The Auckland mall knife attack at Countdown, New Lynn, on 3 September that felled six people, three in a critical condition, has been undertaken by a Muslim from Sri Lanka. He is said to have been a known supporter of ISIS, which adheres to Wahhabism.

The jihadists are a minority within Sunni Islam– Wahhabists backed by the USA’s Saudi and Emirate allies. Shi’ite Islam is a bulwark against Wahhabism, yet it is targeted for destruction by the USA. Shi’a and certain Sunni Imam and scholars are friends and allies of the Right (See: Arash Najaf-Zadeh, The European New Right – A Shi’a Response, London, 2019) and some seminal Rightist thinkers, such as Claudio Mutti, are Muslim converts. Iran is the citadel of Shi’a, yet the primary target for elimination by the USA.

Islamophobia is instigated by influential and wealthy pro-Israeli neocons; they fund those such as Gert Wilders and Tommy Robinson who oppose Islam because it is in conflict with Western Enlightenment Liberalism. But is the defence of the latter the Right’s cause? Hardly. Traditional Islam and the Dissident-Right are in accord on that.

But the Right serves as a red-herring. You will not get Partick Gower or Paul Spoonley exposing the actual promoters of Islamophobia. (See: Bolton, Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right, Arktos Journal; Bolton, Zionism, Islam & the West, London, London, 2018).

What we have is the utter cant and hypocrisy that have been the instant response from Prime Minister Ardern. She states with emphasis that this individual (‘S’) is not representative of a faith or an ethnic community, and that ‘nobody supports his ideas’.

Ardern cries of Islam in regard to the attack: ‘it is not them; it is not them’. Imams will follow: ‘it is not us’.

Nonetheless, what has been the ongoing response of Ardern, the Left, media, Gower, Spoonley, police, SIS, ‘experts’, the Islamic Federation, and politicians in the aftermath of Tarrant? – To vilify the entirety of the so-called ‘far right’; to describe the Right per se as intrinsically ‘white supremacist’ and violent. To seek to criminalise and demonise the ‘Right’.

Yet the fact remains that despite extensive searching by Gower, Spoonley, SIS, police, and antifa groups, the only terrorist training network ever found in New Zealand has been that of the psycho-left ‘peace activists’ practising throwing Molotov cocktails with Maori in the Ureweras.

It is not widely realised that just a year prior to the Tarrant lunacy, a terrorist action was narrowly averted – a Muslim youth had planned to take a car and randomly drive into infidels in Christchurch, then proceed with a knifing spree. He was given a jolly good wrist-slapping and put into the care of the Linwood Mosque. A media report stated at the time:

A Kiwi teenager radicalised online planned to ram a car into a group of people in Christchurch and then stab them

The teenager wrote a goodbye note to his mother, then started a violent incident, but has since told a psychologist when it began he “decided not to hurt anybody because he did not have the means to kill enough people”, Crown prosecutor Chris Lange told the Christchurch District Court at sentencing on Thursday.

“The reason no-one was hurt was that he did not have access to knives,” Lange said. But there was significant premeditation and hostility towards non-Muslims.

After his arrest, the youth told police he was angry and had “done it for Allah”. He had left school at age 15, become socially isolated, and converted to Islam.

The court has adopted a rehabilitative approach to the teen’s sentencing, with Judge Stephen O’Driscoll releasing him on intensive supervision with a list of conditions and a warning that if he breaches the conditions or reoffends, he will likely be sent to prison.

Among the conditions – which will apply for two years while the judge monitors his progress – is counselling by a member of the local Muslim community. (Kiwi teenager radicalised online planned mass killing in Christchurch ‘for Allah’, Stuff, 16 February 2018).

Hazim Arafeh, president of the Islamic Federation, said at the time: ‘It’s easier to recruit people who are misinformed about Islam. If people wanted to know about the real Islam they could approach anyone at mosques around the country’ (Ibid.). To which it could have been said if given the opportunity somewhere amidst the cynically manipulated hysteria in the aftermath of Tarrant: ‘It’s easier to recruit people who are misinformed about the Right…’ I could go as far as to suggest that had Tarrant read my book Zionism, Islam and the West, published the year previously, and translated into Arabic, with an introduction by a Muslim scholar, he might not have proceeded to act on the Islamophobic bilge that originates from pro-Zionist neocons.

Yet this same Islamic Federation (founded by anti-Communist Albanian refugees, but now jumping aboard the same bandwagon with Communists) prattles in its submissions to parliament that the Right is synonymous with ‘terrorism’; that it is ‘white supremacist’. It even cites Zionist sources such as the Anti-Defamation League.

What irony that this attack comes just after another of Patrick Gower’s inane attempts (‘On Hate’) to show the existence of what really does not exist – a ‘white supremacist terrorist threat’. Will Gower present an ‘On Hate’ TV special in regard to Wahhabism in New Zealand? Will Spoonley warn of a lurking threat? Rather, what we will hear is nothing other than apologia that ‘this is not Islam’. Indeed it is not, but the stench of hypocrisy will rise like excreted putrescence from Ardern and the rest, lest the multiculturalism become suspect.

We are assured by Ardern that ‘S’ was a ‘lone wolf’; hence there is no further danger to the public. Yet Tarrant was a ‘lone wolf’, but two years later and the Establishment is still trying to keep the public in a state of paranoid tension in regard to mythic ‘white supremacist terror cells’.

Let the Right maintain its composure and discipline, and leave it to the Left, politicians, journalists, academics, and whatever political faction it is that seems to have taken over the Islamic Federation in recent years, to peddle their cant… This is Wahhabism; not Islam per se, any more than Tarrant was ‘the Right’. But now that ‘the shoe is on the other foot’ we will see the double-standards come quick and fast.

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  1. Brilliant article that highlights the hypocrisy of the establishment, who seems to have nothing but contempt for the white community and it’s advocates.

  2. There are good/real and bad/fake persons in all religions and political groups. There will always be individuals and sects/cults which hold odd views not in line with the general movement. Criminals and crazy people never represent a community. This Sri Lankan no more represents all Muslims, and Tarrant no more represents all Nationalists than Jim Jones represents all Christians. When I was young I was first attracted to Nationalism for “instinctive” reasons and some other reasons, but I believed the western propaganda that the holocaust was real and actually liked it, plus I was avidly pro-German, but a prominent NZ nationalist taught me true NZ nationalism and changed my bad ideas. So it is not surprising that people grow up having a totally false view of what Nationalism really is. (When I was in high school the history teacher had us read the German and Russian accounts of the Katyn massacre and then he asked everyone who thought the Germans did it to raise their hands and everyone except me did, then he asked who thought the Russians did it and I rose my hand, and then he told everyone that the Russians had recently admitted the blame. Which shows how beliefs can be wrong.)

    Furthermore I suspect that some of the 2000s Muslim terror attacks might be due to this regime’s infiltration or influence/encouragement. (“ISIS” always makes me wonder if it is Isis = Stella Maris = Mary = Rome, and some of the 2000s terror attacks in Europe were Roman places like Nice. “2008 Benedict & Muslims solemn declaration/agreement.”) And even if not, it is not surprising people go crazy considering all the un-Godly evil(s) this western world/global regime has been doing. No one ever asks why, what the root causes or reasons are. Islam is traditionalist while modern western world is anti-traditionalist, eg compare Muslim modestly dressed women versus western prevalence of promiscuity.
    I’m sorry for the victims, but this attack is actually globalism’s fault, it is a symptom/side-effect of globalism/multi-culturalism just like tooth decay is an effect of heaping sugar in foods, I mean like firstly what is a Muslim from Sri Lanka even here in NZ for in the first place? It seems abit weird one person doing Jihad in a mostly non-Muslim country. A newspaper article says they’ve known he was a threat since 2016, so why hadn’t they sent him back overseas or used the mental health act? Bob Jones said at a book club meeting I went to that one time some years ago a group of NZ MPs were privately debating that NZ was destined to become Asian and that the only question was whether it would be Indian or Chinese/Asian. So of course there will be tensions between different cultural groups all jumbled up. The west wants too be One but they go against natural/created laws/boundaries/borders/diversity. Can’t be One without a unifying principle/spirit/culture, can’t be one with selfish sectional interests, and can’t just have unity but just have (bio-)diversity within unity. Daniel in the bible says the clay and iron will mix but will not hold together. Islam also is about One, and they also are somewhat multicultural like in the phrase “a Mecca” and like Istanbul was the most cosmopolitan city of the world, but they are more traditionalist. (Though Muslims from overseas that come to NZ are attracted to western civilization.)
    (If any of this is objectionable you can edit it or not approve it.)

    “The Prophet (pbuh) said ‘Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elder or sick person.'” – Sunan Aby Dawud (Taliban).
    “No one of you is a believer until you desire for another that which you desire for yourself” – the Hadith.
    “The one who looks after a widow or a poor person is like a fighter (same rootword as jihad?) who fights for Allah’s cause” – Koran footnote.

  3. I sort of see what you are trying to say – and agree with you about Arderns complete “pants-drop” compared to the Tarrant situation.

    However – this article seems to be attempting to bend things into shapes that fit a narrative.

    Agreed – multiculturalism is an abject failure – but in this case I prefer to trust what my eyes see. Islamic Fundamentalism runs through most of Islam as a stream of belief with very few exceptions.

    It’s laughable that Ardern has been caught with her knickers round her ankles with this incident. I know what most Kiwis will think – and in my view they WILL see multiculturalism and extremist Islamic ideology as the culprits. Truth is – it ain’t an isolated incident and more will follow. Commonsense and trips to the major cities tell you that.

    So – laying aside zionist cabals etc etc – it is what it is – and its embarrassed the HELL out of the PM and a good job too. Just a great pity that 6 innocents had to be the salutary lesson and wakeup call.

    I don’t care if you worship the wobble of Hilary Barry’s tits – just don’t inflict your narrow stone-aged beliefs on me and mine. It’s that uncomplicated and simple really.

  4. If i was a christian who was talking about running into a shops and stabbing people screaming Jesus is king I’ll be locked up for the criminally insane.
    But it’s fine for the Muslim brother,

  5. One you might have missed…

    This does not seem to have been analyzed anywhere by the Spooleyan Method of Libtardation, nor subjected to major media features by Marcus Daal and Patrick Gower, and it might also be wondered whether the young zealot’s Imam was questioned for a prolonged period by armed and mentally challenged police occifers?

    He was using the Koran for a rationalisation of his psychopathy, as Jim Jones used the Bible, and Baruch Goldstein used the Torah.

    In seeking causes one should ask to what extent are refugees traumatized by their backgrounds, to the point of suffering PTSD and other mental problems? There are many with psychiatric problems within the mosques, whose ulema are not qualified to deal with their situations, and whose communities are reluctant to take the cases up with mental health services (which fail Maori and New Zealand Europeans, let alone new migrants).

    What is the answer of the Islamic Federation? At their recent conference on ‘ terrorism’, every speech without exception sought an answer in the Treaty of Waitangi.

    Might I suggest that a database be established on hate speech and hate crimes against New Zealand Europeans? I get the impression that Dr Paul Hunt of the Human Rights Commission will probably never record such things in his annual reports to parliament justifying his existence.

    1. I’m sure Gower is working on his next exposé on Wahhabist Muslims and Diddlder on his next thrilling piece on ISIS-inspired threats. Surely the editing process is just taking longer than expected, right?

      They may well go further and ask why they are first bringing in refugees from antithetical countries in Asia and Africa in the first place. One wonders if there is an agenda at play here…

    2. One could advance the theory that monotheism is in itself a mental illness / delusory state.

      Christianity has its historic reformative bent – offsetting many of the excesses of Fundamentalism.

      History and the facts don’t tend to offer much recommendation for Islam unfortunately – however you spin it.

      1. Islam is an anethema to Westerners. Islam should exist in its own part of the world. That does not suggest, however, that proxy wars, Western backed Wahhabism and modern terror attacks are innate to traditional Islam.

        1. Aggressive expansionism IS innate to traditional Islam and has been from day one – along with that nasty little Trojan Horse of the 3 main monotheistic “faiths” – The One True God. Worse – Islam has never had any reformation to speak of.

          About the only exception is the Sufi Sect – widely condemned by the rest of Islam as a heresy.

          Western backed scenarios or proxy wars aside – it is what it is.

          1. Indeed that is the case. Islam was spread by the sword from Mecca to Medina and beyond. Wahhabism, however, is not akin to other denominations so to speak and is born of the modern era; and it exists in part as a result of the foreign policy of financial interests in the ME.

  6. Well – that’s up for debate – I tend to think that if it follows suit with historic behaviour – there are no real nuances.

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