submarine. Having a look at Russian submarine launched missiles, none of them are radar guided, but are satellite and astroinertial guided. Someone with Q clearance, as specified before, would know that.

The word “splash”, which I assume is meant to be “splash-down” is a military term used to indicate the estimated time until an artillery volley reaches its target, not anything to do with a fighter or submarine launched missile. While also used to refer to the landing of an of a space craft by parachute, since this particular thread mentions weapons of war, we can assume “Q” is using the military jargon definition. However, if we ignore that fact, typically the type of ordnance comes before the estimated time until impact. It should read “Fox Three Splash”, not “Splash Fox Three”. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that whoever is posting as Q has pieced together random military phrases in order to create an ominous and convincing enough post, which would fool people who were not experienced with military jargon.

The entire timeline relies on the reader making the connection between Trump’s tweet containing “30 minutes” and the “38 minute” Hawaii nuclear missile scare. Evidently, this is a big enough difference to disregard and correlation between Trump and the Qanon post. It should be specified that there are 2 different dates mention in the Qanon posts. The first is 12/7, which is American format for December 12th. This is seen the first post in the timeline. The second date is 4-10-20, which is American format for the 10th of April 2020. Neither of those is the January 14, 2018, when the Hawaii missile alert took place.

Conclusion? These are 7 random data pieces stitched together in a way that does not make sense. Again, the connection is not there unless you already believe in that connection. Confirmation bias 101.

Several issues. First, there is an almost six month time difference between the Q anon post and the article date. At that range, this is almost certainly pure coincidence. If it were a few days, or few weeks, it could be convincing, but a lot can happen in six months. Again, little to no actual evidence in provided in the Qanon posts, and its very vague.

The Qanon post could effectively mean anything to do with space and national security. In researching this topic, I found out that a Space X satellite, whose purpose was classified, was launched 16 days after the Qanon post. This satellite cost 3.5 billion dollars and is listed on NORADs database as active despite apparently failing to separate from its payload and when trying to contact this supposedly lost satellite, radio operators instead were contacting a NASA satellite that had been lost in 2005. The Qanon post could just as easily be referring to this rather interesting turn of events. This just goes to show that Qanon posts can sometimes be so vague and nonsensical that I was able to construct an equally plausible theory involving government launched satellites that were reported as failed but were still active AND I DID IT USING ONLY WIKIPEDIA.

This presents the inescapable theory that Qanon posts are purposely vague, so that anything can be linked to it via tenuous connection in order to create a plausible conspiracy theory that people can consume. The examples that are gone over here are not cheery picked, they are all from readily accessible sources that are mainstream in the Q community.

The Trump Question

“Q”’s collaboration with President Trump deserves its own look. A sitting president working to destroy the “deep state” beings up the same questions raised when questioning Q’s identity. Will this deep state, that apparently has the power to launch a Russian ballistic missile (according to Q followers) allow anyone who is not deep state approved to become the president of the united states? If anything, the president is the controller of the deep state. If they’re willing to go as far as bombing a US state, they’ll make sure the man who can launch their nukes is one of them. It does not stand up to any scrutiny.

8kun and a Darker Turn

8kun is 8chan’s successor site. All Qanon posts come from 8kun or, pre 2019, 8chan. In “Qanon – The Storm”, the author refers to 8chan as “[the] the last bastion of free speech”. Firstly, that is debatable. There are a lot more sites and platforms that allow free speech. When explaining Q’s reasoning for using 8chan, the author refers to 8chan /pol/ as “being known for its alternative views” and “the denizens of /pol/, where Q originally began posting, were already primed for Q’s information”.

This establishes two facts. Firstly, Qanon would have expected his posts to be censored by mainstream platforms, which is partially true. Secondly, the people behind Qanon were looking for an audience already receptive to what they are peddling. Those familiar with the concept of a “honey pot” and how the various intelligence agencies operate them should have alarm bells ringing in their heads right now. It’s the classic strategy of “isolate and entrap”, where an agency goes into an already “alternative” community and looks for individuals or groups receptive to more extreme or radical options and draws them in, ready to arrest them.

However, with Qanon, the objective is slightly different. Instead of drawing them into an entrapment scheme, the agency running it seeks to move that already “alternative” audience from the actual truth and towards a fake theory. It is a way to occupy your time, a distraction. What evidence of there is this? 8kun is routed through US Department of Defence servers.

An agency-controlled website putting out anti-agency theories through anonymous and vague means? Reminds me of this quote from the Art of War, Chapter 5: “By holding out baits, he keeps him on the march”. Could it be that Qanon as a whole is simply a way to bait people away from the real problems?

It certainly makes strategic sense. By keeping Q followers occupied with fake theories about possible events, it would stop them from looking for real solutions. It is unlikely that it is a coincidence that Trump’s base has gone through truly little ideological change in 4 years and have remained with him despite a lack of results. They’ve been kept occupied in a sort of civic nationalist ideological prison, where they keep faith in a failed leader because some agency tool using an alias tells them that victory is around the corner and soon Trump will give the signal and they’ll arrest every one of those goshdarn demonkkkrats and Make America Great Again, all the while the “deep state” continues to expand in influence. Never going to happen, Q followers.

If we take the idea that Qanon is some kind of operation designed to prevent the radicalisation of Trump’s base, we can presume certain things. We can assume that the US Department of Defence views the radicalisation of Trump supporters as a credible threat to national security, which is true. The US government is incredibly overbearing when it comes to persecuting ethnic nationalists, denying many their second amendment rights and putting many on no-fly lists for little to no reason.

Overall Conclusion

The Qanon theory relies on the person scrutinising it to already believe in it, relying heavily on confirmation bias throughout. The posts made by “Q” are intentionally vague in order to make it easier for these fake conspiracy theories to be stitched together. Most Qanon evidence or “breadcrumbs” can be dismissed with only light scrutiny. 8kun is run by the US Department of Defence and its possible “Qanon” has been a government operation from the beginning, designed to prevent “radicalisation” among the Trump voting base. It certainly is now. The US government has pulled off worse and gotten away with it.

Trump is not going to save you, Q followers. Q is not going to save you. They are doing the opposite. Q is either a boomer coping mechanism or a government PSYOP, or both. Its time to put aside this petty way of avoiding the problems and deal with the issues at hand.

An Actual Solution

The actual solution to government corruption, elite paedophiles, untouchable bankers and a destroyed white working class is not found in some anonymous and vague message board posts. Trump and “Q” have achieved absolutely nothing in the last 3 years. Things have actually gotten worse for white Americans and are going to get worse for New Zealanders who still have faith in the current system. Deciphering Q posts has achieved absolutely nothing. The solution is found in yourself, and also on the ideals page of the Action Zealandia website. Step away from the computer and start lifting, reading and organising.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.


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