Voice of Zealandia Episode 18 – Andreas Johansson of the Nordic Resistance Movement

Action Zealandia members Hector, Zane and Fredrick interview Andreas Johansson of the Nordic Resistance Movement and host of The Nordic Frontier. Topic discussed include the history and Ideology of the Nordic Resistance Movement, the evolution of the Nationalist scene in Sweden and the struggle nationalists face world wide Nordic Resistance Continue Reading

Voice of Zealandia Episode 14 – Featuring Kiz Kardassian

Action Zealandia members Hector, Gilbert and Zane have a chat with very special guest, Kiz Kardassian. Topics of discussion include the role of women in society, femininity and masculinity, raising children and the effect of the media and the welfare state on traditional family units. Kiz’s Channels https://dlive.tv/KizKardassian https://twitter.com/KizKardassian Music Continue Reading