Yet again, the liberal-marxist order has fully disclosed its anti-White, Europhobic hatred for our people. The article of discussion is a piece that talks about the vile remarks a police officer made in relation to the tragedy involving Cannon Hinnant, a 5 year old boy of European descent who was executed by Darius Sessoms, a black man. Asides from the incredibly idiotic and insensitive remark that the so called “man” made, Hannah Paine of the NZHerald somehow manages to take this highly contagious disease of moral and mental retardation one step further.

The article uses various, subtle tricks to try and magnify the supposed innocence of Sessoms, while trying to explain away this demonic act through statements like “This is no racial issue”, “sessoms parents claimed their son had been suffering with drug and mental health issues”, “sessoms parents told AP they believe their son had been on drugs and experiencing hallucinations when Cannon was shot” as if Sessoms drug use somehow excuses him from this horrid act.

As if that were not bad enough, the article goes on to scope the reaction so called “conservatives” had to the tragedy, entitling this section “STOP WEAPONISING THIS TRAGEDY” in typical hysterical fashion. As if the NZHerald and other mainstream news media outlets don’t revel in the chance to attack Whites when it suits their sick and twisted narrative. Going through other related articles in the NZHerald, you can see page after page gushing over violent felons and drug addicts like George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks as if they’re heroes or saints. To make it even worse, the Herald showcases braindead tweets and quotes from Hollywood’s depraved ilk, blabbing on about how the onus of these events is on White people. How vile, that people could actually hold up these criminals to the status of great saints and heroes of old. How repugnant, that vapid writers like Helen Paine and the Herald would so blatantly project anti-White bias and sow the grounds for racial demonisation of Whites. Does the herald have no accountability for their words? No spine? No shame? Mainstream outlets like the Herald and vapid writers like Helen Paine have no right to say that Hinnants murder was hijacked by anyone. No one does, especially the media.

Over the past year, multiple cases of black criminals in the midst of committing criminal acts have subsequently been lionised as innocent little angels and good members of their community. But in fact, they’re really drunkards who lay asleep in the drive thru of Wendys – how heroic. Or when Floyd and his band of low-lives pushed a firearm toward a woman’s pregnant belly – how Saintly. Has the mainstream media really set their standards so low? How can our nations stabilise and continue everytime a black criminal is killed, and when there is not at the very least an equal amount of coverage for the cold-blooded execution of an innocent 5 year old. If this media sentiment is to continue in this way, the future implications do not bode well for New Zealand, or any nation with a multi-racial populous. Really, what they mean by the “weaponization” or “politicization” of this tragedy can be truthfully translated as “We don’t want you to know about this, go to sleep”. The media is feckless and chooses to take no responsibility. At AZ we will hold them to account.

Almost as soon as these events happen, each of these cases have been sensationalized to the beat of neo-marxist war drums in the media, endlessly drilling their cult-like nonsense into our heads about how racist all White people are. But.. As soon as a black person kills a White child… Complete silence, no immediate media coverage in fact, not a single peep from the media – certainly nothing in comparison, no protests, no riots, no burning buildings. Just Silence… After several days and only when the media outlets were forced to acknowledge the death of a White child by a black “man” did the media give any coverage at all. Certainly nothing compared to the multi-media broadcast of random criminals being shot. We all know, if the roles were reversed, Helen Paine and the Herald along with all the endless organisations that peddle marxist tripe would be letting you know about this incident like there was no tomorrow. But in this case, for several days, nothing… Just silence… Beware New Zealand man, these globalist publications are absolutely fine acting as apologists for monsters. Monsters who ruthlessly condemn our people and endlessly attack us. Our children even… Our very own innocent children are caught in between the crossfire of this madness. At AZ, we take a firm stance against those who seek to harm children and ruthlessly condemn those who have an ounce of sympathy for the perpetrators.

To Helen Paine and to the rest of the NZHerald, it really is not difficult at all to disavow such pure evil. But the mental gymnastics, sophistry and excuses you’re willing to make through stupid tweets and shitty writing and then publish it into a so called accredited article show what you all really are: weak, spineless, morally empty. If New Zealand were to descend into civilisational chaos, with the various groups of man pitted against each other, the blood will be on your hands. You will be responsible for creating that scenario yet we will reap what you sow. At AZ, we have always advocated for social mechanisms that are conducive to bringing about peace. Your practices are expressly opposed to this.

In summary, the Herald, Paine, and the rest of the contemptible Main Stream Media would rather defend baal then speak up for the Truth. It isn’t difficult to have a shred of integrity, an iota of decency. You had a big chance to redeem yourselves and failed. You are against us and we are against you. To the White men of our good nation and to White men of good character all over the world, how long are you going to allow this to happen? It’s not going to stop until we present a peaceful yet strong challenge as righteous men of the West. Awaken, and God be with all of you. Rest in Peace Cannon Hinnant, the Love of God’s presence be with you for eternity, little brother. Gilbert Strife

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