You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
“Two Hundred Years Together”

Show of hands: can any one name a Jewish owned organization that’s powerful, influential and is actively fighting against the destruction of the West?

Now name one such organization that is using its power to deceive, displace or corrupt us and you will soon find a list longer than George Floyd’s criminal record.

My previous article about black Lives Matter touched briefly on an article from Tobias Langdon in the Occidental Observer regarding the world-view in which blacks are always without blame and Whites forever guilty:

(Y)ou’ll never see any hint from BLM and other high-priests of anti-racism that non-Whites can be “racist” too, or that non-Whites are capable of abusing the power that they are demanding so self-righteously.

Langdon goes into the origin of this world-view:

(P)rogressive dogma insists that “We Are All the Same Under the Skin” and that “There Is Only One Race — the Human Race.” But Blacks themselves haven’t created that dogma or imposed it so effectively on academia and the media. Blacks don’t have the necessary intelligence and ability to spin seductive webs of high-sounding words.

But Jews do. And it’s Jews who have been the most effective creators of and propagandists for the progressive dogma of absolute and unequivocal equality between all human groups. “There is only One Race — the Human Race.” Furthermore: “There is Only One Brain — the Human Brain.” The Jewish progressive Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002) preached those falsehoods throughout his career in award-winning best-sellers like The Mismeasure of Man (1981). And the Jewish progressive Jared Diamond (born 1937) continues to preach them.

It’s not about the money, but follow that money!

Aside from big Money and big Tech lavishing their cash on anti-White propaganda, there are also hundreds of smaller (((concerned))) organizations throwing their support behind BLM, proving beyond reasonable doubt that this is a tribal conflict and Whites are the target – not police brutality, colonialism, ‘injustice’ or any other excuse.

Over 600 jewish organizations are putting their weight behind this and they are ‘proud’ and speak “with one voice, unequivocally”.  They published their open letter recently in the New York Times where they kvetch the following:

There are politicians and political movements in this country who build power by deliberately manufacturing fear to divide us against each other.

I slosh these words around my mouth, as if tasting wine. “Politicians”… “political groups”… I’m getting notes of paranoia laced with god complex and a whiff of bull crap! Which politicians and groups with political power do they refer to? And the only fear I recall being manufactured in the last decades is the fear against Whites, to the point of neuroticism.

As Jews, we know how dangerous this is: when politicians target Jewish people and blame us for problems, it leads directly to violence against us (…). When black movements are undermined, it leads to more violence against black people, including black Jews.

The levels of chutzpah are staggering; we see repeatedly blacks calling for attacks against ‘whitey’ and ‘wypipo’. The only people attacking Jews are the very political and racial pets they coddle. Maybe Jews should stop cultivating ‘golems’ everywhere? They continue:

Anti-Semitism is part of the same machinery those politicians use to blame black and brown people, people who are immigrants, people who are Muslim and more (…)

You read that right, they made this about anti-Semitism! Again, who are those fabled politicians who blame black and brown people?

(…) But whether they generate division and fear based on our religion, our skin color, or how long we’ve been here, their goal is to keep us from working together to win the things we all need to survive and thrive.

You will note that these Jewish organizations are all ‘literally shaking’ about people preventing them from working together and dividing them.  Imagine if the roles were reversed.

The signatories of this manifest include (but are not limited to) the Anti-Defamation League, J Street, IfNotNow, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Hebrew College, Jewish Voice for Peace, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, Zioness Movement and Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus. So, a collection of political Jewish organizations is punching down on us through the mailed fist of black Lives Matter. It almost looks coordinated.

White minority = third-world country

Back in the heydays of Barack Obama’s ‘leadership’, there was a call to modify legislation to accommodate foreign interests, led by Rabbi Mark Diamond, director of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Jewish Committee.  Diamond organized one of those many interfaith ‘dialogues’ that consisted in looking out over the US border towards Mexico and complaining that there aren’t enough illegals living in America. The timing was important because an immigration reform was on the table and the Jews, ever thoughtful, wanted to make a spectacle and guilt trip Americans into accepting people that have no right to be in their country. It seems whenever the US is in talks about reviewing its legislation, agents of an enemy Nation have the cojones to step in and mislead public opinion, in order to interfere with the law-making process:

“It’s about the right thing to do,” said Robert Gittelson, co-founder of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and a Republican. In op-ed pieces and interviews, Gittelson, a retired Jewish businessman from California’s San Fernando Valley, has called certain GOP strategies on immigration reform “un-biblical” and “cruel.”

In a word: Jewish! The idea that keeping illegals out of your country is cruel is only taken by those who have the foreigner’s best interests at heart and begs the exclamation that ‘We were never asked!’ The indigenous populations are never consulted or considered – the cruelty of having increased criminality, social instability, economic devaluation and less ethnically cohesive schools foisted on us is never even a blip on these people’s radar.

More recently, Jonathan Greenblat (of Anti-Defamation League) criticized President Trump’s 2017 resolution on immigration and border security thusly:

These new rules are extremely ill-advised and counter to our values as a nation that has always served as a beacon of hope for people around the world.

Our values? Not so fast, Mr. Greenblat. I think the drafters of the US Naturalization Act of 1790 (signed into law by president George Washington) would disagree with those values.  That document explicitly limited naturalization to “free white person[s] … of good character”. The only values that made that country the beacon of the West until recently was safeguarding America as a Nation of Whites for Whites. The only way these became our values in current year is because Whites have no political organizations actively defending their interests as an ethnic group and we are becoming a minority. The mainstream political parties have abandoned us and are rubbing their hands as they coddle the nu-Americans, nu-Britons, nu-Australians, nu-Zelandians and nu-everything-else-but-White. Because Diversity is good, bigot! To do those jobs we won’t do, like voting for Labor and Democrat governments!

It was no better elsewhere in the West. The late 1960 – mid 1970s was marked by a rejection of pro-White immigration legislation everywhere. The racial fabric of western nations changed exponentially quicker in the last 50 or-so years than in the previous centuries. The (((fellow-whites))) and their ideas wormed their way through White people’s institutions until they subverted the very Cultural assumptions that established and safeguarded our countries as White nations.  In a Counter-Currents article, Loren Thorensen put it better:

We have politicians in our government, making our laws, telling us what it means to be an American and in which direction America should be moving, who are citizens of Israel, and no one blinks an eye.

The enemy loves telling us who we are and what we stand for. Today, we have our values watered down to idiocies such as ‘tolerance and equality’ or ‘justice’; all vacuous of meaning, all empty of heritage, all amorphous and generic like a MacDonald’s restaurant. We are allowed only the minimal common denominator of an identity with all the guilt and none of the accolades, something superficial that wouldn’t look bad in any part of the world but that never feels quite right anywhere either. Cultural Pride? That’s the other guy’s ‘problem’! Whitey is ever only virtuous by rolling over and accepting death and subjugation and don’t you dare noticing, you nazi scum!

Politics is downstream from Culture

That eternal maxim from Andrew Breitbart observes that the trickle down starts in the media and Academia but it doesn’t stop there; soon the political institutions take notice and start pushing for a new social paradigm through legislation and voila you have a third-world country.

This was a trend that happened simultaneously all over the West. For the first time since the end of WWII, Whites began noticing and some watched with gloomy eyes. In the UK, the Right Honourable Enoch Powell stoked the Nationalist sentiment in his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968 when immigration in the UK was still arguably ‘reversible’ (and London was still majority White); even Winston Churchill, the exponent of bulldog nationalism, wanted Britain to remain White. In general, left wing parties were leading the racist charge against us, under many guises. In Canada, the father of Justin ‘black-face’ Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau’s labor government overturned the laws that favoured White ethnic immigration; in New Zealand, the Immigration Restriction Amendment Act from 1920 was the law until 1974, when it was ‘reviewed’ by the PM Norman Kirk.

Remember, laws didn’t change to reflect the interests of the new demographics; the new demographics only came about because the law stipulated so. Legislation was drafted or modified to diversify the racial make-up of our Nations. Like the Civil Rights movement that marked the unraveling of America, these changes in legislation were not debated and arrived at a conclusion that it was proved to be better this way; they changed because there was a change in public opinion, or what officially passed as public opinion. Our effective extinction was first made palatable by being drummed incessantly by academics and public speakers and then became the law of the land.

This idea has by now been pushed around for so long and with so many resources and official support that its proponents are completely open about it, without fear of speaking publicly. Just ask Barbara Lerner Specter, an (((American))) who directs the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. When asked about anti-Semitism in Europe, she was infamous for declaring:

There’s a resurgence in anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural and I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation that must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last centuries. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode. Jews will be resented because of our leading role.

Did you hear that Swedes, Scots, Russians, French, Portuguese, Swiss, Spaniards, Dutch et al.? You’re doing your cultures wrong. That philo-islamic rebuke that rings in our ears with deadpan delivery every time you generalise about Muslims – Islam is not a monolith – can be safely directed at you without worrying about double standards! You are a monolith! Let multiculturalism chip at it.

Why must Europeans and Whites become multicultural? I think that it’s because our dispossession and racial replacement has one clear benefit for Jews living in diaspora; the tribal cohesion of Jews is so strong that it sticks out like a sore thumb in a White homogeneous Nation. Therefore, dissolving this homogeneity is paramount, because it will reduce the ‘footprint’, the noticeability of Jews. If there is no obvious racial majority in a Society, then the Jews will seem just like another flavour of the multicultural soup to the untrained eye, just another brick in the wall. This way any legislation that punishes the critics of Jewish tribalism can be easily dismissed as ‘for the benefit of all’. Jews continue to enmesh themselves into our societies via their nepotism and tribalistic cohesion, while denouncing it as racism in Whites, through the imposition of their cultural narrative. Are there even Institutes for Whites in Israel? In a time when the bio-Leninist coalition is raging about representation, the Jews do seem disproportionately over-represented in certain positions of power and influence that allow them to steer our Nations in ways unfavourable to us. And we are being led by the nose on the back of spurious accusations, using a certain event from the twentieth century as our original sin, for which there will never be atonement.

Water is wet, sky is blue, the holocaust happened

Today, we are not allowed to criticize or even notice certain things regarding Jews. A great portion of Western, Central and Eastern Europe (apart from Spain, UK, Scandinavia and the Netherlands) criminalizes dissension from the holocaust narrative. This event is not only promoted to the hilt on countries that played no role in it, but it is also the official State Dogma in those countries. Try questioning that dogma and see what happens – your mileage may vary. Just ask 91 year old Ursula Haverbeck if you’re allowed to visit her in prison, that is. That will teach her! For those who cannot visit her but are nonetheless interested in her point of view, I recommend her interview with Panorama, in which she declared passionately: “the Truth needs no laws”. Her sentence is set to end this coming November, so fingers crossed. Her crime was asking pertinent and inconvenient questions to State officials and then to Jewish organizations. And so, 3 precious years of the Winter of her life were destroyed because she asked questions about a particular event in history, that a certain people who wave around their hubris and arrogance like Olympian gods, wanted her to stay silent about. Holocaust guilt is the only religion we are allowed to have. When someone asks you if you believe in the holocaust or accuse you of denying the holocaust, there seems to be an undertone of religious fanaticism in those accusations. As a historical event, the holocaust either happened or it didn’t; faith is not required – the facts should be enough. When a narrative cannot stand to scrutiny, it needs to be amended or discarded.

It is attacks like this on that paper-thin narrative that serve as the pretext behind the cries to criminalise ‘hatred’. Don’t leftists and Jews love to keep their enemies as vague as possible? The idea that we must engage in a crusade against feelings and all the chorus about ‘fighting hatred’ we hear from politicians acting like therapists, needs to be dismissed with a simple ‘you have no mandate to police feelings’. I hate to use this word, but policing thought is truly Orwellian.

Another theme we are not allowed to notice apparently is the disproportionate influence Jews have in the media and culture and when we do it’s a conspiracy theory. It seems that every time somebody commits that sin of noticing, some tribesman crawls out of the woodwork to reassure us. Lately it was Alan Dershowitz, attorney and political commentator, who drew the short straw poo-pooing on Huff Post that

Yes, there are many individual Jews in positions of influence in Hollywood, in network television, in sports and entertainment, and in many other areas of American public life. These individuals, who happen to be Jewish, do not act together in any kind of conspiratorial manner. There is no “Jewish control” of any of these areas.

Case closed conspiracy theorists! If that doesn’t put your concerns to rest, I don’t know what will. So worry not, Fox News President Peter Chernin; Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey; Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger; Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton; Warner Brothers Chairman Barry Meyer; CBS CEO Leslie Moonves; MGM Chairman Harry Sloan; NBC/Universal Studios CEO Jeff Zucker; Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone and Gerald Levin, CEO of Time/Warner. Worry not, ye who control and are responsible for most of what passes for information and entertainment in our lives, for the verdict has come: you all ‘just happen’ to be Jews. You can rub your hands in relief.

The creators of our information and stories, that is to say our Culture, have their finger on the pulse of History, recording, writing and shaping it in ways of their design. It is not hard to figure out why certain narratives are forbidden while others are kosher; after all, you are reading this on AZ’s de-judaized website, not The New York Times or the NZ Herald.

The people who want to legislate over our consciousness and dictate our values wish for us a mixed-race cafe-au-lait hive-mind future, an amorphous populace of low IQ and low political participation, all of us good consumers, thinking the same and wanting the same, policed through Social Media. Unless we stop it. It starts by noticing the coincidences until they are so egregious that we change our world-view. Then more and more people start voicing their opinion openly and organizing. And once again, Whites are noticing en mass.

Right-wing commentator Steve Sailor famously observed that ‘political correctness is a war on noticing’. The more we notice, the more the reaction intensifies.  Is it any wonder that in 2020 we are at peak hysteria over the possible re-election of Donald Trump?

2 thoughts on “The Jewish Elephant in the Room”

  1. … But, if there had never been any Jews in Western societies the problems would still arise because of the intrinsic organic, cyclic character of cultures that proceed to civilizations, as pointed out by Vico, and before him by the Muslim historian Ibn Khlaid, and more recently by Spengler, and Brooks Adams; and by most religions from Hopi to Hindu.

    Hence, I suggest, whatever the Jewish shenanigan’s, this is symptomatic and not a cause. Jews fastened hold of Western capitalism due to a number of sociological reasons, and Marx gave a very good account of the nature of this (and the anarchsists Proudhon and Bakunin) so let Daalder, Spoonley, and the Left scream about that one. However the debt finance system had already been established in the West by Templars and Lombards and Jews were able to take advantage of something that already existed due to the epoch that the West had already entered.

    Tragically, the most patriotic of Jews towards their nation of residence were the German-Jews, who had a disproportionate number of volunteers and Iron Cross awardees during WWI, were so antagonistic towards Zionism that Herzl changed the venue for the Frist Zionist Congress to Berne, and whose veterans and allied Jewish youth organizations were as opposed to socialism as they were and Zionism. Stahlhelm leader Lt Col Duesenberg had his position undermined by Hitlerist smears on account of some obscure Jewish background, while conversely, the only Jewish movement recognized by the Hitler regime was that of Zionism, and the only other flag that was legal besides the
    Third Reich’s was the Zionists’.

    Today we find similar fixations especially in America , where there remains a distrust of individuals as worthy as Dr Paul Gottfried, who coined the term ‘alt. right’, who offers an intellectual discourse for the Right above and beyond banjo pluck’n, sister fuck’n Kluxism, and even Spengler has been criticized for being of some vague Jewish lineage.

    As to the why of Jewish involvement in movements antagonistic towards the traditional Western values, Lovecraft’s Cat has precisely identified it, and again adversaries have no room for complaint, given that the reason has been overly stated by Jewish spokesmen often enough:

    “Why must Europeans and Whites become multicultural? I think that it’s because our dispossession and racial replacement has one clear benefit for Jews living in diaspora; the tribal cohesion of Jews is so strong that it sticks out like a sore thumb in a White homogeneous Nation. Therefore, dissolving this homogeneity is paramount, because it will reduce the ‘footprint’, the noticeability of Jews…”

    …But, without the Jewish factor the capitalist factor would remain the driving force, and the CAUSE would remain the manner by which a culture (other than those that are static) unfolds. The primary concern of the Right, I suggest, is one of restorative cultural health, that requires a return to pre-capitalist communities, ethics, morality, and trade: i.e. “ethical socialism.”

  2. I just replaced white folks with native Indians, Aboriginals and Maoris in your article and came up with the conclusion that Karma seems to be Jewish.

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