The following article is written from an America perspective, for which I make the following disclaimer: I am not an American nor do I live there, but I see it more and more as the stage where the tragedy of our Civilization’s is being played. The fact that BLM protests have reached us here in NZ, is testament to this level of representation and global anti-White hysteria. I acknowledge that a lot of the violence is being perpetrated by Race-traitors as well as blacks and that BLM is not the only one with fingers on the pies; I may do a treatment on Antifa at a later date. For now, I’ll deal with black Lives Matter.

White Societies everywhere are being attacked and delegitimised by black Lives Matter and Antifa activists, in what can only be described as a Race conflict. I say Race conflict and not Communist takeover, because of the constant ululation about White-privilege and the sick gloating when the Academia and Media admit that Whites are becoming a minority and that we should celebrate it. Fact check: Whites are becoming a minority on current demographic trends. And no, we shouldn’t be celebrating that!

In a recent interview that meandered through more than a few half-truths, (, Douglas Murray tried categorizing the antiWhite mobs (starting at 15:42) as “militarized fascists dressed up and pretending to be anti-fascists”. For one thing, Antifa are not Fascists LARPing around.; they are Communists, and this can never be stressed enough. The stench of thought punishment, brutal cruelty and mob violence clings to these malcontents today as it did yesteryear. Of course, completely absent in that analysis was the role of blacks in the riots.

However, he later comes to a very important point (at 52:42): “we very nearly learned the lesson of the apallingness of Fascism (…) and we didn’t really learn where the Left goes too far, where it goes wrong”. Like the old adage that even a dead clock is right twice a day, Douglas Murray recognizes that the Western World of today is where it is because of its inability to admit that the Communists were (at least) as bad as the Fascists. And Race riots are the latest draping of this world-view. The target of the Left went from Economics (Marxism), to Culture (the Frankfurt School), to Race (BLM). And we need to prepare for this.

Judging by the list of corporate sponsorship that would be the envy of any F1 team, BLM happily marries Corporatocracy with Leftism like a match made in hell. The most vociferous anti-White elements of society in league with the most influential and powerful Gatekeepers conspire to deplatform and destroy the influence of Whites with Nationalistic leanings everywhere we exist.

Black lives matter focuses on attacking and delegitimising White resistance by tilting against the windmill of ‘White Privilege’. BLM is philosophically Marxist in the sense of pitching one “Class” against the other, but the end game is White dispossession, as these Classes are defined racially and not Economically or Culturally. Black lives matter is the organized tip of the spear of a ramshackle coalition of vaguely Leftoid malcontents: blacks and other so-called racial/ethnic/religious/tribal minorities, trans-’whatevers’ and other sexual deviants; the common denominator they rally against seems to be pure hatred for normal, patriotic and wholesome White people. Hence the term ‘bioLeninism’; it is not a coalition of ideologues as much as it is a collection of non-Whites and sexual identities.

It’s that time of the year again

The ‘Peaceful Protesters’ of black Lives Matter have presented the Western World with such a spectacle of waste and invective that one wonders if the acronym BLM stands for ‘BoweL Movement’ on account of the crap it produces.

BLM is the abomination birthed from the mind of Patrisse Cullors, a protegee of the terrorist Bill Ayers. Their stated goals are ‘ending police brutality’ and some fabulous canard called ‘Systemic Racism that disproportionately impacts people of color’. They might as well be complaining about not enough castles in the sky. Their grievances are pure fiction; the real world impact of their widespread violence and crime, however, is quite factual. No word about the fatherlessness that marked the destruction of the black Family, the epidemic levels of black-on-black violence and the dysfunction of a culture that values gangsterism and nihilism. No, you see, these are concerns for the pusillanimous members of ‘Conservative Inc.’ to lament about!

This idea of Systemic Racism against non-Whites is so easy to debunk that it should be embarrassing to drone about it by now, but here we go. What rights do these ‘minorities’ not have? Legal representation? Political choice? Are their socio-political ambitions thwarted because of the color of their skin? Are financial institutions actively excluding them from loans with different criteria and credit scores than they apply to Whites? I know the answer to these and so do you. And so do our enemies; that’s why their accusations are vague and subjective. If there is one definition for White Privilege it should be ‘the privilege of taking responsibility for non-White failure and dysfunction’. And the only real Systemic Racism one can point to is against Whites!

By all accounts, blacks are more than over-represented in all facets of Western Society, especially in crime statistics. As 13% of the US population is responsible for well over half of all violent crime, blacks are far more likely to direct violence against Whites and are guilty of virtually all inter-racial rapes between these two groups. Drunk on the Kool-aid of egalitarianism pushed through since the mid 1960s with the cancer of the Civil Rights movement, America has been ravaged by a non-stop influx of ‘mystery-meat’ people, displacing Whites as the main ethnic group of the US ever since. So no, this White privilege / Systemic Racism claim is a lie, made to guilt trip us into accepting the grievances of non-Whites and watch with submissive passivity as we are replaced by them.

Very often we hear blacks waxing about “it’s time to have that conversation about race” but what they really mean is “we talk, you shut up and agree with us”. Thanks but no thanks. I wish we had real White privilege and were more racially chauvinistic in our Nations. So what if we were? Just think about that for a moment: If these are our lands, can we not dictate the rules that favor us above them? Is it wrong if we were in fact affording greater privileges to our own tribe to the detriment of others? Is there any Society or Nation in the history of the World that was established with an ethos of safeguarding the interests of everybody else except its indigenous population? Why, then, can’t we go back to this healthy way of living and thinking about ourselves? Because this was how life was, only a few decades ago. Our lands are our home and a home is a place from which you are allowed to exclude others. In your home, your guests don’t get to leave the toilet seat up if you want it down! Exclusion isn’t oppression, it’s merely asserting that others don’t have equal rights of access to what is yours.

Many people have come forward to proclaim that BLM “is the result of Multiculturalism failing”; I will go further and say that this is the result of Multiculturalism succeeding – this experiment was never meant to create Social harmony between different Races and Cultures. The success of Multiculturalism is the dissolution of the fabric of White Nations, hence why this poison is never foisted on non-White Societies. The only way to keep this Social Frankenstein Monster from bursting at the seams is through draconian policing and surveillance. Multiculturalism destroys Social cohesion and creates Cultural and tribal prisons, where disparate identity groups are forced into coexisting with one another, without any regard for historic animosity and tribalistic concerns of these groups. This is why we are having migrant riots at the ‘refugee’ centres all over Europe – the dregs of the 3rd World clearly didn’t get the memo of racial Kumbaya that globalists pretend is the default of Human interactions.

Our Societies are becoming schizophrenic: we offer the franchise to people who either don’t understand it or couldn’t stop brutalizing each other for 5 minutes to try to make it work; we populate our institutions and elevate people and groups whose only interest is in destroying those very institutions. Of course, by ‘we’ I don’t mean the ‘royal we’; I mean the traitorous ruling class we didn’t elect.

In present day America, the tribalism of blacks is exaggerated to ridiculous proportions with idiocies such as “Black History Month”, the elevation of Martin Luther King Jr to bonafide sainthood, the constant burden of building black self-esteem in Academia and Media with artificially inflated lists of black achievement, whereas the ideas, institutions and real achievements of Whites are constantly erased, subverted and dragged through the mud to satisfy the anti-White sentiment. With State officials pandering to this movement and even President Trump tweeting about “honouring George Floyd”, it is clear that black victimization is the official narrative of the US Government. The sacred feelings of blacks are firmly planted on the top tier of the oppression pyramid. And it doesn’t matter how much you mollycoddle them, give them political voice, lower standards to allow them to climb the Social ladder in the only way that they can and diversity-hire them to death, they still riot, kill, rape, maim and burn. There will never be a point in which they’ll say “we’re good now, you can stop helping us and we are grateful to you”

But perhaps it is just what the doctor recommended to wake Whites out of our Racial stupor and go about carving our own destiny away from the most destructive and subversive elements of our Societies. It’s time we stopped making excuses for these people and pretend we can coexist with those who want us dead. The solution is going free of these people, their narratives, their fake grievances and outrages. Like Tobias Langdon put it recently in the Occidental Observer: “BLM is powered by the idea that Blacks are innately virtuous and Whites are innately evil.“ There is no arguing, no debating and no appeasing anti-White hatred like this. The only coexistence is by separation. Multiculturalism is not harmonious, desirable or the ideal; it is destructive, conflictuous and ultimately genocidal. There’s only one word that sums up ‘that conversation about race’: Divorce.

White Lives Matter.

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