Study finds diversity erodes social trust

In a new peer reviewed study from September 2019, research conducted by Peter Thisted Dinesen and Merlin Schaeffer from the University of Copenhagen, and Kim Mannemar Sønderskov from Aarhus University, has found a direct link between increased ethnic diversity and a collapse in social trust.

The study, Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust: A Narrative and Meta-Analytical Review, was started after a massive influx of migrant immigration into Western Europe, bringing with it waves of knife crime to London, Muslim rape gangs in Germany and requiring the creation of no-go zones for the police and local public all over the continent.

Migrants entering Calais. Credit: Associated Press.

“We find a statistically significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust across all studies” said one researcher about the findings.

Over 1,001 estimates from 87 studies and existing literature were collected and analysed, to find the simple conclusion – the injection of foreign morals and values into an established population has multiple, disastrous consequences to the cohesion of society itself.

“’Diversity is our strength’ is a glib, onerous, empty aphorism that is shoved down our throats as a piece of received wisdom that only racists would deny,” writes Summit news founder Paul Joseph Watson. “It may be politically correct, but has no basis in actual reality”.

While it is a simple piece of peer reviewed academia, its conclusion – that the effect of mass migration is harmful to communities – has obviously been received with mixed emotions. However, its significance to immigration and refugee policy is undeniable.

“From the perspective of policymakers, it is especially relevant to understand which public policies or institutional means that are at their disposal towards curbing the negative effect?”

In other words, this important study and its conclusion needs to be kept at the forefront of one’s mind when determining how many – if any – immigrants and refugees should be allowed to resettle in a western nation.

But a more important question is this: Will the migrants already here also disrupt our social harmony?

Filipino migrants. Credit: Newshub.

With the rules in New Zealand over working residents bringing in their parents set to change, this country and its taxpayers are about to see a massive addition to the burden of health care, as aging parents of immigrants – who haven’t paid any taxes – age and die in our hospitals, costing us tens of thousands of dollars per patient.

This is sure to further decrease the collective social trust of migrants, as it eats up tax dollars that would otherwise be destined for schools, roads and other public projects.

A RAND study (USA) concluded that the total federal cost of providing medical expenses for the 78% illegal immigrants without health insurance coverage was $1.7 billion NZD, with immigrants paying $518 million NZD of health care costs out-of-pocket.

It is now clear that there are too many obvious, dangerous facts to be ignored. Migration is a burden on our health care, sends the wages of New Zealanders overseas, and erodes the very core of what makes us a cohesive people, our social trust.

Future studies will only cement these facts further.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this study to attention, and for linking my article about it at Arktos Journal, so promptly, having just been published. Part II tomorrow.

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