Apropos the international trend of big business cuckery following the death of George Floyd, the most profitable company in the UK – Games Workshop – decided bravely to take a stand against the silent majority and put out the following statement:

Even for those of you who don’t know what Warhammer is, it is clear by the verbiage and saccharine tone of the text that it was penned by people who think that Virtue and Virtue-Signaling are the same thing. In current year of 2020 AD, the use of buzzwords such as “shared values, prejudice, hatred and diversify” clearly shifts the Overton window so close to Mao Tse Dong that he could kiss it with his rotten cadaverous lips.

Warhammer is at its core a game of miniature battles that can be set in a Fantasy or Dystopian Science-Fiction setting. It is a highly sophisticated battle simulation game that owes some debt to its distant cousin Kriegspiel (of the 18th Century) and started as a sort of spin-off from Dungeons & Dragons. It has some of the richest lore and world building ever created for a fictitious setting – especially the Warhammer 40K, popularised by the miniature game and the Horus Heresy series of Novels (currently in its 56th book). Apart from the hobby aspect, there is also a slew of video-games, RPG titles, action figures and all sorts of merchandising.

So, why is Games Workshop (GW) pushing for social justice now? I understand that this is a comprehensive hobby that is meant to bring people together. It is not possible to play a match of Warhammer fantasy (AoS) or 40K without at least two people in the same space, with armies created and designed around a common set of rules and that speak a common language. But this was already possible before the current year and its sensibilities. The corporations are throwing their support behind anticapitalists and iconoclasts. It is clear that GW is shifting its weight in support for the Black Lives Matter organization.

Is there any legitimacy behind this support? Let’s see:
“Warhammer is for everyone” is the opening salvo and I couldn’t agree more. In a consumerist Culture such as we have, this is just another product that people buy to complete themselves. I have been buying and painting Warhammer miniatures for over 20 years and never had a hobby shop owner tell me my money was not welcome. So, in spite of the elevated admission price (you will find it hard to start this hobby with less than $100 NZ), this is accessible to everyone that agreed to spend this kind of money on a Hobby.

They continue: “(w)e believe in and support a community united by shared values of mutual kindness and respect”. This seems obvious; if you support black terrorists and antifa criminals (redundant term) running rampant through your ex-cities as the Police is ordered to stand down by activist Mayors and Governors, clearly we have a clear-cut example of respect and kindness. Maybe GW would like those thugs to demonstrate their respect and kindness for their own clientele inside their own stores. Can this can be arranged somehow? Perhaps by placing a statue of some White Historic figure nearby a GW store and letting things marinate?

“We will never accept nor condone any form of hatred, prejudice or abuse in our company or in the Warhammer hobby”. Being that GW is a corporate entity, this should be pretty straight forward to achieve, since GW has complete control about what happens inside its own borders and its official position on these things. Nothing odd or overreaching about this; it’s just normal Company practice. However, I do have a problem when they extend that to the “Warhammer Hobby”. Good luck with that one. How do you police this? How do you look at a painted miniature or a unit or vehicle and decide “that’s prejudice/hatred/abuse”? You cannot police the enthusiast’s passion – if all my space marines are White, if all my imperial guardsmen are White, if all my Sororitas are White, does it mean I’m prejudiced? If so, what are you going to do? What do you enforce and how? Am I forbidden from playing with my friends? Am I not welcome into your stores? Am I barred from participating in a tournament? Oh, here’s an idea for GW: force your clients to take a political leanings test before buying your products. That would save all of us a lot of pain and money down the road, assuming people respond honestly.

“We will continue to diversify the cast of characters we portray through miniatures, art and storytelling so everyone can find representation and heroes they can relate to”. Again, this was already a thing before George Floyd decided to get high on fentanyl and use a counterfeit bill to buy stuff. However, in current year terms “diversify” means less White People to look up to and forced admiration for the dregs of the 3rd world. A question about that “representation”: since I am male, am I allowed to play battles and paint my Sororitas army? I do not identify as a ‘nun with guns’, so probably not. I also don’t identify with Space Insects, so that’s my army of Tyranids getting the bench forever. I also don’t identify with an army of Humans from a planet that was recently destroyed (goodbye Cadians). And I definitely do not identify with little grey men that have high technology weapons, so no more Tau for me. Come to think of it, what does my lived experience know about genetically enhanced super Humans? I am also not an Orc, a space Elf, a robotic skeleton, a creature from another dimension… so what?

Finally, to allay any doubts as to their sincerity and how non-contradictory and self deceiving their words are, GW decides to mix signals with the following “coda”: “And if you feel the same way, whenever and whoever you are, we’re glad you are part of the Warhammer community. If not, you will not be missed.” So to be clear: Warhammer is for everyone, EXCEPT… people that don’t identify with GW’s political leanings. Is GW running for Parliament? Or is it just selling us toys, books and software? If GW was giving away the miniatures, books and video games, it would make sense that it should have the power to veto the recipients of their gifts; but since these are paid for with our hard-earned cash… then no. I don’t care how many people agree with GW on this post – they are wrong. The ‘Truth’ is not a consensus. This is a company going woke before our very eyes and wallets.

Is there any thing more cringe inducing than your entertainment climbing the moral high-horse and looking down on you?

Which brings me to the eponymous “Age of Strife’. In the Warhammer 40k lore, there is a period of time called “The Age of Strife” that spans approximately 5 thousand years and begins sometime in the 25th Century. I wonder if the starting shots of this period of massive global unrest were instigated by foreign interests forcing the dissolution of National identities, pandering to the most violent elements in Society and financing the complete destabilization of the tribal interests of select populations? If so, then this lore is prophecy and GW is supporting it 400 years before it’s prescribed time. According to the lore, it is not known exactly how did this period of darkness start, as the data was lost throughout time. Maybe it was lost by mobs burning down buildings, deleting records and opinions, destroying statues and subverting Societal norms.

I hope that the History of our time survives so that future generations learn of the great enemy of my People, and how they poisoned, subverted and dehumanised us. I have no interest in “correcting” History, at least no interest in sanitising it. Right or wrong, I want to learn from it. The past is done and dusted; it is what it is and no one can change it, no matter how “offended” one claims to be. I have no sympathy for people destroying statues and censoring opinions. Slavery and violence were already a thing over 4 thousand years ago and even exist elsewhere in the animal kingdom; it’s not the original sin of America, or Whites.

In any case, when you loot sports shoes and iPhones, I know you are not doing it out of “injustice” or “inequality” or any of those buzzwords activists like to use. You do it because you like good things and don’t want to pay for them. You do it because you can’t get enough of the ‘gibs’.

White Lives matter.

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